Day 1: MAGA Hats, Leftwing Lies, and Vengeance

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The American media’s despicable crucifixion of the Covington kids so enraged me that I dug out my unused MAGA hat (which I bought last summer at a souvenir shop in Lower Manhattan) and defiantly wore it today on the R train from Brooklyn into Manhattan.

I did not give this much prior thought; it was a gut reaction to the vicious hatred that the “progressives” / Maoists / liberals / communists / socialists / democrats / “social justice warriors” have been inflicting upon our country since Obama’s election in 2008. The savagery directed at the Covington kids was just the latest example in a long list of left-wing media hit jobs, but without question this was the most abhorrent.

For anyone who’s been living under a rock and did not hear about the American media’s darkest hour, I’ll recap. Some school kids from Covington, Kentucky were visiting Washington, D.C. on January 18th to attend the annual March for Life. After the march, the kids were peacefully waiting for their bus to go home. Some of the kids were wearing “Make America Great Again” caps.

A nearby group of racist, lunatic-fringe, black protestors who call themselves the “Black Hebrew Israelites” began hurling vicious insults at the kids. Then a crackpot, racist American Indian – later revealed to have a long history of lying and shady behavior – began beating a drum just inches from the face of one of the kids, who merely stood his ground and smiled at the aggressive drum beater.

The despicable left-wing American media and their gullible, brown-shirt followers immediately began vilifying the kids as the instigators of the incident instead of telling the truth about what happened, which was obvious for all to see from the numerous cell phone videos of the incident. The simple truth is that the children had done absolutely nothing wrong: they were attacked out of the blue by hate-spewing black racists; by a racist American Indian; and soon thereafter by the left-wing American media propagandists and their brainwashed lackeys.

I had to do something to avenge this deplorable injustice, so I donned my MAGA hat in solidarity with the Covington kids and got on the R train in Sunset Park in Brooklyn. Once on board, I casually slid my gaze around the subway car. Several young feminazis and fascist geldings began shooting angry stares at me. My instinct was to stare back and “smirk,” i.e., maintain a civilized, pleasant expression until they looked away (the brave Covington boy who smiled at the aggressive drum banger was accused later by some pathetic snowflakes of committing the heinous crime of “smirking”).

One especially enraged feminazi exited the subway car, then waited cowardly until the subway doors closed before flipping me the bird. I flipped a bird in response while giving her a double-barreled smirk. Didn’t have a chance to take her photo because my phone was tucked away in my briefcase. Next time I’ll have my cell phone at hand to record the totalitarian leftists’ open-minded and tolerant reactions to . . . gasp, a hat.

I got off the R train at Union Square, which is Commie Central in New York, feeling some mild trepidation because of an earlier encounter I had had two years before when an obviously hired mob of communist provocateurs was storming up Broadway towards Union Square Park and I instinctively reacted by lifting my arm aloft, shooting them the bird and keeping my middle finger defiantly extended. The mob instantly surrounded me and started braying “Nazi, Nazi, Nazi,” getting inches from my face, trying to make me lose my temper and lash out at them (they are well-versed in such tactics). But I held my ground and stood there calmly while they swarmed around me like ferocious animals. The fiends finally dispersed when they sensed that I wasn’t going to respond to their baiting.

That was two years ago. Today, after arriving at Union Square wearing my MAGA hat . . . nothing happened. Probably because it has been so cold lately (more evidence of “global warming” dontcha know) that people were not venturing out of their warm, cozy capitalist-built, capitalist-warmed, and capitalist-furnished apartments, preferring instead to curl up and watch their capitalist-produced televisions and eat capitalist-produced popcorn.

So, I moseyed over to the Trader Joe’s to do some shopping, totally ignoring everyone in the store as if it’s the most normal thing in the world to go grocery shopping in Manhattan wearing a bright red in-your-face MAGA hat. I’m sure quite a few heads were quietly exploding all around me in that congregation of lost souls.

Then I wandered down 14th Street, wondering if I was being trailed by commie thugs and wishing I had eyes in the back of my head. Then wandered down Broadway to the ultra-lib Strand bookstore, which has racks and racks of anti-Trump and pro-feminazi paraphernalia scattered throughout the store. This was a delicious experience because I love all bookstores, even the Strand, but have been personally boycotting them for a couple of years because of their virulent leftism, intolerance, and Trump-hatred. So, thanks to Donald J. Trump, I resumed one of my favorite New York activities: browsing around the Strand, enjoying the classical music in the background while brazenly wearing my MAGA hat and savoring the knowledge that brains were quietly exploding all around me. So delicious.

Then I left the store to go home. As I was waiting for the R train at Union Square, a black man came up to me and quietly said something, which startled me at first because I didn’t understand what he had said in the din of the subway station. He repeated, “I like your hat.” I looked him deep in the eyes and thanked him from the bottom of my heart. He responded by saying “MAGA,” and we went our separate ways.

I rode the train to the tip of lower Manhattan to make my connection to the Staten Island ferry, with no apparent anti-hat incidents. At the ferry I was more grateful than usual for the myriad of policemen (oops, I mean policepersons) who keep the ferry safe. I brazenly but casually strolled around the ferry for a while, not sure what to expect but no one seemed to give a crap. It is New York, after all. So, I made it home safely, and hours later was still thinking about the black man’s quiet words of encouragement on the subway platform. For the first time in many years I was thinking that we will make it through this dark time in our country’s history, and that the satanic forces of socialism and statism that have been metastasizing in our country since Woodrow Wilson’s presidency will ultimately be vanquished. Certainly, it won’t be easy to undo more than a hundred years of indoctrination and damage, but nothing worthwhile ever is easy.

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Day 2: I’m Not Alone

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

On my way to work, decided to take a detour and head up to Trump Tower to buy another MAGA hat. Red isn’t my color and the hat makes me look like Elmer Fudd, although I will continue to wear the red one sometimes because it is iconic and hard to ignore.

On the ferry to Manhattan, a sort of tough-looking guy wearing a hoodie and camouflage pants came over and sat across from me. I braced myself for who knows what, and then he said, “nice hat.” I thanked him and said I was heading uptown to buy another one. We had a good chat, just two patriotic American guys shooting the breeze (now vilified as “rightwing extremists” by the far-left fascist media propagandists, who, of course, are the true extremists).

When I arrived at Trump Tower wearing my MAGA hat, one of the formidable guards at the entrance said, “Welcome, sir!” That had never happened in my numerous visits to Trump Tower since Trump’s election. Bought a flattering blue MAGA hat and wore it as I walked down Fifth Avenue to catch the F train to Brooklyn, making a point of walking through Rockefeller Center, one of my favorite buildings in New York. While sailing along, admiring the beautiful capitalist-created architecture, sculpture and murals (it’s amazing how quickly the novelty of wearing the Hat was beginning to wear off after less than 24 hours), a handsome man in a pack of hotties called out “like your hat” as we passed each other.

I wore the hat on the F train, then the R train, then on the bus into Red Hook without incident. There may have been some nasty stares thrown my way (or friendly stares) but at that point I had pretty much reverted to my usual New York zoned-out commuting self, so I don’t know if anyone was reacting or not.

After leaving work, I felt like annoying some libtards, so headed over to the Trader Joe’s on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. While I was there, I only noticed one person glaring at me: a girly man who seemed to be having a mild case of the vapors upon seeing my hat. I pretended he didn’t exist.

Then, back to the Staten Island ferry to take me home. As I was boarding the ferry, one of the guards with the bomb-sniffing dogs said, sotto voce, “nice hat.” I smiled, thanked him and gave a friendly wave while boarding the ferry . . . and decided that I would stop calling New York City “New York Shitty.”

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Day 3: RED vs. BLUE

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Wore my new blue MAGA hat on the bus to the ferry, and then on the ferry to Manhattan. No incidents. I’ve realized that the color of the MAGA hat I wear probably influences people’s reactions. The blue hat is flattering. The red hat makes me look like Elmer Fudd and stands out like a bonfire. Maybe red does trigger anger; perhaps bullfighters wave red flags in front of bulls for a reason; maybe “seeing red” means more than we know.

Got off the R train in Park Sloppe (a.k.a. Park Slope, one of New York’s most rabid left-wing enclaves) to catch the bus to Red Hook. A pair of feminazis passed me on the sidewalk and one of them said in a loud condescending voice, “oh, really? he loves his big hat.” I ignored them but I wanted to respond in a thick lordly Southern drawl, “honey, your pathetic attempts to shame me into submission may work with the geldings and soyboys you run with, but they’re like water on a duck’s back to me . . . have a nice day.”

By the way, why do so many men talk through their noses nowadays? I hear their annoying high-pitched nasal voices everywhere, all the time. I do not understand the phenomenon, but I assume it’s some sort of self-inflicted emasculation.

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Day 4: Miracles on 14th Street?

Friday, January 25, 2019

Am heading into Manhattan on the Staten Island ferry. My moxie level is a bit low today because of a lingering sinus infection, so am wearing my blue MAGA hat instead of the apparently incendiary red one. No incidents . . . that I am aware of. Truth be told, I’ve grown somewhat bored with trying to monitor people’s reactions. If people speak to me / confront me / try to shame me (good luck with that), then all well and good. I keep my phone cocked and ready now, just in case some “open-minded, tolerant” progressive / Maoist / socialist / liberal / communist / democrat / feminazi / gelding / “journalist” / Alinskyite / Satanist / failed presidential candidate / (fill in the blank) goes berserk. At this point, I wish they would, if only to break up the monotony of commuting.

In the evening, I stopped in at the Trader Joe’s on 14th Street. While waiting in the long rush-hour dinner line, I started chatting with a spaced-out but friendly young man. We chatted the whole time, mainly about how wonderful Trader Joe’s is. He didn’t mention my hat or even appear to notice it. As we got to the head of the line, he went his way, I went mine, and we wished each other a good weekend. At one point, when I slowly turned around ostensibly to look for something (but really to give the entire line a nice big fat view of my hat), I noticed that the woman standing behind me was wearing an extremely aggrieved expression. “Whatever for,” I wondered. Bwahahahaaaa. So much fun to “trigger” the snowflakes. At the cash register, the clerk apparently didn’t notice my hat at first. When she did notice it, she burst out laughing, then said “I have a different version of that, but you probably don’t want to hear it.” I replied in a friendly tone, “probably not, but that’s ok.” It was a pleasant little détente, and I wished her a happy weekend.

Then took the crosstown bus down 14th Street. When I took my seat on the bus, I noticed that the woman sitting across from me was blatantly staring at me. It wasn’t an angry stare, more of an astonished stare. I simply maintained a friendly expression and pretended to ignore her because I wasn’t in the mood for any more chit-chat just then. She signaled to her friend to look at me by half-surreptitiously pointing at her forehead (I clearly saw what she did). Then she said in a loud voice, “I really am surprised, really surprised,” obviously referring to me and my hat. It was not said maliciously, though, but as if I were invisible, the way some people talk in front of their servants. I found the whole thing quite amusing, so I had to really concentrate on maintaining a neutral expression. It helped in that endeavor to ponder the fact that the woman would probably be haunted by my hat for quite some time, and that the experience might – just might – play some small part in helping to liberate her imprisoned mind from the chains of the P.C. Thought Police. Here a bubble, there a bubble, everywhere a bubble bursting . . . and eventually we’ll have a free country again.

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Day 5: Bitter Clinger MAGA Stroll

Saturday, January 26, 2019

It is COLD in New York today. 27 degrees. I can imagine some Northerners scoffing but I’m from the South. 27 degrees is like the North Pole to Southerners. On a day like this I would normally be wearing my “Men’s Heritage” shearling hat from Cabela’s, but I remind myself that George Washington’s soldiers at Valley Forge were near starvation during the terrible winter of 1778 and some of those unimaginably stalwart men did not even have shoes. The least I can do is tough it out and wear my warm-weather MAGA hat when it’s cold outside.

By the way, if anyone is desperate to get away from the New York City Lunatic Asylum, I would suggest a weekend trip to the land of Bitter Clingers. The Cabela’s where I bought my shearling hat is a gargantuan (250,000 sq. ft.!) megastore in Hamburg, Pennsylvania, just a two-hour drive from New York (longer, of course, if you take the scenic and vastly more interesting back roads). Valley Forge is a little over an hour from Cabela’s and a mere two hours from New York. Throw in a spa stopover somewhere along the way and you’ve got yourself a perfect temporary antidote to the totalitarian “progressive” insanity of New York. You’ll see what I mean when you gaze in wonder at the miles of firearms for sale at Cabela’s.

Am heading out today to run some errands, mainly to search for an inconspicuous body cam. Stopped along the way for a quick foray into my favorite flea market in New York (the one on 25th Street; old timers will correct me by saying “what’s left of the one on 25th Street”). One person there – apparently a hipster – asked if my hat was an “ironic” statement. I casually shook my head “no,” shrugged, and continued my inspection of an amazingly well-preserved metal hobby horse from the 1940s. More synapses misfiring, another bubble burst.

Then headed down Sixth Avenue to check out the hodgepodge of junque being sold by the sidewalk vendors between 25th and 23rd Streets. You never know; sometimes treasures are found amidst the chaff. While I was perusing an amusing jumble, the vendor at the table said, “I didn’t know they came in blue.” My reaction: hunh? Then I realized he was referring to my hat, so I told him that there are cornucopias of MAGA hats for sale at Trump Tower. He gave me the thumbs up, and I continued my slo-mo junque crawl down Sixth.

Stopped in at the Union Square Petco to visit the homeless kitty cats waiting to be adopted. I want all of them. Then meandered into the huge Barnes & Noble around the corner. Picked up some amazingly patriotic and blatantly Christian Christmas (not “holiday”) cards for 75% off. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a prissy clerk giving me the evil eye (am becoming quite adept at seeing out of the corners of my eyes).

Popped into Trader Joe’s wine shop on 14th Street (which I highly recommend: excellent selection and excellent prices) and noticed a young woman freaking out when she saw my hat. I pretended she didn’t exist. New Yorkers know this is the best way to respond to insane people.

On the subway to the ferry, I happened to notice a 60-something hippie-ish guy (he had unkempt long hair and was badly dressed, so I assume he was a hippie varient) trying to shame me with an exasperated stare. I ignored him, of course.

On the ferry, nothing happened – as usual – thanks to the vigilant ferry policemen (and they are men, by the way) who keep an out for troublemakers.

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Day 6: Birth of a Nation, Schubert and Carrot Pye

Sunday, January 27, 2019

A balmy 47 degrees today. Am heading into Manhattan to attend a lecture at the Fraunces Tavern Museum on eighteenth-century cookery presented by the culinary historian and cook, Lavada Nahon. No one on the ferry seemed to notice or care about my MAGA hat.

Today is a day of cultural riches in New York: a GroupMuse event at the same time is featuring Schubert’s sublime piano Fantasy in F minor for four hands (almost as good as the bucket banging at the Union Square subway station). I opted for the Fraunces lecture because attendees will be served an authentic eighteenth-century dinner prepared by Nahon: beef pasty, chicken fricassee, carrot pudding, potato and onion pye, pickled beets, cabbage salad, spiced pears, sugar gingerbread, and cranberry tart.

Nahon’s worthy scholarship brings to light the history of the enslaved and free African-American cooks of New York. One should keep in mind, however, that most families in America, from its very beginning, never had servants – enslaved, indentured, or otherwise. The overwhelming majority of colonists and settlers, Northern and Southern alike, slaved from sunup to sundown carving out homesteads with their own bare hands, clearing land, chopping wood, building cabins, farming, cooking, etc. with no outside help. Nor, of course, did they enjoy any of the technologies and wonders we take for granted today: electricity, indoor plumbing, central heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, supermarkets, tractors, automobiles, paved roads, trains, airplanes, bicycles, computers, cell phones, toilet paper, etc. (and why anyone in his right mind would defend the evil system of Capitalism for inflicting such things upon humanity is beyond me. It’s so obvious that carving out a hardscrabble existence in the wilderness was, like, you know, like, way better than, like, living in Amerikkka today).

It’s amazing how many people don’t know about the Fraunces Tavern, or don’t even know that George Washington was sworn in as our first president just up the street. But, of course, the “educators” in our public schools indoctrination centers don’t teach basic history anymore. But who cares? The kids are learning much more important things like how to slide a condom onto a cucumber and what a horrible, racist, and repressive country the United States is. Which, of course, is why every oppressed person on the planet wants to come here.

After leaving the Fraunces event, I felt like taking a walk so headed up Broad St. to revisit the site where Washington was sworn in on April 30, 1789. Although the original Federal Hall was demolished in 1812, it was replaced in 1842 with a noble neoclassical structure, later adorned in 1883 with a monumental bronze statue of Washington.

On my walk, I discovered that the “Defiant Girl” statue that used to stand opposite the famous Charging Bull statue on Broadway had been moved, inexplicably, to Broad Street, where she now stands defying the New York Stock Exchange. Why, I have no idea. Perhaps the people who moved the statue are hoping she will hex the New York Stock Exchange into oblivion, bring down Capitalism, and usher in the Glorious Democratic Socialist Paradise. Because, as we all know, communism has been so successful everywhere it’s been murderously imposed: Russia, Germany (Hitler was a socialist, let’s not forget), Cuba, China, North Korea, Venezuela. It certainly worked out well for the noted communist and community organizer Barry Soetoro, who now lives in a multi-million-dollar mansion in Washington, D.C. protected by some serious fences (i.e. “walls”), on a street protected by fences (i.e., “walls”) at either end.

On the ferry ride home, no one appeared to notice my hat. Tomorrow may be a red MAGA hat day. I’ve grown attached to the sedate blue one but am getting bored with the non-responses. I miss it when feminazis flip me the bird to demonstrate how open-minded and tolerant they are.

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Day 7: We’re EVERYWHERE (even Starbucks)

Monday, January 28, 2019

25 degrees this morning. They’re calling for highs in the teens later this week. When, oh when, is this global warming going to end?

Am wearing my red MAGA hat today (the one I bought last summer), hoping that someone who works for the New York Slimes, the New Yorker magazine, or some similar leftwing propaganda rag will see it. Every time I think of how the Covington kids were so heinously smeared by the Brown-shirt (i.e., Nazi) media propagandists, my resolve to wear a MAGA hat anywhere and everywhere only grows stronger.

Am not in the mood for anything confrontational, however; would much rather stay home curled up with a good book but I’ll perk up when I can get a decent cup of coffee. Discovered this morning, to my chagrin, that I had run out of my good coffee so had to make do with the canned supermarket crap I keep on hand for emergencies. Starbucks, here I come. True confession: I like their coffee, but in recent years their leftist politics have become so overt and offensive that I’ve pretty much stopped going (except to use their toilets while not buying anything, which apparently is A-OK with the progtards in the company’s upper echelon). But I need coffee, and I’m wearing my MAGA hat, so it’ll be interesting to see how the “baristas” react.

After arriving in Manhattan I head to the nearest Starbucks. The barista who takes my order sees my hat, laughs and gives me a thousand-watt smile and says, “I’ve got my hat at home.” We both laugh uproariously. He says, “they’re such crybabies,” referring to the snowflakes who melt at the sight of a MAGA hat. More laughter. I tell him, quite honestly, that he made my day. More smiles. I wait for my order, salute my new friend and he tells me to have a great day. As I’m leaving, a woman holds the door open for me. We both chortle. I pinch myself. Am I still in New York?

Apparently, so. On my way home from work at the end of the day, I exited the ferry at St. George and went to the MTA ticket machines to load up some more time on my metro card. I noticed a pair of mincing millennial geldings glaring at me. I ignored them but as soon as they passed me and had begun to blend into the crowd, I heard a high-pitched nasal voice directed my way saying, “Go kill yourself!”

Truly, the tolerance, open-mindedness, and civility of the Left is remarkable. I’m sure the Covington boys would wholeheartedly agree.

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Day 8: Democrat Sh*tholes

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

As usual, took the Staten Island ferry to Manhattan this morning, then the R train into Brooklyn, then the bus to Red Hook. I encountered some rude stares, which I pointedly ignored.

I am aware, of course, that merely wearing a hat emblazoned with the despicable phrase “Make America Great Again” may not be enough to wake people up sufficiently so that my country will be saved from the leftwing totalitarian fascists (i.e., Democrats) who want to shred the Bill of Rights and turn America into a third-world sh*thole . . . oops, I mean Socialist Paradise. The Democrats’ success in turning Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, St. Louis, and California into toilets is not enough for them. Adding New York to the list of cities ruined is at the top of their agenda. A big “thank you” to all the brainwashed, clueless New Yorkers (legal and otherwise) who voted for Andrew “America Was Never That Great” Cuomo, Warren “Bill de Bolshevik” Wilhelm, Alexandria “Dumb as a Rock” Ocasio-Cortez, and all the other corrupt democrat-communist-socialist politicians who are scheming to turn New York into another totalitarian craphole.

By the way, guess which state has the highest rate of out-migration of any state in the country. The answer, of course, is New York.

So, let me see if I understand this. Democrats in New York destroy their home state, then they abandon the mess they made and move to well-managed, civilized states like North Carolina, where they start replicating the entire destructive process all over again. North Carolina used to be solid red; now it’s purple thanks to the invading hordes of clueless New York Democrats.

Question for the Yankee invaders: after you’ve destroyed North Carolina, where will you move? I would suggest Venezuela.

In the face of these depressing facts, I proudly and defiantly wear my MAGA hat. Despite the occasional nasty stares and flipped birds, this has so far been a gratifying experience (especially when I sense that libtard brains are exploding all around me). And, it is at least something one can easily do to support the first president we’ve had since Reagan who actually loves America and cares about the American people.

The return trip to Staten Island at the end of the day is uneventful. Most people are oblivious, in more ways than one.

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Day 9: “Global Warming”

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

28 degrees today, with a predicted low of 4 degrees tonight. Pondered at length whether to wear my blue MAGA hat or my incredibly warm shearling hat. It’s not terribly cold at the moment, but it’s going to be frigid when the sun goes down. Decided to wear my blue MAGA hat and carry my shearling hat in a shopping bag, just in case my ears begin to match the color of my MAGA hat.

Notice how the leftwing media propagandists have stopped calling this weather “global warming”? And, does anyone recall the global cooling climate scare being pushed by media propagandists in the 1970s? Truly, anyone with half a brain should know by now not to believe anything the media propagandists say.

What the propagandists will never tell you is that the only thing constant about the climate is that it is constantly changing. Always. A mere eleven thousand years ago – less than the blink of an eye in geological time – Manhattan was covered with a sheet of ice a half-mile thick. Half a mile thick. Then, it naturally began to melt, long before the invention of the internal combustion engine.

By the way, the name of the geological epoch in which we currently live is the “Ice Age,” a.k.a. the Pleistocene Epoch, which began about 2.5 million years ago. The defining characteristic of the Pleistocene is the repeated advance and retreat of huge ice sheets that covered large swaths of the Earth’s surface. Some faux-scientists believe that the retreat of the last great ice sheet 11,000 years ago heralded the end of the Pleistocene Epoch. The name of the imaginary new epoch these faux-scientists invented is the “Holocene” Epoch. The key word here is “believe” because there are no facts to prove that the ice sheets won’t return.

What we do know with absolute certainty is that the last great ice sheets retreated about 11,000 years ago, and that human activity had nothing whatsoever to do with their melting. Also, it is entirely possible, perhaps likely, that we’re in another “interglacial” period, which is the technical term for the period between the advance and retreat of glaciers. No one knows if the ice sheets will return, but thank your lucky stars we’re now living in a relatively temperate era because it’s rather difficult to grow food under mile-thick sheets of ice.

When I left work this evening it was cold as hell and the wind was howling, so I stowed my MAGA hat and donned my shearling hat while waiting for the bus in this Pleistocene weather.

Stopped off at the Trader Joe’s on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn to pick up a few essentials. In the lobby of the store I doffed my shearling hat and donned my MAGA hat, hoping that it might cause a few libtard brains to short circuit. When I got to the check-out, the guy behind the register said very softly, almost in a whisper, “I like your hat.” For a second, I thought he was talking about my shearling hat because I had momentarily forgotten that I switched hats when I arrived at the store.

He had a lot to say, but one thing he said stands out: “I think everything is going to work out.” Ultimately, I think he’s right, but who knows how long it will take.

Another thing he mentioned was working with people who begin sentences with “don’t you agree…?” He said that he usually responds with a calm “no” while remaining civil during the discussion.

I was impressed by his insightfulness, civility and restraint—so lacking among the narrow-minded, intolerant leftists. Would have  loved to chat longer, but I was starving and there were people waiting to check out, so we shook hands and I gratefully told him that he had made my evening. Am thinking more and more that, yes, things are going to work out.

Later, after leaving the store, I realized that starting sentences with “Don’t you agree . . .“ is a subtle form of bullying, just one more tactic used by left-wing extremists to try to silence dissent.

Note to left-wing extremists: your attempts to silence dissent are not working.

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Day 10: Subtle MAGA?

Thursday, January 31, 2019

The “global warming” continues to wreak havoc with my MAGA hat activities. It is 8 degrees this morning as I head to work, with a high of 17 predicted.  Am definitely wearing my warm shearling Cabela’s hat, but will carry my MAGA hat with me so I can switch back and forth according to where I am.

I switch to my MAGA hat when I arrive at the ferry terminal. Today I’m in the mood to try to see if there are any reactions, so I casually walk around not ignoring people. I don’t notice any overt anti-hat behavior, but I do notice a rather significant number of people wearing red, white, and blue (i.e., presumably patriotic) clothing accessories: hats, scarves, emblems, and the like . . . even shoes. I find this encouraging.

Interestingly, though, since I began wearing my MAGA hat ten days ago, I haven’t seen one single solitary soul in New York wearing a MAGA hat. This I find not so encouraging.

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Day 11: Jussie “Tawana Brawley” Smollett

Friday, February 1, 2019

Jussie “Tawana Brawley” Smollett. Ever hear of him? Me neither. Insignificant, unknown actor who hates Trump and needs a career boost = Hoax.   Hoax. Hoax. Hoax. End of story.

Leftwing extremists orchestrate hoaxes all the time. You’d think this latest hoax, coming so closely on the heels of the Covington hoax would make people just a teeeeny tiny bit skeptical. And President Trump, c’mon. You of all people should know better than to jump on a hoax bandwagon.

High of 22 today. Spring a mere seven weeks away. Days are getting noticeably longer.

Am wearing my red MAGA hat today on the ferry as I head up to Trump Tower to buy another MAGA hat. My favorite shop is the gift shop next to the small official Trump paraphernalia gift shop near the waterfall. The immigrant guys who run it are great guys, and extremely patriotic.

Later, at the ferry terminal on my way home, one of those big, burly, salt-of-the-earth, tough, blue-collar, hear-of-gold, fearless New Yorkers shouts out, “Like your hat, baby!”

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Day 12: Sanity from the Ivory Coast

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Not so cold today, near 30, so I leave the shearling hat at home and wear my red MAGA hat as I head into Manhattan to run some errands. On the 4 train heading to the Upper East Side I notice a young guy and his girlfriend, twenty-somethings, nicely dressed. They both shoot nasty stares my way. I stare them down. I have four siblings; I know about staring contests.

I need some new gloves, so I decide to visit the Century 21 department store near Lincoln Center because they always seem to have a huge selection of gloves. As I’m walking up Eighth Avenue, a Neanderthal man shouts at me, “Go to Hell.” I return the sentiment, but louder. The only way to deal with bullies is to fight back, twice as hard. It’s the only language they understand.

When I get to Century 21, lots of people notice my hat; I can see them out of the corners of my eyes, can feel their stares. I pretend to ignore them. The Hat is more powerful when I do that.

Afterwards, I take the 1 train downtown to do some more shopping, casually strolling up and down the subway platform while waiting for the train. The Upper West Side libtards on the platform get a good gander at my hat, and I sense a multitude of brains misfiring. The subway car is full of glum, depressed Upper West Siders. Some, when they see my hat, appear to become even more depressed. I feel sorry for them, but they deserve to be miserable for being such narrow-minded, ignorant bigots. They chose to put their rational minds into lock-down mode. They chose to shun, insult and shout down anyone with whom they disagree. So, now they are paying the price for their stupidity and arrogance.

Later, on the way home, I take the 4 train to the Staten Island ferry. I’m in a zoned-out commuting frame of mind, not paying much attention to anything but I happen to glance over and see a black guy grinning ear to ear. He gives me the thumbs up; I reciprocate and give him a megawatt grin. When a seat opens up next to him, I go over and sit next to him and we start chatting. He’s from Africa, the Ivory Coast, and immigrated legally in the mid-80s, jumped through all the hoops. Knows exactly what’s going on in this country. Been in New York since 1986, so he knows a lot more about Trump than I do. Tells me he loves Trump; always knew he would be a great president. Then, we part ways before I have a chance to give him my card.

After boarding the ferry, while I’m searching for a quiet seat away from the cretins who play barbaric, primitive “music” on their ear phones, a guy interrupts his phone conversation to shout out, “love your hat!” A few seconds later another guy walks by and shouts out “Make America Great Again!”

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Day 13: NYC Bigotry

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Am wearing my blue MAGA hat while heading to midtown to visit the main branch of the New York Public Library to do some research. Beautiful sunny day, temps in the mid-30s. The weather seems to be lifting everyone’s spirits.

When I arrive at 42nd street and am about to enter the library, I encounter a group of young black men walking down Fifth Avenue handing out free cds. One of the guys thrusts three cds into my hands, which I politely hand back, explaining that I have too many cds already. The guy says, “the music will help you channel your inner black person.” I say, “I’m from the South, I grew up with black people, I don’t need help channeling my inner black person.” Then one of the guys says mockingly, referring to my hat, “Make America White Again.” I calmly reply, “that’s not what it says” thinking that maybe we can have a dialogue. Then the guy next to him suddenly reaches over and tries to knock off my hat, and they quickly resume their procession up Fifth Avenue.

It’s not in my nature to allow such an affront to go unchallenged, so I hurry after them and tap the hat of the perp who tried to knock off my hat, just to make him aware that his behavior was not acceptable. His friends then have to restrain him from attacking me, while I point at them yelling “racist, racist, racist.”

Of course, the left-wing extremists (a.k.a. Democrats) in America would call me a racist, would somehow twist things to say that I was the person at fault in that little contretemps, just as the Covington kids were so terribly maligned in their infinitely more egregious encounter with the “liberal” media propagandists and their blind followers.

Yes, there are bigots in America . . . and I know who they are.

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Day 14: Just Another SJW (Stupid Juvenile Wimp)

Monday, February 4, 2019

An uneventful day, as Mondays often are. I head directly to work, wearing my blue MAGA hat. From the Staten Island ferry I decide to alter my routine and hike over to Pier 11 to catch the small NYC Ferry to Red Hook. On the small ferry, I notice an SJW-ish young woman glaring at me. I return her stare just long enough to acknowledge her stare and to let her know that I know exactly what she’s thinking. And then I totally ignore her.

On the trip home at the end of the day, I don’t give a s**t what anyone is thinking about my hat. I sip a beer in the ferry terminal while waiting for the ferry to arrive, thinking how nice it is that the Overlords have granted us the freedom to consume beer and wine in the terminal and on the ferry.

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Day 15: Invisible MAGA Hats

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

A gorgeous day today, highs in the low 60s! The idea of a beach outing is so seductive I can hardly stand it. Few things are as restorative and healthy as taking a long walk by the ocean, soaking in the blue light from above, listening to the waves and shore birds. It’s all I can do to force myself to be a responsible grownup and stay in town to complete the tasks that must be done. It is slight consolation to remember that the sun is still too low on the horizon for the human body to manufacture Vitamin D (the sun must be at least 50 degrees above the horizon for that to happen). Slight consolation, indeed, but I also remind myself that warm days will soon be here. Spring is only 42 days away.

I’m in an extroverted mood today and restlessly prowl around the ferry, looking for someone to talk to but it’s not that easy. New Yorkers keep to themselves, especially when commuting. People are cocooned within their personal bubbles, still waking up, glued to their phones, napping. A few people are reading.

As usual, I’m the only person wearing a MAGA hat, but I know that there are people on board who are wearing invisible MAGA hats. I just can’t locate them, so turn my thoughts to the State of the Union watch party tonight where I’ll be cheering on President Trump in a crowded bar full of rowdy, free Americans, many of whom will, no doubt, be wearing MAGA hats.

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Day 16: State of the Union

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

“America was founded on liberty and independence – not government coercion, domination, and control. We are born free, and we will stay free. Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.”  —  Donald J. Trump, State of the Union Address, February 5, 2019.

Thank you, President Trump. Thank you.

It’s Morning in America again and a beautiful day in New York; temps in the upper 40s. Am wearing my blue MAGA hat today as I head to work. The featured musician performing in the ferry terminal is a guitarist named Shogo Kubo (, who’s playing ethereal arrangements of beautiful, famous tunes. Everyone in the terminal is grooving on the mellow vibe.

Suddenly, a woman (in this case, a “wise Latina”) storms into the terminal screaming into her phone (in Spanish, of course), apparently cussing someone out. She rants in public – right out there in the open in the ferry terminal – for a couple of minutes.

Thanks, “liberals,” leftists, media, Democrats, Hollywood, academia, Satanists, Bill and Hillary Clinton (but I repeat myself) for coarsening our society and dragging us into the gutter. Your master, Satan is undoubtedly very proud of you.

As the ferry glides past the Statue of Liberty, I ponder how many people may have seen my MAGA hat since I started wearing it sixteen days ago. I would estimate roughly several hundred each day (approximately 300). So, 16 days x 300 sightings = 4,800 sightings. I round it up to 5,000 sightings in a sixteen-day period. That may be a conservative estimate, however, given the population density of New York.

But think about this: what if 100 people had been wearing a MAGA hat in New York every time they went out during the last 16 days?

100 people wearing a MAGA hat x 5,000 sightings in sixteen days = 500,000 sightings. Half a million!

And, what if 1,000 people had been wearing a MAGA hat in those sixteen days? You do the math.

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Day 17: Epiphany

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Wearing a MAGA hat has evolved into the “new normal” for me. The novelty has worn off; I’m trying to remember what it was like before I started wearing the hat. The angry stares are now insignificant. The hat has become just another part of my wardrobe: I wear pants, I wear a shirt, I wear shoes, I wear a MAGA hat.

Something else that has evolved is the way I interact with people in anonymous settings while wearing a MAGA hat. When I first started wearing it, I was hyperaware of the hat and hyperaware of people’s reactions. Now, not so much. People like it, don’t like it, or just don’t care. And neither do I care anymore what people think of the hat, unless someone shines a beaming smile at me or shouts out his support.

The reason I’m wearing the hat has also evolved. When I first started wearing a MAGA hat, it was specifically to show my support for the Covington boys, and to resist the vicious media propagandists and their brainwashed followers who maligned the boys.

But the Covington incident touched a deep nerve within me. Ever since the mid-1980s, when I read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, I have been acutely aware of the erosion of freedom in America.

Although Rand’s masterpiece was an epiphany for me, I experienced an even greater epiphany one day while I was reading the book. I was sitting on a bench in a hallway of the Hanes Art Center at the University of North Carolina, where I was studying art history. An acquaintance walked by, noticed what I was reading, and sneered, “Eew! you’re reading that?”

I was nonplussed by her tone but merely replied, “Yes, it’s really good. Have you read it?”

She replied, emphatically, “No!”

Her self-righteous condemnation of a book that she had not even read momentarily stunned me, but then it was as if a light had suddenly been switched on over my head. I instantly understood the essence of the Left: intolerance, censorship, ignorance, brainwashing, and totalitarianism.

Suddenly everything fell into place.

So, at least I learned something worthwhile in college, unlike most kids today who leave college knowing literally nothing about history or the great achievements of Western Civilization.

But I was fortunate. I grew up in a cultured and educated environment in the 1950s, America’s golden age. I entered elementary school in 1957, before the left-wing totalitarians took over academia, the media, religion, and science. My teachers in public school did not have ideological axes to grind; their goal was not to brainwash but to teach, to open our minds to the wonders of Western civilization, and to the wonders of the universe. It was the Space Age, when anything was possible. Our minds were free then, free to think, to imagine, and to dream.

When I was in junior high, in the 1960s, one of my social studies teachers taught us about Karl Marx, in a completely dispassionate and neutral manner. He simply presented the facts to us. From then on, I was aware of the phrase “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” I didn’t think much about it at the time, but that phrase – which summarizes the fundamental injustice of Socialism – was planted deeply within my subconscious mind and would slowly but inexorably work its way to the surface of my consciousness when I became a self-aware adult.

Then, in high school, I was required to read Fahrenheit 451, Animal FarmBrave New World and 1984. In the eleventh grade I was required to read Voltaire’s Candide, and was also required to translate Racine’s Phaedra from the original French into English. Before I could leave high school, I was required to read The Canterbury Tales in the original Old English. This was at a high school in rural North Carolina on the far outskirts of Charlotte.

I’m one hundred percent certain that the typical high school student today has never even heard of Chaucer, but he (oops, I mean “ze”) probably has heard of J. K. Rowling and the depressingly overrated Toni Morrison.

The damage to my country inflicted by the Left—the damage to every aspect of our society—is what enrages me. The dumbing down of the American public is just one of many left-wing crimes against our country but it was always a key component in the Left’s plan to turn America into a brainwashed, socialist police state.

Initially, I donned a MAGA hat to show my support for the Covington kids. Now I wear it to support the Covington kids and to defend freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and all the freedoms guaranteed to us by the Constitution of the United States.

I wear the hat to resist the left-wing totalitarian fascism that was unleashed in this country when the communist puppet Obama was elected president by the uneducated and brainwashed voters in America.

I wear the hat to support all people who revere freedom, in my own country and everywhere on this planet.

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Days 18 – 23: Chicago Bigotry Update

Friday, Feb. 8 — Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019

Not much to report for Days 18 through 23. Spent much of the weekend chillaxing, taking a break from blogging, attending to neglected quotidian tasks, and trying to snag some bargains at my favorite auction house.

Rest assured, I did wear a MAGA hat whenever I went out, which makes today my twenty-third continuous day of wearing a MAGA hat in public. Got the usual reactions: doubletakes, rude stares, compliments. One encounter is worth recounting. On Saturday, I was riding the R train from lower Manhattan to midtown, sitting on the end seat of a bench next to the doors when I sensed a presence hovering near me. At first, I thought it was just one of those people who annoyingly lean against the doors, thus blocking ingress and egress of the subway car. Then it occurred to me that maybe it was someone with malevolent intent. When I looked to see who it was, a twenty-something Asian guy leaned over and quietly asked what sort of reactions I had been getting to my hat. I blithely told him that I’ve been writing about that very subject for several weeks.

By the way, I mention people’s ethnicity and skin color sometimes, not because I give a flying crap about such superficial things, but to show that Trump’s support is as wide as it is deep.

The Asian guy confided that he sells MAGA hats online as a side gig (his day job is mid-level management at one NYC’s top universities), which sparked an animated discussion between us about the finer points of hat design, materials, colors, and sources. We occasionally detoured into the most up-to-date political happenings, and he naively asked me (me!) if I had heard of the Covington incident. “Of course,” I exclaimed while handing him my card. We had to cut our conversation short when he arrived at his stop but he also gave me his card, so we will continue the conversation.

One of the big stories all over the internet today – which my new subway friend and I did not discuss – is that JussTawana Smollett has hired Harvey Weinstein’s public relations firm. Is this a naked admission of guilt, that this sordid hoax was a PR stunt to boost his career and to demonize Trump and his supporters? Does Jusstawana expect to be charged with filing a false police report? Are there degrees of seriousness when filing a false police report, like first-degree murder and second-degree murder? If his lies end up inciting riots in Shitcago (and elsewhere), will he be charged as an accessory to that? Will he be charged with inciting violence against Trump’s supporters?

And how long will it take for the leftwing media propagandists to bury the story when Smollett is convicted?

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Day 24: Jay Street Communion

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!

I have a date with Elektra tonight . . . Richard Strauss’s Elektra, that is. This is the first performance of a new English-language translation by Abigail Dyer, who will also be performing the role of Elektra. As modern to my ears as this opera is, I can’t imagine what people thought of it when it was first performed in 1909. I know there was a firestorm of criticism directed at the dissonance and extreme chromaticism, as well as Hofmannsthal’s libretto inspired by Sophocles’ Electra.

If I had heard it in 1909, I probably would have been harrumphing with everyone else, as my musical tastes fall firmly in the traditionalist camp. But Strauss’s score is sometimes thrilling, the plot is gripping, and I’m looking forward to hearing the new translation tonight.

Am wearing my blue MAGA hat today, on this my twenty-fourth continuous day of wearing the Hat.

Yesterday, while wearing my red MAGA hat, I had an intense experience while waiting for my train at the Jay Street subway station in Brooklyn. A tall, well-dressed, good-looking guy (who happened to have a dark brown complexion) came up to me and forthrightly asked, “May I shake your hand?” It always surprises me when strangers want to shake my hand. Of course, I gratefully obliged. He told me I was brave but I merely shrugged and said that I’ve been wearing MAGA hats for three weeks, so am more or less used to it by now.

He asked if I’ve had any unpleasant encounters. Just a few relatively minor ones, I explained, but most of the negativity consisted of rude stares and muttering. I emphasized that many reactions have been highly complimentary.

Our conversation quickly started pinballing around, touching on many topics. He told me that he had paid little attention to politics until the 2016 presidential election (he appeared to be in his twenties). Said he was originally for Bernie Sanders, but became disillusioned by the way the media and the Democrats treated him in their lust to crown Hitlery (I’m paraphrasing here).

I mentioned that the reason I started wearing a MAGA hat was to show my support for the Covington boys and to resist the fascist totalitarianism of the Left; that I refuse to be cowed by their attempts to crush free speech.

He told me the story of someone he once saw on the subway, an innocent soul who was merely displaying a sign, trying to spread the truth about what really happened in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, when both Clintons grabbed power in Haiti and funneled much of the relief money into their Pay-For-Play Personal Slush Fund (a.k.a. the “Clinton Foundation”). That lone, brave bearer of the truth on the subway was immediately surrounded and excoriated by rabid left-wingers. Why? Because he dared to tell the truth.

During my conversation with this incredibly insightful young man, this grownup (so unlike the immature, brainwashed, spoiled, twenty-something millennial brats who infest New York), I was kicking myself for not yet having bought a good surveillance body cam. In retrospect, the conversation we had seems almost supernatural and should have been recorded.

He told me that he didn’t like Trump at first, because – he admitted – he was brainwashed like everyone else in his circle of friends. He mentioned that he doesn’t like everything Trump is doing, to which I merely shrugged to indicate that it’s ok not to agree with everything a politician does, or anyone for that matter. People of goodwill can agree to disagree.

He also said that he doesn’t like many Republican politicians because they’re spineless. The example he gave is when left-wingers unjustly hurl the racist card at Republicans, who then melt into spineless jellyfish instead of calling out the leftists for their lies. Were are in complete agreement about that.

We talked about how the left-wing “progressives,” the Democrats, and Antifa (I repeat myself) are always calling people like me racist and fascist in order to shut me up, when, in fact, they are the true fascists. I pointed out that the definition of the word fascism has several components, one of which is the forcible suppression of free speech. And it’s not the Republicans and Trump supporters who are storming around setting cars on fire, smashing windows, physically attacking people, screaming epithets at innocent passersby, telling lies, and creating hoaxes.

We got onto the topic of how the leftists pigeonhole people according to the color of their skin or gender or whatever. I mentioned that I could not care less about those superficial characteristics (and, by the way, neither does anyone I know, most of whom are Republicans). I told him that as far as I’m concerned there is only one race, the human race. Not so for the leftists and Democrats, who care only about superficial characteristics, never about the content of ones character.

He pointed out that people are social animals, that they feel safe in their little boxes, so when they’re accused of being racist or whatever, they’re afraid of being pushed out of their little boxes. It’s a tactic the Left uses to divide and conquer; to separate everyone into little categories, and then to use intimidation and shaming to try keep them in their little boxes. For someone who never paid attention to politics until 2016, this guy’s insights are amazing.

I told him that he should write a blog because he has a fascinating story to tell, but I also had an ulterior motive for making that suggestion. My mission is to save my country from the destruction being caused by the Left. What he had been telling me undermines the hegemony of the Democrats / Leftists / “Progressives” over blacks and “people of color.” It undermines the leftists’ power to keep blacks on the Democratic Plantation, to keep them enslaved by Big Government. It undermines the Democrats’ goal of keeping everyone on the Big Government Slave Plantation.

We covered a lot of territory very quickly, and there were times when I wanted to stop the conversation to seek some clarification or to explore a point more deeply. When my train finally arrived, I decided to wait for the next one. I reluctantly had to break away when the next train came, but I gave him my card and we parted with a genuine handshake of solidarity.

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Day 25: Rockaway Normal Land

Friday, February 15, 2019

While wearing my blue MAGA hat on the Staten Island ferry this morning, I’m preoccupied with a work document so don’t really pay attention to anyone. On the small ferry from Wall Street to Red Hook, I sit in the front of the boat facing aft, for two reasons. One is so that I can avoid glancing accidentally at the huge video panel that shows annoying politically-correct ads and vids. For a while they were showing a propaganda cartoon of the legendary Trump-hater, gym rat, “supernaturally healthy,” i.e. living corpse Ruth Ginzberg working out with dumbbells. Hmmm, let’s see, how many days did Ruth Wonder Woman miss from work lately? What? 55?

The other reason I sit facing aft is so the maximum number of people will see my hat. It’s obvious that most of the ferry passengers are libtards (not surprising, given how many libtards live in New York).

However, there are exceptions. The other day an unexpectedly cheerful guy made a friendly remark to me (as normal, happy people do), and it turned out that he’s an aficionado of the Rockaways –­ a Rockaway hound –­ like me.

While writing this, I instinctively wondered for a millisecond whether I should even mention the Rockaways, lest the cat be let out of the bag but I screeched back to reality: that cat has been out of the bag for quite a while. The Rockaways used to be gloriously unknown, a world unto itself, frequented mainly by the locals. Then the New York Slimes did a series of articles about the wonders of Rockaway and word started getting out, and then the hipsters from Williamsburg started descending like locusts, by the thousands, clogging up the beaches, flaunting their tattoos and hipster-speak, like, you know, like, moronically saying “like” every other, like, you know, like, word. But I will commend them for the fact that most of them do take their trash with them when they leave the beach, which is very important to me, having picked up countless bags of trash from the beach over the years. And, I will admit there are more good restaurants in the Rockaways now. So, trade-offs. Whadda ya gonna do?

But I do miss the days when there were only a handful of locals at my secret beach, even on a fine summer day.

Anyway, this guy I was chatting with seemed completely uninterested in, or unconcerned about my hat—as if wearing a MAGA hat is nothing out of the ordinary. The guy obviously lives in Normal Land, because wearing a MAGA hat is nothing out of the ordinary for normal people.

He says that Rockaway is his “summer home,” tells me that he’s been going there for decades. I tell him I’m at the beach all the time, too, because I have some garden plots at the Ft. Tilden Community Garden. As I leave the ferry, I urge him to stop by the gardens because there are so many friendly, happy people there. He would fit in.

I cannot wait to resume my gardening! This time of year, with the days getting longer and Spring inching closer, a gardener’s thoughts are focused on the new season. My garden catalogs have been arriving since late January. On a day like today, partly sunny, near 50, I have to chain myself to my desk at work.

Each year I have a theme. One year it was “vines.” Another year, “fragrance.” Another, “Cosmos” (to attract honeybees and butterflies). One year it was “natural” (I let whatever wanted to come up, come up. Many “weeds,” of course, are edible or have medicinal properties). Last year my theme was “beans.”

I haven’t decided on a theme for this year but will probably create a vine-covered gazebo for one of my gardens, as well as expand the bee and butterfly sanctuary I created a couple of years ago:


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Day 26: If Walls Don’t Work, Why Do You Lock Your Doors?

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Today is a blue MAGA hat day, although it may turn into a red MAGA hat day later, depending on where I go. Am taking both with me when I go out.

So, Trump signed the bill with all the poison pills yesterday, then declared a national emergency in order to build a wall. Good for him. I’m not losing my mind like Ann Coulter (what is up with that gal?). I’m standing by my man. Trump has been an incredible blessing to this country in thousands of ways, bigly. Considering what he’s been up against, I think he’s done a great job. And I really liked his speech yesterday.

Maybe he figured a few more poison pills will just be a drop in the bucket of the thousands upon thousands of poison pills already deeply embedded in our out-of-control government. I don’t know what he was thinking; I’m not privy to any inside information. I’m just a citizen who’s paying attention.

I do think it was a smart move not to shut down the government again. Let’s face it: half of the American population are ignorant sheeple who actually believe CNN’s lies. The fact that furloughing hundreds of thousands of non-essential government “workers” did not have any deleterious effects on the country was totally lost on the sheeple. I saw with my own eyes the millions of people dying that no one was dying in the streets because of the shutdown.

Those of us who have more than two brain cells know that those non-essential government “workers” should have been permanently furloughed during the last shut-down. That’s the only bone I have to pick with Trump. But no one is perfect.

Who knows how all of this will play out? The usual gang of anti-American scum: DimocRats, progs, commie/socialists, left-wing media propagandists (I repeat myself) were screaming. Why? Because they know that Donald Trump and his supporters (not to mention the huge block of independent voters, many of whom basically support Trump) pose a mortal threat to their hegemony over the ignorant souls who still support the Socialist/ Prog / Democrat-Rino Uniparty. So, they must do everything in their power to demonize Trump and oppose everything he does.

What astounds me is that the Dims know that morons like Alexandria “Stupid as a Rock” Ocrazio, who recently helped deprive New York City of 25,000 jobs, are hurting the Dims. They know that a huge majority of Americans want to secure our borders. They know that most Americans are completely repulsed by the recent pro-infanticide law in New York, and by Democrat Governor of Virginia, Ralph “Vomit” Northam’s attempts to enact a similar law in Virginia. They know all of this, but their strategy is to lash out like cornered animals – which is basically what they are – as they continue digging deeper holes for themselves. Fine with me; keep digging your graves, Dims.

And, by the way, if walls “don’t work” or “aren’t necessary,” then why do people live in houses and apartments with doors that lock? Why does Mizzz Nanci Palsy have a wall around her palatial house? Why does Barry Soetoro have walls around his house and at either end of his street? Why do zoos have walls?

Everyone who’s paying attention knows that this whole mess is not about whether walls work. Everyone knows that walls work. What this is about is two things: the crony capitalists (Dims and RINOs) who want cheap labor to keep flowing into the country, and the Dims who want the ignorant, brainwashed or illegal residents of this country to keep voting for the Dims. In the first case, a vile disregard for the well-being of the country; in the second, a naked lust for power.

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Day 27: Snowflake Meltdown on the F Train

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Last night I was riding the F train in the vicinity of Park Sloppe, wearing my red MAGA hat, minding my own business, contently munching some delicious unsalted tortilla chips from Trader Joe’s. I glanced around and noticed a snowflake staring at me in horror, her face frozen in a contorted mixture of incredulity and rage. I shrugged and continued munching. A few minutes later I glanced over again. The snowflake was doubled over with her face in her hands. MAGA hats apparently have miraculous powers.

Welcome to the real world, toots. And don’t blame me for your existential woes; blame your indoctrinators. Why don’t you try dusting off that unused brain of yours and start using it?

It’s Sunday morning and a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Reports are breaking out all over, even on CNN, that Jusstawana Smellett did, in fact, orchestrate the hoax . . . which everyone with a brain already knew.

May I indulge in a little gloating? Here’s what I posted on Day 11 of the Chronicles (Feb. 1):

Jussie “Tawana Brawley” Smollett. Ever hear of him? Me neither. Insignificant, unknown actor who hates Trump and needs a career boost = Hoax.
Hoax. Hoax. Hoax. End of story.

Leftwing extremists orchestrate hoaxes like this all the time. You’d think this latest hoax, coming so close on the heels of the Covington hoax would make people just a teeeeny tiny bit skeptical.

So, it’s a beautiful day, Jusstawana has been outed, and I decide that today would be the perfect day to wear my bright red MAGA hat in deep blue Park Sloppe, that pinnacle of enlightenment infamous bastion of brainwashed SJWs and fossilized minds.

I stroll down Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn towards the Barclay Center. The sidewalks are thronged. Lots of people are noticing my bright red hat, and it’s impossible not to notice the people noticing me.

I stop to read an informational poster at the corner of Fifth Ave. and 3rd Street, near the historic Old Stone House. The poster summarizes Brooklyn’s role in the American Revolution.  I’m always amazed to discover how many people, especially New Yorkers, have never even heard of the Battle of Brooklyn.

A jovial guy – clearly an inhabitant of Normal Land – stops and says “I’ve got to get one of those hats, but I’m. . .”

I finish his sentence for him, “. . . afraid of being physically attacked?”

I tell him that I was a little afraid when I first started wearing the hat, but to my surprise have had many positive reactions. We chat for a minute, he tells me he’s from Arizona, I tell him I’m from North Carolina. I tell him he would probably enjoy visiting the gift shops on the lower level of Trump Tower. He has an impatient child in tow, so we shake hands and continue on our merry ways.

At the Barclay Center I board a 4 train to Manhattan with no destination in mind; I’m in tourist mode. Decide to disembark at Grand Central and stroll around for a while. Am killing two birds with one stone: leisurely taking in the sights and glories of New York, and introducing hundreds, maybe thousands of people to the Hat.

I know that what I’m doing may seem quixotic to some people, but I also know that one person can make a difference.

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Day 28: Washington’s Birthday

Monday, February 18, 2019

Happy Birthday, George Washington! I know you were born on February 22nd but the country now unofficially celebrates “Presidents’ Day” on the third Monday of February to give federal “workers” a long holiday weekend. It’s a convoluted story, but your home state of Virginia, to its great credit, officially celebrates your birthday the entire month of February.

Speaking of holidays, I have an idea for two new national holidays to be celebrated simultaneously on June 14: “Donald J. Trump’s Birthday” and “National MAGA Hat Day.”

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Day 29: Park Sloppe, Libtards, and Meltdowns

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Today is a blue MAGA hat day, in honor of the deep blue hive mind of Park Slope Slop, home to some of the most condescending, supercilious, ignorant, brainwashed Marxists and Maoists ever to have lived.

It occurs to me that it would be an interesting experiment to see if I can replicate the epic snowflake meltdown I witnessed while riding the F train on Sunday.

So, this evening I’m riding the F train again to see if my MAGA hat will exert its supernatural powers on any of the libtards and snowflakes on the train. I’m hoping I’ll be able to trigger a TDS meltdown like the one this womon had when Trump was sworn in as 45th president on Jan. 20, 2017.  

Drat. No epic meltdowns on the train tonight. Maybe everyone was in shock after learning that their favorite gay black oppressed martyr (who earns used to earn buckets of raaaayciss American dollars) is a lying, narcissistic, megalomaniacal sociopath.

When I was on the train, however, I did notice out of the corners of my eyes lots of stares from people—most of whom were obviously college-indoctrinated Brownshirt Youths of America—trying to give me the Shaming Stare.

But, see, here’s the thing: the Shaming Stare doesn’t work when the person you’re trying to shame is ignoring you.

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Day 30: Washington Compost Sued for $250 Million. MAGA!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

All over  the news today is the $250 million lawsuit filed against the Washington Compost for sliming the Covington kids. Yes!

This on the heels of more revelations about the JussTawana hoax and the way the “news” media ran with it before doing any journalistic sleuthing. But, of course, everyone with a brain knows by now that most of the “news” media today are propagandists, not journalists.

And, speaking of crimes, as long as there are “hate crime” laws on the books, then Jussie Smollett should be prosecuted and convicted for the elaborate hoax he organized to slander Donald Trump’s supporters and to incite violence against Trump’s supporters.

I am wearing my bright red MAGA hat with a vengeance today. Apparently, I’m not alone. A friend sent me Mykel Barthelemy’s latest vid last night, where she exhorts everyone to go out and buy a MAGA hat and wear it. Check it out. She is fired up and tells it like it is! You go, girl!

If you’re in or near New York City, there are three gift shops in Trump Tower that sell MAGA hats (open until 8pm). Also, many of the souvenir shops around town sell MAGA hats. I know the one at the corner of Broadway and Liberty in Lower Manhattan sells them. Many of the shops around Times Square, Canal Street, and 34th Street near the Empire State Building also sell them.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll have learned that the chances of your being attacked are slim; moreover, you’ll probably get some positive feedback. But do be prepared for shaming stares and glares, and maybe a few flipped birds. Just remember: shaming stares don’t work if you ignore them.

You may feel a bit silly, and you may end up with a case of “hat hair” but isn’t that a small sacrifice to make? At least you have shoes, unlike George Washington’s soldiers at Valley Forge in the winter of 1778.

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Day 31: Cognitive Dissonance = Bzzt!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

I never realized just how many crazy people there are in New York City until I started wearing a MAGA hat.

Like most New Yorkers, I’ve become inured to the dysfunctional and incompetent humans who are allowed to wander unchecked, particularly in the subway system. Like most New Yorkers, when I’m waiting for a train and the train arrives but one of the cars is empty, I automatically know it’s empty for a reason: because a crazy person who hasn’t bathed for several years has taken up residence in the car.

I pity the innocent tourists who board such a car because the stench can be overwhelming, literally nauseating. What a wonderful memory of New York.

Thanks, American Civil Liberties Union for dumping insane people onto the streets. Thanks, NYC politicians and bureaucrats for not enforcing vagrancy laws. Thanks, mayor Warren Wilhelm de Bolshevik for hampering the police (and thanks to the idiots who voted for him). Thanks, Metropolitan Transit Authority for not doing your job.

But I knew about the crazy people wandering the streets long before I started wearing a MAGA hat, and I knew that most of the voters in the city are registered Democrats. What I didn’t know is that a large percentage of the crazy people in New York City are female graduates of the Centers of Higher Indoctrination.

While I was riding the F train last night (this is the train that goes through Park Sloppe on its way into Manhattan), just about every young woman (20 to 40-ish age bracket) who noticed my hat was visibly glaring at me. They were visibly full of anger.

Why? Because they’ve been brainwashed by the feminazi indoctrinators in the Indoctrination Camps and by the feminazi indoctrinators in the media. They’ve been brainwashed from an early age to believe that men are inferior, stupid, bumbling, sadistic dopes. They’ve been taught that women are not just equal to men but are superior to men; that women are caring, intuitive, sensitive, and generally more intelligent and evolved than men.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying all women in New York are irrational, hyper-emotional dingbats, just a large percentage of the ones who’ve attended Centers of Higher Indoctrination. I personally know many, many extremely intelligent, thoughtful, rational, civilized, and creative women. And none of them are Democrats.

Anyway, my usual modus operandi while wearing a MAGA hat in the subway is to ignore the glares and shaming stares. Last night, though, I calmly met the stares without batting an eye. And, every single time, the glarers quickly looked away while their brainwashed minds were making nanosecond calculations and probably short-circuiting because of cognitive dissonance.

Here’s what I think was happening in their minds:

“Hmmm…men who wear MAGA hats are toothless, drooling, raycisss, gun-totin’ rednecks…everyone knows this…it’s what CNN, the New Yorker, NY Times, and Washington Post tell us. TV, movies, and advertisements tell us that men are idiots and brutes…we have been taught this…it must be true…but this guy wearing a MAGA hat is well-dressed, has a polite demeanor, and is reading The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook.”

Bzzttt. The sound of feminazi brains short-circuiting.

I am not limiting my scorn just to feminazis, however. There are legions of male feminazis, i.e., brainwashed gelding males – some of whom last night were giving me the evil eye. Many more women, though.

If anyone doubts what I am saying, let me present this example of liberal feminist lunacy: Trump engages in some typical locker room boy talk fourteen years ago (and, trust me; guys in New York talk like that all the time, gay and straight) and the feminazis go ape-sh*t crazy.

Bill Clinton fondles, gropes, and rapes his way through eight years in the White House, even going so far as to stick a cigar into a female intern’s nether regions, then slurp the cigar and exclaim “mm, that tastes good” . . . which is child’s play compared to the rapes.

Response from feminazis to Bill Clinton? Crickets.

Response to Donald Trump? Rage.

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Day 32: JussTawana STILL Lying

Friday, February 22, 2019

Hard to believe that JussTawana is still lying. Maybe he’s going to try to cop an insanity plea?

I saw the press conference in Chicago yesterday. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson seemed royally ticked off. If he was that ticked off maybe Jusstwanna is not going to skate, contrary to what some people are prognosticating. Who knows? I do know that he’s not skating in the Court of Public Opinion.

Check out this vid posted on YouTube four days ago by someone named Blaire White. I’d never heard of her until last night, but she is one smart cookie . . . and funny (and has an interesting history):

And isn’t it gratifying, bigly, to see that JusstaBrawley is losing his $125,000 per episode job at Fox?

So, yesterday evening after work, I needed to run some errands in Manhattan. Took the (infamous) F train. Have given up trying to trigger epic meltdowns; all I’ve been getting lately are stares and glares. Ho hum.

A beautiful day yesterday, highs in the 50s. A perfect evening for a long, meandering stroll on some of Manhattan’s most crowded sidewalks (for maximum red Hat exposure, of course). Lots of people are out and about enjoying the weather, and as usual I’m the only person wearing a MAGA hat. But—for what it’s worth—hundreds, maybe thousands of people see the Hat.

I’m guessing most of those people have heard the news that Jusstwana is a lying piece of s**t. I wonder if the cognitive dissonance caused by Jusstawana’s hoax—coupled with a sighting of a MAGA hat—may jump-start a few unused brains in New York. Miracles can happen.

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Day 33: Malevolent Maher

Saturday, February 23, 2019

While wearing my blue MAGA hat hither and yon in Manhattan, walking miles and miles on thronged sidewalks in today’s beautiful weather, I’m wondering what’s happening with the $250 million lawsuit filed by Nicholas Sandmann’s lawyers against The Washington Compost.  I know that lawsuits take time to work themselves through the system, but I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas Day to arrive.

I’ve also been wondering how large the claim for damages against CNN will be. Given the fact that CNN is vastly more influential than The Compost, I assume the claim for damages will be commensurately larger.

I don’t know what a reasonable amount would be, but for the sake of argument let’s say 100 times larger than the claim against the Compost.  So, $250 million x 100 = $25,000,000,000.

 Hmm. $25 billion. Sounds about right, but probably a tad unrealistic.

Okay, let’s try 10 times larger:  $250 million x 10 = 2,500,000,000.

$2.5 billion. That seems reasonable, given CNN’s influence. So, I’m going to predict that the claim against CNN will be in the neighborhood of $2 billion. Wishful thinking? Maybe.

I’ve also been wondering how much the claim for damages against the vile hate-monger Bill Maher will be.

Here’s what Maher said, verbatim, about Nicholas Sandmann on his HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher:

“I don’t blame the kid, the smirking kid, I blame lead poisoning, and bad parenting. And, oh yeah, I blame that f**king kid. What a little prick. Smirkface! Like that’s not a dick move to stick your face in this elderly man’s [face].”

“This smirking kid says he was just trying to defuse the situation. Really? Next time you get into a fight, try that.”

“I do not spend a lot of time, I must tell you, around Catholic school children. But I do not get what Catholic priests see in these kids.”

How much should Maher be sued for? Is there a number high enough?

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Day 34: Busker Meltdown – Buh Bye!

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Decided to wear my incendiary red MAGA hat today while running errands in Manhattan.

I’m riding the R train from Union Square to Lower Manhattan. Some people stare, as usual, but most ignore me. Fine.

But, it’s New York; you never know when a crazy person is about to intrude into your personal space. A busker – guitarist, male, 30-ish – enters the train. The insane expression on his face gives him away. I instantly size him up: probable frequent pot intake + Trump Derangement Syndrome = cray cray.

I’m sitting towards the end of the car; he walks to the center of the car and starts playing. I glance his way a couple of times to watch him play his guitar. Each time he’s staring right at me. Each time I smile.

When the car stops, he walks past me while exiting the train and says ominously, “you have to expect people to make comments when you wear that hat.”

I don’t take the bait; I merely look at him with a neutral expression.

Then he escalates his attack and lobs a juvenile insult as he steps out of the car: “your hat is restricting blood to your brain!”

How pathetic is that? When the subway doors close, I give him a friendly royal wave (keeping my wrist immobile as I slightly rotate my hand). His cray-cray expression becomes even more extreme as he screams “that’s the Queen’s wave.”

I smile, give him another royal wave, and then give him a thumbs up. As the train pulls out of the station, I get a glimpse of his extremely perplexed expression.

It’s so much fun to play with libtards’ minds. They don’t know how to react when you don’t play their game . . . so, bzzt, their brains short-circuit.

Later that day, on the 4 train in the vicinity of Union Square, I felt someone staring at me. I looked over and saw a Social Justice Warriorette trying to shame me by staring at me.

I simply maintained a pleasant expression and calmly returned her stare until she turned away. But I continued to stare, which made her visibly uncomfortable. I could feel the synapses quietly misfiring in her brain.

I doubt she was intelligent enough to realize that I was simply doing to her exactly what she had been doing to me.

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Day 35: Marx, Modern Art and MAGA

Monday, February 25, 2019

How did we get to the point where a large percentage of the population of the United States is stark raving mad, where people melt down at the sight of a MAGA hat? I’m talking about the “liberals” / dhimmicRats / socialists / “progressives” / communists, of course.

It would take a multi-volume set of very thick books to explain it all.

One significant piece of the puzzle is the way the socialists / communists / Marxists / totalitarians / “progressives” have successfully infiltrated all levels of education, from kindergarten upward.

The result is that a huge number of people have been so thoroughly brainwashed that they are simply incapable of rational thought. They merely parrot what their indoctrinators have taught them.

Ever notice how people nowadays always say, “I feel . . . blah blah blah” when trying to explain their opinions? They never say, “I think.”

They say “I feel” because they don’t think, they don’t reason, they don’t engage in rational discourse. This is why they lash out like demonic puppets whenever they encounter anyone who’s escaped from the Politically Correct Hivemind.

Another hugely significant piece of the puzzle that explains our country’s transition from a largely rational society to a lunatic asylum is the way the art world changed so dramatically in the last century. The insanity and absence of rational thought in the art world helped to create the insanity and absence of rational thought in daily life.

This has been a pet peeve of mine since the 1980s when I was studying art history at Chapel Hill. I was always the lone classroom contrarian who would raise his hand to ask the professor indoctrinator, “um, what is it?”

In the following video, aptly titled “Why Modern Art is Absolute Crap,” Paul Joseph Watson brilliantly explains the insanity of the art world today.

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Day 36: “Progressives” = Nazis

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

I do realize that I’m putting myself at risk when I wear a MAGA hat, especially in a deep blue city like New York. The threat of violence—as well as actual violence—is the only way the Left can achieve power and stay in power.

The list of anti-Trump hate crimes continues to grow. Just this afternoon an 81-year-old man was attacked while shopping for groceries at a ShopRite supermarket in Somerset County, New Jersey because he was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

I just hope the police find the rat who did this and prosecute him to the full extent of the law, and then put the rat in a pillory. And I hope that everyone whose blood is boiling after hearing about this will go out and get himself a MAGA hat and wear it.

On February 15th, in Falmouth, Massachusetts, an illegal alien from south of the border assaulted an American citizen because he was wearing a MAGA hat. Let that sink in.

Six days ago, a conservative young man – Hayden Williams – was punched in the face by a violent leftist thug at California’s Temple of Liberal Lunacy and Fascism, sometimes known as “UC Berkeley.”

A month ago, an obscure actor staged a hate crime in order to increase his fame and fortune, and to incite hatred towards Trump and his supporters.

The list of attacks from violent left-wingers in this country continues to grow, and they remind me of Nazi Germany (spiritual home of leftists everywhere) when Hitler’s Brownshirts went on violent rampages.

If you cluck your tongue but tell yourself that the United States of America could never, ever become a totalitarian police state, then you’ve got your head in the sand. We’ve been sliding toward totalitarianism for a century, and then the communist puppet Obama—aided and abetted by the Democrats and RINOs in Congress—put the descent into warp speed.

The leftist totalitarianism and violence must stop. Now!

I’m reminded of an adage that was popular in the 1960s and 70s: “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

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Day 37: More Anti-MAGA Scum

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Woke up this morning—my thirty-seventh continuous day of wearing a MAGA hat in public—still livid about the assault on an 81-year-old man in Somerset County, New Jersey simply because he was wearing a MAGA hat.

I usually debate each morning which of my MAGA hats I will wear. No debate at all this morning. I firmly donned my bright red MAGA hat to show my support for the legions of MAGA hat wearers who have been attacked by the leftwing totalitarian fascist Nazi brown shirt thugs emboldened by Barry Soetoro and George Soros.

As usual, a few tiresome brainwashed twits on the subway stared and glared. Yawn. Ignorant morons bore me.

Today I heard about yet another attack on a MAGA hat wearer, this one at a high school in Edmond, Oklahoma on Monday, February 25th. Hearing about the attack only strengthens my resolve to continue wearing a MAGA hat anywhere and everywhere until this epidemic of leftwing Nazi socialist Democrat totalitarian fascist violence has been contained and extinguished.

In a nutshell, a high school kid who was wearing a MAGA hat (with permission) at Santa Fe High School in Edmond was assaulted by an older student. The parents of the attacked kid are pressing charges, as well they should. I hope they will also sue the school. Aren’t schools responsible for the safety of their charges?

You won’t hear about this on any of the Democrat – Communist leftwing (“mainstream”) propaganda media outlets. Black-on-white crimes are always swept under the rug by the leftwing media propagandists.

Can you imagine the hysterical outrage from the leftwing media propagandists if an older white student had attacked a younger black student? Stop the presses! Screaming headlines for weeks.

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Day 38: Bums and de Bolshevik

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Does anyone know of a good alternative to PayPal?

As soon as I learned that they were even considering partnering with the vile hate group known as the “Southern Poverty Law Center” (SPLC), I immediately closed my PayPal account.

While I’m on the subject, can anyone recommend a good list of other companies that should be boycotted . . . and perhaps a list of sane, freedom-loving companies that should be patronized? People occasionally send such lists to me, but they always seem to get buried in the non-stop flow of email.

It’s a beautiful blue MAGA hat day in New York, a bit nippy but beautiful, despite the burgeoning crapstorm created by Mayor Bill “Dumb as a Box of Rocks” de Bolshevik and the other corrupt socialist-DemocRat politicians in New York . . . and the lemmings who keep voting for them.

Bums everywhere, sleeping in the subways, sleeping on the sidewalks, using the subways as toilets. Moaning their way through the subway cars, repeating their bogus shticks like zombies, rattling their begging bowls (takeout coffee cups). One often sees the same ones staggering up and down the subway cars every day. I wonder how much money they rake in.

I’ve also been wondering how long it would take for the city to slide back into another squalid mess like the one in the 1970s. Under Mayor de Bolshevik, it’s happening faster than even I thought possible. On the bright side, de Bolshevik’s reign of error will end someday. Also, New York is in better shape than it was in the 70s . . . but not for long, given the city’s out-of-control spending and massive unfunded pension liabilities.

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Day 39: MAGA and the East Village, Part I

Friday, March 1, 2019

Milo Yiannopoulos’s brilliant analysis of the JussTawana BrawleySmollett hoax—the best I’ve seen—was posted on Frontpage Mag today.

It was also mentioned and linked on Ace of Spades HQ this morning, which is how I found the article. If you don’t visit Ace of Spades HQ, you’re missing one of the best political blogs out there.

Forget The Drudge Report’s ubiquitous “shock polls,” links to fake news propagandists, and incessant reports of rampaging airplane passengers. If you want the truth, go elsewhere. Drudge is over. Done. Finito.

Last night as I was walking around the East Village wearing my bright red MAGA hat, a young woman let out an audible groan as she passed me. But it was a civilized groan of recognition tinged with a note of mild resignation, not a hateful groan. I laughed out loud, but I waited until she was out of earshot so she wouldn’t misunderstand me. I was laughing out of happiness because her civility had just restored my faith in humanity enough to make me happy.

So, I tip my MAGA hat to that young lady—and she was a lady—for embodying the civilized America in which I grew up. Her behavior was like that of my childhood playmates in the 1950s. In my neighborhood, whenever my playmates’ arguments would escalate to a heated pitch, the worst thing we could think to say was, “I’ll sue!

I was also happy for another reason: the Hat’s magical powers had apparently returned after being on hiatus for a couple of days, when all it had been doing was eliciting glares and boring stares. Something happening in the stars, perhaps?

During my walkabout, a bicyclist who saw my hat yelled out “My God!” His reaction was so absurd that I could barely contain my laughter until he had peddled off. I didn’t want the cyclist to think I was laughing at him; I was laughing at the ridiculous situation where someone freaks out because of a hat.

At this point in my MAGA hat-wearing odyssey, I’ve become less inclined to mock the unfortunate brainwashed innocents who react to my hat in such ways. Now I pity them more than anything else, and I wish I could help them free their minds from the chains of the Thought Police.

After continuing my stroll, I soon discovered that it is apparently common for East Villagers to make their opinions audibly known, often in an uncivilized manner. Fine. I understand that they’re “just” a bunch of brainwashed pot-addled kids. I can handle rude comments. What I will not tolerate is the suppression of free speech.

One young man—who happened to have dark skin—said very audibly as I passed by, “I don’t like that hat.” He was with a crowd of friends, and I know that individuals are emboldened when they’re in a group of like-minded people, so I did not respond and kept walking. In retrospect, I think I could have stopped and had a brief conversation because his tone was not threatening, but I was hungry and my energy level was low.

A minute later, I passed through a pack of obviously stoned kids who had taken over the sidewalk and were dancing around like spastic electrons. One of them squawked, “fuck that hat” but I knew it was just the pot talking. After I passed by, I turned around to look at them—in a friendly way, mostly out of curiosity—and one of the guys shouted out “it wasn’t me.”

I have a feeling I could have completely defused the situation—not that it was all that bad to begin with—by going back and then suddenly dancing with them. I imagine they would have laughed their asses off (as they would say).

If I hadn’t been so hungry, I would have done that. The next time I take a MAGA hat stroll in the East Village, I’ll be sure to down a hearty meal first.

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Day 40: A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation

Saturday, March 2, 2019

A reader of my blog kindly sent some information (in a comment to my post yesterday) about the 81-year-old man in Somerset, New Jersey who was attacked on February 26 because he was wearing a MAGA hat.

I’m reposting the information he sent, in case you didn’t see his comment:

My reaction to the article was to wonder whether the 19-year-old thug who attacked the elderly American citizen was an illegal alien invader from another country, like the chain-migrating illegal alien invader who assaulted an American citizen in Falmouth, Massachusetts on February 15 because the American citizen was wearing a MAGA hat.

It is time to start calling a spade a spade. The people who are coming to our country illegally are invaders. The politicians and bureaucrats—Democrats and Republicans—who have been allowing them to come here illegally are traitors and should be punished accordingly.

The United States does not belong to the world. The United States belongs to the United States. We are a sovereign nation and I will not sit back and allow my country—MY country—to be destroyed.

Thinking about these attacks against American citizens merely strengthens my resolve to wear a MAGA hat every single time I go out in public. Today I am wearing my very conspicuous red MAGA hat while running errands on this beautiful day in the Big Apple.

One of my errands, by the way, is to take better photos of the “Defiant Girl” statue in front of the New York Stock Exchange, who has apparently become a loyal Trump supporter:

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Day 41: MAGA In Lower Manhattan

Sunday, March 3, 2019

I wore my red MAGA hat while heading into Manhattan to bid on a couple of landscapes I’ve had my eye on. I wondered if the Hat had any adventures in store for me. More libtards vainly trying to shame me? More flipped birds? Ho hum.

On the ferry, a young Hispanic-looking guy, around twenty, saw my hat and asked in a neutral tone, “what does your hat mean?” It was the first time anyone had posed that question. I replied, “I want our country to be civilized again, where people respect the rule of law.” Then I mischievously tossed out a small piece of bait: “And I want people to stop breaking our laws by coming here illegally.”

He said, “it was great . . . in the 80s, wasn’t it?” Then he sat down next to me—I’ll call him Miguel—and he asked “what about the government?”

I understood what he meant. “Excellent point,” I replied. “The people I really blame are our politicians for creating such a screwed-up immigration system, and for not securing our borders.” I told him that I understand why so many people have been sneaking into our country; if I were in their shoes, I would do the same thing . . . but I don’t condone it.

Then two other guys came over; presumably friends of his. One appeared to be Hispanic; I’ll call him Armando. The other guy was black. I’ll call him Will.

And can we please stop using the term “black” when referring to people with brown skin, and “white” when referring to people with tan skin? It tells you nothing, it’s not accurate, and I’m tired of labeling people because of their skin color or ethnic heritage. He’s not black and I’m not white. He’s brown and I’m tan . . . although I do turn walnut brown in the summer.

“Black” and “white” are one-dimensional, shallow terms that reduce people to caricatures and preconceived stereotypes.

Neither do I call myself an English-American or an American of Scots-English descent. I’m sure the “black” guy doesn’t call himself an American of African descent. Maybe he calls himself an African-American. I don’t know. Maybe his ancestors have been here for centuries.

Whatever. Either you’re an American or you aren’t.

Miguel asks, “What do you think about the wall?” I reply that we need it. He says it won’t work because people will climb it, tunnel under it, or bribe the guards.

I ask him if he lives in a house with a door that locks. He says yes . . . but a wall won’t work. We exchange friendly banter for a while, then Will jumps in and says, “Sheesh, it’s Sunday . . . so political! People can agree to disagree.”

I sympathize; Will has a peaceful demeanor. Miguel and I are creating ripples in the mellow pond of Will’s mind, so I gently bring our game of political ping pong to an end by saying “you’re absolutely right; people can agree to disagree.”

Will is one thousand percent right, of course, but we are facing issues of crucial importance that are affecting the very existence of our country. We should talk about them; it is imperative that we talk about them.

Then Armando speaks up—for the first time—and asks me if I’ve seen a movie called “Dredd.” I say, “no, is it playing now; should I see it?” All three guys look at me like I’m from another planet. Armando says that one of the characters can climb walls 100 feet tall (or something like that). I roll my eyes and say, yeah, well, most people can’t climb walls that high. All three guys concede my point.

Miguel changes the subject by pointing out that Obama deported more people than Trump has been deporting. I’m impressed. This guy is paying attention. I’m thinking to myself that these young men are better informed and certainly more civil than the libtards and white (I mean tan) millennials I’ve encountered while wearing my MAGA hat.

We’ve disagreed on some things, but there hasn’t been any anger.

As the ferry docks and people start herding themselves off the boat, Miguel asks if I’ll sell him my hat. Umm, no, it’s just now getting broken in. But I tell him he would enjoy visiting Trump Tower and he can buy a hat there. We say goodbye and part amicably.

In the ferry terminal, Armando and I continue talking. Turns out he didn’t know the other two guys; he was just passing by and stopped to listen to Miguel and me. He says that people—Democrat and Republican—should be able to talk about things without getting angry. I agree but point out that it’s not the Republicans who are going around physically attacking people and trying to shut down free speech.

I mention Jussie Smollett as a prime example of someone who tried to portray Republicans as hateful, violent racists, when, in fact, he was the hateful racist. I mention that Angela Davis and Jussie’s mother were good friends, that Jussie grew up in an America-hating household . . . which Armando did not know. But why would he? The “mainstream” media don’t tell the truth. They’re not journalists; they’re propagandists.

Then I ask, “if America is so horrible, why do people want to come here?” Armando nods in agreement. As we part, we shake hands, saying that we hope to see each other again.

As I’m heading down into the subway, I hear a loud voice exclaim, “Take off your hat!” I turn around and see some guys hawking tour bus tickets. I’m in a good mood, but I’m not in the mood to ignore a totalitarian command, so I walk over to the guys and quickly ascertain who said it. Then I calmly ask him why he wants me to take off my hat. He sputters, “that hat is for white racists!” I calmly respond, “no it’s not.”

Then he blurts out, “this country is already great!” He tells me that Meghan McCain  said the country is already great (I think to myself, Meghan McCain? People still watch that stupid show?). I reply, “Yes, this country is fundamentally great, but we’re facing grave problems that threaten our very existence.”

The guy is in no mood for a rational conversation; he just wants to vent. He points at my hat and shouts “that guy called Africa a shithole!” while squatting to mimic someone taking a crap. He repeats the charade several times for emphasis.

I presume he’s referring to Trump. I reply that Trump only said some countries in Africa are shitholes, not the whole continent. I didn’t think to mention that Obama called Libya a “shit show” when he was president.

It’s obvious our “conversation” is a waste of time, so I extend my hand and say that I really must be going. He does shake my hand, but he keeps ranting. He just won’t let it go, so I toss out a little piece of red meat as I’m leaving, “By the way, another shithole country is Venezuela.” And then I calmly walk away.

A minute later, as I’m heading to a different subway station because the first one was closed for repairs, I hear a voice call out “he’s not going to build the wall.” I turn around and see two guys selling tour bus tickets. One of the guys says, “Trump got outsmarted.” I say, “he got stabbed in the back.” The guy says the wall will never be built.

I say, you never know, it’s Trump, implying that Trump has been getting a lot done. Then the guy puts his cards on the table and says with scorn and hostility, “he inherited $100 million from his father and went bankrupt three times. What does he know about anything?”

This conversation is clearly going nowhere, so I just say, “We disagree. Civilized people can agree to disagree, right?” They mutter something and won’t look at me. I continue walking. I have a pretty good idea that those two guys would probably never say anything good about any white (I mean tan) person. There’s a word for those kinds of people. Hint: “rac_st.”

Later, as I’m walking up Fifth Avenue near the Empire State Building, I pass a souvenir shop and duck in to see if they sell MAGA hats. They don’t, but they are selling some nifty umbrellas that look like American flags. I buy one because it’s just beginning to snow. As I’m leaving, a young woman passes by and calls out, “like your hat!” I turn around and shout “thank you!” She—and the three guys on the ferry—make it all worthwhile.

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Day 42: Mellow Moods, Summer Memories

Monday, March 4, 2019

Several inches of powdery snow turned New York into a winter wonderland Sunday night. This morning it’s all a slushy mess but I’m in a mellow mood today (the longer days are probably responsible for that), so decide to wear my new caramel-brown faux-suede MAGA hat I bought yesterday evening at Trump Tower. Am in no mood for drama today so did not even take my red hat with me.

Am planning to return to Trump Tower soon to buy more hats for my growing collection. There are several colors I still don’t have: white, camouflage, pale blue, and pink. Pink is not a color I ever wear, but it’ll be fun to confuse the Libtards because pink hats trigger Pavlovian responses in their minds (pink hats = pussy hats). I think I’ll sew some pink pussycat ears to my pink MAGA hat to really confuse them.

Not much to report today. Wore my brown suede MAGA hat to and from work. I noticed several people doing doubletakes, but no one went berserk. Only the red hat seems most able to perform the strong magic.

Spring is only sixteen days away! The crocuses will soon be popping up. In honor of the approaching warm weather—hallelujah—I’m posting this photograph of one of my gardens at Ft. Tilden in full bloom:

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Day 43: ATIFA MASKS Are the New White Hoods

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Spring is in the air and MAGA hats are bustin’ out all over. Well, actually, not. Spring was in the air yesterday for a few minutes but tonight it’s supposed to get down to 19 degrees Fahrenheit.  Also, in the forty-three days I’ve been wearing a MAGA hat in New York, I’ve seen exactly—drumroll—zero other people wearing a MAGA hat in public. None. The only MAGA hats that are bustin’ out all over are my MAGA hats.

After a mellow hat day yesterday, I decided to don my red MAGA hat this morning. Wore it on the ferry to Manhattan and noticed a young white male shooting a malevolent stare at me. He looked like a Social Justice Warrior (i.e., fascist), perhaps an Antifa thug (i.e., fascist) without his White Hood, I mean black mask. I stared back without batting an eye. He turned away. Those types are only brave when they’re in rampaging mobs attacking people to show how opposed they are to “Hate.”

And, make no mistake, it’s the black Antifa masks that are the “new White Hoods.” Not MAGA hats, as an imbecilic actress named Alyssa Milano proclaimed as soon as she heard Jusstawana Smollett’s lies, which she obviously wanted to believe.

Let me mansplain it to you, Mizz Milano: The KKK wore white hoods to conceal their identities. Antifa thugs wear black masks to conceal their identities.

Antifa Masks = White Hoods.

People who wear MAGA hats don’t wear them to hide their identities, Mizz Milano, you ignorant, brainwashed, gullible, airhead bigot.

And, let’s not forget that the White Hoods were worn by Democrats, not Republicans.

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Day 44: “Why Are You Wearing That Hat?!”

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Wore my navy blue MAGA hat this morning because I was not in the mood to deal with any dramas like the little kerfuffle that my red MAGA hat stirred up Tuesday night.

I was in the waiting room at the Staten Island ferry terminal in lower Manhattan, minding my own business, just sitting there waiting for the ferry, when a young Hispanic-looking guy walked past me, glared at me and muttered something under his breath. What I heard was “fuckin’ hat.”

I was in a cranky mood because I forgot to eat lunch that day, so my gut reaction was to walk over and silently confront him by staring at him (a technique I’ve learned from experts). I planted myself ten feet away, pulled out my camera, snapped his photo, and then just stood there looking at him to let him know that cursing at people who wear MAGA hats is not acceptable.

He walked over and asked me, “why are you wearing that hat?” It was a bit of a tense situation at first. I replied in a slightly louder voice than usual, not veering into the realm of incivility but loud enough for everyone around us to hear me, “Because I support Donald Trump! I believe in freedom, I wear it because I’m sick of people being attacked for wearing a MAGA hat.”

The guy looked a little contrite and said that he just wanted to know why I was wearing the hat. I asked him why he had sneered at me when he walked past me. He apologized for his insult, I apologized for raising my voice just a tad, and we both calmed down. I extended my hand, we shook hands, continued talking until the ferry arrived, and continued our conversation on the ferry ride to St. George.

We touched on many things but I steered the conversation back to his initial question: why was I wearing a MAGA hat? I expanded on what I said in the ferry terminal:

1) Our country is being destroyed by the Democrats and Republicans who are allowing millions of illegal invaders to enter our country. The Democrats / socialists / communists / “progressives” / people-who-hate-white-men-of-European-ancestry want illegals to enter the country because they’re seen by the Democrats as being future Democrat voters, i.e. a vehicle for destroying the United States as founded and turning it into a socialist “paradise.”

The Republican establishment only wants the cheap labor. The DemonRats’ goals are far more insidious.

2) We’re continuing to lose our freedoms. The country’s slow descent into totalitarianism—launched by Woodrow Wilson and exacerbated by FDR—went into warp speed during the communist puppet Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America.”  And, thanks to the digital age and Obama’s unholy alliance with Google, there are now spy cameras everywhere. And, if you think they’re just for your safety, then you need to turn off your Big Brother phones and go get a copy of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four . . . and read it.

3) Many parts of the country are now de facto bilingual although no one voted on it. We should not have to “press one for English, two for Spanish.” I am fed up with seeing signs everywhere in English and Spanish. I pointed out that English—our common language, or what used to be our common language—is one of the glues that holds our country together, which is why the left-wing extremists / Democrats/ socialists / “progressives” have been forcing Spanish on us. Divide and conquer. They know what they’re doing,

4) Birthright citizenship must end, immediately. Illegals come here, drop their babies on American soil, and presto: instant U.S. Citizen, eligible for all U.S. welfare benefits. That is insane! It is beyond insane.

The guy was Hispanic, but he didn’t think what I was saying was offensive. I told him that I have no problem with immigrants keeping their history, language and culture alive, but once you arrive in our country, you need to embrace the history, language and culture of your adopted country. It’s called “assimilation,” which is a good thing. It’s a necessary thing. Otherwise, a country ceases to exist.

He agreed with much of what I said, so I asked him why he had had such a negative reaction to my hat. Apparently—like many other people—he had been unconsciously caught up in the general anti-Trump hysteria that pervades New York and the leftwing media propaganda. He had been brainwashed into thinking that anyone who wears a MAGA hat is a racist, so he had a kneejerk reaction to my hat.

We talked about many things. It was a good conversation, we parted as friends, and made plans to meet up sometime to continue the conversation.

So, thank you, Donald Trump, for inspiring people to start thinking . . . and talking. But, more than that, thank you for loving this country. Thank you for your courage, tenacity, and conviction.

God bless Donald Trump, and God bless the United States.

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Day 45: I’M Not the Racist

Thursday March 7, 2019

Lows in the high teens this morning. Hard to believe that Spring is only twelve days away. Decided to wear my red, white and blue wool hat with ear flaps, then switch to my navy blue MAGA hat after I boarded the ferry to Manhattan. Not in the mood for drama.

Once aboard the ferry, I was comfortably ensconced in a quiet section on the lower deck, minding  own business, working on my laptop, when I heard someone say something . . . . it sounded like “mumble mumble rayciss hat . . . mumble mumble.”

I looked up and saw a black guy parking his bicycle one row away from me. He was wearing a balaclava because of the cold weather. He kept looking at me and mumbling but I couldn’t understand what he was saying, so I said, “I can’t hear what you’re saying because of your mask.”

He removed his baclava and called me a racist for wearing a MAGA hat. I told him that I’m not a racist. He replied, “you’re a racist if you’re wearing that hat.” Then I said, “No, you’re the racist.”

And then he played his hand: “you’re right, I don’t like white people who wear that hat.”


I said, “It’s obvious you don’t like white people, period. You’re the racist.” Then I got up and moved to an upper deck and continued working.

I’m guessing the Staten Island Ferry policemen know me by sight at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have orders to key an eye on me, if only for my own protection. As I’ve said before, I love the Staten Island ferry policemen. If not for them, the ferries would turn into anarchic toilets.

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Day 46: MAGA For All and All For MAGA

Friday March 8, 2019

I toyed with the idea of not wearing a MAGA hat on the Staten Island Ferry this morning, out of respect for the people who just want to have a peaceful ride to and from the City . . . and not be “assaulted” by a hat.

But, what about me? Should I sacrifice my First Amendment rights because a bunch of snowflakes and nutcases may get upset by a hat that says, “Make America Great Again?”

Of course not; it’s ludicrous even to consider doing that. My ancestors fought to defend liberty here and abroad—some of them fought in the Revolution—and I’m considering not wearing a hat that says “Make America Great Again” because it might offend someone?

Puhlease. I’ll continue wearing it on the ferry—and everywhere else—but I will try to ignore any rude comments on the ferry from now on. If anyone insults me or curses at me, I’ll just ignore them and move to another seat.

And maybe a few of those snowflakes, crazies and haters who see my hat will start thinking and questioning, instead of believing the lies the leftwing media propagandists keep spinning. After all, the phrase “Make America Great Again” transcends Trump. All Americans should embrace MAGA.

Speaking of snowflakes, it seems that some Trump supporters have been wavering because of Lou Dobbs’ attack on Trump the other day for wanting to bring in more legal immigrants, and for possibly caving on the Wall.

I’m not getting into a lather about it. I respect Dobbs a lot, and I understand—and share—his frustration, but I think maybe he went a little overboard. But that’s ok; no harm in holding Trump’s feet to the fire now and then. And, if you’re fired up, then you should fire off some letters to the President and your Congress Critters.

Keep in mind, however, that Trump has been up against the entire Washington deep-state swamp, most of the media, all of academia, and much of the population of the United States.

One other thing to keep in mind: Clinton.

So, while you’re composing your carefully worded letters of complaint to the POTUS and your Congress Critters, you may also want to send off a few prayers of thanks to God.

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Day 47: And Our Flag Was Still There

Saturday, March 9, 2019

A beautiful sunny day in New York today; temps in the 40s. Despite the remnants of snow and ice from Sunday’s snowstorm, spring is in the air. Only ten more days until the equinox.

Decided to make the trek to Ft. Tilden to check on my gardens. Wore my blue MAGA hat on the Staten Island ferry (no incidents), then walked over to Pier 11 to catch the NYC ferry to Rockaway. A line of hipsters was already waiting to board. It’s not even Spring and they’re already massing for their annual invasion.

Oh well, I resolve to make the best of it. They are the future, so we must try very hard to bring the brainwashed ones into the sane world. Through no fault of their own, their minds were kidnapped by the leftwing schools and media. Now we must try to deprogram them.

I am suddenly envisioning some MAGA hat outreach activities at Ft. Tilden this summer, perhaps incorporating the American flag I painted in  2011 to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the attacks by Islamic terrorists on the United States. The flag is highly visible from the beach as well as from the numerous helicopters and low-flying planes that ply the southern coast of Long Island.

Sadly, the flag has been defaced numerous times by America-haters and ill-bred kids. Thanks, Democrats / “Progressives” / Socialists. After each desecration, I’ve repainted the flag. If I don’t do it, no one will. (Note to graffiti “artists”: you’re not artists, you’re vandals.)

I’m eager to see how my flag is holding up. Is it even still there? National Park Service employees periodically paint over the graffiti on the various structures in the park, but so far, they have not painted over the flag.

Every time I’ve been away from Tilden for a stretch of time, I approach the flag with a sense of foreboding, steeling myself for the possibility of new graffiti. Today I discovered to my dismay that the flag had been defaced again:

Repainting the stripes will be easy; I used a roller brush to paint them. The stars will be much harder to fix because I painted them by hand with an artist’s brush. I hadn’t even finished repainting the stars from the last time it was vandalized a year ago.

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Sunday March 10, 2019

Journeyed into Manhattan today to get a haircut. Didn’t wear a MAGA hat on the ferry because my hair was still damp from having washed it before leaving, and I didn’t want to show up at the barber shop with a “permanent wave” created by my hat. My barber is talented and conscientious, so I try to make things easy for him.

I did, however, wear my brown MAGA hat for several hours after my hair had dried while running errands before my haircut appointment. After my haircut, I didn’t wear the hat because I didn’t want millions of tiny itchy pieces of hair to get lodged inside the hat.

Not wearing the hat on the ferry was a pleasant change because I didn’t have to worry about how people would react. I was able to resume interacting with people as just one human to another, without people getting into an “us vs. them” mentality.

It’s unfortunate that some people have been so brainwashed that they automatically think “racist!” when they see a MAGA hat. My intention is not to upset people, but to show my support for the Covington kids, and to show my support for freedom of thought and freedom of speech. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of that so far, having worn a MAGA hat in New York for 48 consecutive days.

It does disturb me, though, that so many people misinterpret my intentions, and I hate the fact that people’s misunderstanding of the hat creates such a wall.

Nevertheless, I will not stop wearing a MAGA hat. I will not prostrate myself before the brainwashed, totalitarian, leftwing thought-Nazis. I will never bow to them.

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Day 49: Park Sloppe Feminazi Freakout

Monday, March 11, 2019

Wore my brown faux-suede MAGA hat today on the Staten Island ferry, and then on the R train into Brooklyn, all the while ignoring everyone and minding my own business.

When the train stopped at Union Street in Park Sloppe, an unhinged Social Justice Warrior yelled “your hat is racist, and I find you offensive!” as she scurried past me like a frightened rat while exiting the train. She was a wizened, tense 40-something woman. The true source of her anger was obviously the fact that the closest thing to a romantic encounter she’s ever experienced was when one of the numerous cats she undoubtedly lives with tried to knead her nether regions.

Where on earth did people get the bizarre, utterly false idea that MAGA hats are racist?? Obviously, from the leftwing media propagandists, with CNN and NPR leading the way. In New York, the libtards also reinforce their brainwashing by genuflecting before the local trinity of leftwing propaganda rags: NY Times, the New Yorker, and New York magazine.

The self-imposed ignorance of the Left is astonishing. When I was in elementary school, we learned to ask the five fundamental questions: “who, what, when, where and why?” Eight-year-olds back then knew more about gathering facts and making informed decisions than many Americans and New Yorkers nowadays.

It’s sad and truly pathetic that so many Americans have been turned into brainwashed snowflakes. Too bad. I will not tolerate being told by the PC Thought Police what I may and may not wear, think, or say . . . or write.

Speaking of which, Amazon Leviathon has banned Tommy Robinson’s book, Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill for Islam.

Banned. Literally, banned. They won’t sell it:

Meanwhile, Leviathon continues to proudly sell Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

Anyone with a brain and a soul should be boycotting Amazon Leviathon. Everyone else should start lining up to have your chips implanted.

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Day 50: Sweet Labs and Ferry Guards

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

One week until Spring, seven days and counting:

Spring 2019

Wore my caramel-brown MAGA hat on the ferry today, highly visible but not as incendiary as the red one . . . plus, it blended well with my brown slacks and navy jacket.

Last night on my way home as I was entering the waiting room at the Staten Island ferry terminal, I stopped to let one of the bomb-sniffing Labs sniff my shopping bag and briefcase. Those dogs are so adorable and sweet that I always stop to let them sniff, even if I’m only carrying a briefcase.

There were three guys and two dogs. One of the guys asked, referring to my hat, “I didn’t know they came in brown; where’d you get it?”

“Trump Tower,” I replied, “gift shop on the ground floor.”

They nodded appreciatively.

“They sell any other colors?”

I nodded and said, “blue, white, camouflage, pale blue, pink . . .. “

One of the guys said, “Don’t get blue, New York is a blue state.”

We all laughed.

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Day 51: MAGA Hats and the First Amendment

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Today was a pleasant, invigorating late-winter day in New York City, on this my 51st continuous day of wearing a MAGA hat in public to show my support for the Covington boys. Couldn’t decide which hat to wear this morning, but after thinking about how the Covington boys were so viciously slandered by the Leftwing media propagandists and their Brownshirt followers, I opted for the impossible-to-miss red hat.

As I’ve written in earlier posts, I wear a MAGA hat also to show my support for Donald Trump (of course), and in solidarity with people everywhere who revere freedom, especially the millions of our fellow humans who live under brutal, totalitarian regimes.

I also wear a MAGA hat to support the Constitution of the United States, which the leftwing media propagandists and the Democrat-Socialist-“Progressive” America-haters have ironically been using to undermine the Constitution.

A simple google search will yield millions of hits about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but the First Amendment to the Constitution cannot be published too often:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

I presume that the people who were staring daggers at me today because of my hat have never read the Constitution. Not surprising, given the superb education brainwashing that students receive in America’s schools and colleges indoctrination centers.

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Day 52: CNN Hit With $275 Million Lawsuit!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

So much has been happening in the news lately that it’s hard to keep up. The big news, for me, is that Nicholas Sandmann’s lawyers hit CNN with a $275 million lawsuit on Tuesday. My wishful prognostication of a $2 billion lawsuit was off just a wee bit, but a quarter billion isn’t exactly pocket change.

Can’t wait to see who’s slapped next.

It’s a splendid day in New York today, highs in the 50s. Spring is in the air and the ocean is calling. I usually take my first swim of the year in April, but if this mild weather continues I may take my first swim in March. Actually, it’ll be less of a swim and more of a quick plunge while screaming at the top of my lungs . . . which makes it all the more fun.

I was in a mellow mood this morning so opted to wear my navy blue MAGA hat. It may be more subtle than the red one, but it is noticeable, especially given my height.

As I exited the ferry after arriving in Manhattan, one of the dock hands smiled at me and said, “Nice hat.” He made a beautiful day even better. Those guys are salt of the earth, just like the guy at Trader Joe’s who I wrote about on Day 9. After work today, I stopped at the same Trader Joe’s and ran into the same guy. Sometimes New York feels like a huge village.

While riding the subway from Brooklyn to lower Manhattan to catch the ferry to Staten Island, no one seemed to be noticing my hat. I don’t know if people are getting used to seeing random MAGA hats or if I’ve unconsciously learned how to activate an invisibility cloak. Or maybe my mellow mood was influencing people somehow. Or maybe all the people who were so riled up by the “attack” on JussTawana Brawley-Smollett are feeling a little chastened these days. I don’t know.

On the ferry to Staten Island, I noticed a few people staring but most people seemed completely blasé . . . until a guy talking a mile a minute on his phone sat down next to me.  I tuned him out at first but then my curiosity got the better of me, so I glanced over to see who the heck it was. Ah. A lively young Italian. He pointed at my hat and gave me a big thumbs up without breaking the rhythm of his conversation.

Another salt of the earth New Yorker. There are many more of them than I had realized.

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Day 53: Not Everyone in New York Is Insane

Friday, March 15, 2019

While riding the N train into Manhattan today, I noticed a 30-something Social Justice Warrior-type staring at my hat. It wasn’t a shaming stare exactly, but on the cusp of disapproval and shaming. I glanced at him disinterestedly, as people do on the subways, as if nothing was out of the ordinary, and then returned to my thoughts.

For that moment, I had achieved Normal Land Nirvana in one of the most abnormal places on Earth: New York City. The brainwashed “social justice warriors,” socialists, Democrats, heathens, haters, and racists (but I repeat myself) had faded into irrelevancy, now appearing to me almost as mere holographic comic book characters.

In the past 53 days while wearing a MAGA hat in New York, I’ve often had to pretend to ignore the schmucks who’ve tried to shame me into submission for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. Today, it wasn’t an act.

The people in New York who seem real to me now are the down-to-earth, intelligent, grounded, polite, common-sense, salt of the earth people . . . of which there are legions. Some of these people may still be learning and evolving politically, but the important thing is that their minds are open, and they are paying attention.

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Day 54: MAGA Hats, ESP, Brute Force, and Freedom

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Someone asked me recently if anything interesting had happened to me lately while wearing my MAGA hat in public. I wasn’t sure how to answer because, on the surface, the answer was “not really, just the usual glares and stares.”

We were in a crowded, noisy bar and I didn’t feel like shouting above the din trying to discuss the unseen world that exists all around us: the ethereal world of people’s thoughts and feelings.

Most people would agree that there’s a telepathic or intuitive component in the way people communicate. Proof of this is the way people can “feel” or sense when someone is looking at them. We used to play a game in junior high school during lulls in classroom assignments when we would stare at someone to see how long it would take for that person to turn around. The person who was being stared at always turned around, and the winner of the game was the first person he turned around to look at.

How many times have you instinctively glanced up from what you were doing to discover that someone was looking at you? It happens to me all the time, even when I’m not wearing a MAGA hat. Now, so many people stare at me because of the Hat that it sometimes feels like I’m in an ESP research lab . . . or insane asylum.

I’ve learned that the first rule of wearing a MAGA hat in public is to wear it with confidence, without a shred of trepidation, even if this sometimes requires a bit of Oscar-worthy acting. People pick up on other people’s “vibes.” They’re quick to sense fear, the way dogs sense fear. If people sense that you mean business, then they’ll probably leave you alone.

I hope they also realize—in some way, by ESP, intuition, or divine subconscious knowledge—that messing with my freedom will incur the wrath of God.

But bullies and Leftists are not subtle creatures. They are only interested in one thing: subjugating people by intimidation, lies, and brute force. Leftists, by definition, are totalitarians. They know that logic will not convince people to willingly give up their freedoms, which is why Leftists and their media lapdogs lie with such ease and abandon. Hillary Clinton, that ardent disciple of Saul Alinsky, is a perfect example of this.

Leftists always resort to lies, brute force, and violence when they impose socialism/ communism on the masses:  Mao Zedong, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Josip Tito, Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot, Nicolae Ceausescu, Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro.

The communist puppet Barack Hussein Obama would be on this list if not for the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. The first thing every communist dictator has ever done has been to disarm the population.

The Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were doing.

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Day 55: Saint Patrick’s Day

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! New Yorkers and people everywhere are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this weekend.

Thanks St. Pat, for bringing Christianity to Ireland. This weekend I tip my green MAGA hat to you, and to Irish people everywhere.

God Bless the Irish!

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Day 56: BLEXIT! Leaving the Government Plantation

Monday, March 18, 2019

Grover Cleveland’s birthday today (b. March 18, 1837; d. June 24, 1908).

Happy Birthday, Grover! If you were alive today, I’m sure you would be wearing a MAGA hat.

Nothing out of the ordinary to report about reactions to the blue MAGA hat I wore today, but I did see a teenage girl (with brown skin pigmentation, but who cares?) at the Jay St. subway station in Brooklyn wearing a bright red hat . . . with no writing, however. My hunch is that she was making a subtle MAGA patriotic fashion statement. Maybe she didn’t want to wear a full-blown MAGA hat in order to avoid the inevitable shaming . . . or worse.

Maybe I’m imagining things about her hat, but the Blexit movement is real. . . and potent. I would have asked her about the hat, but we were both in a hurry.

If you don’t know about the Blexit movement, it’s not surprising because the leftwing DemocRat media propagandists have been studiously ignoring it. Mustn’t give ideas to the “folks” (as Mr. Soetoro called them) still trapped on the Big Government Democrat Slave Plantation.


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Day 57: Saint Blotto de Psycho

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

On the ferry today, while wearing my blue MAGA hat, I looked up and saw a thuggish young man staring at me with a feral, malevolent expression. I locked eyes with him and stared him down.

His expression reminded me of the mug shot of the Irish-American politician Robert Francis “Blotto” O’Rourke, taken on September 27, 1998 after he was arrested for drunk driving:

Witnesses said he was speeding in his Volvo (of course it would be a Volvo), then plowed into a truck and tried to flee the scene of the crime.

Hmm. Am trying to think of who that reminds me of. Ohh yes. Chappaquiddick “Lyin’ of the Senate” Ted. Had too much to drink, lost control of his car, plowed into a body of water, left his passenger to drown, and then repeatedly lied about it.

Two sociopathic Democrat peas in a pod.

And now it’s come out that the leftwing propaganda “news agency” Reuters sat on a bombshell story about Robert Francis until after his senate race against Ted Cruz in 2018. Turns out that Saint Francis was a member of the hacker group “Cult of the Dead Cow” in the late 1980s.

Reuters reported on March 15, 2019 that St. Francis “stole long-distance phone service to participate in electronic discussions” and that members of the hacking group routinely hacked into computers and “became famous for releasing tools that allowed ordinary computer users to hijack other people’s machines.”

Reuters also revealed that O’Rourke “wrote online essays under the pseudonym “Psychedelic Warlord,” one of which was a “short piece of fiction from a killer’s point of view.”

Here’s that “short piece of fiction” in its entirety:

“One day, as I was driving home from work, I noticed two children crossing the street. They were happy, happy to be free from their troubles…. This happiness was mine by right. I had earned it in my dreams.

“As I neared the young ones, I put all my weight on my right foot, keeping the accelerator pedal on the floor until I heard the crashing of the two children on the hood, and then the sharp cry of pain from one of the two. I was so fascinated for a moment, that when after I had stopped my vehicle, I just sat in a daze, sweet visions filling my head.”


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Day 58: Spring, Rebirth, and Liberty

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Spring is here, hallelujah! To celebrate the rebirth of the plant kingdom, I’m wearing my camouflage MAGA hat today.

I’m also celebrating our country’s rebirth after its century-long descent into the darkness of “progressivism” and totalitarianism, which went into warp speed under the communist puppet Obama.

Thank God for Donald Trump and the wise Americans who voted for him. People are waking up and standing up for what is right and good. The wheels are coming off the DemonRat party as it heads over the cliff of leftwing extremism. Reasonable Democrats are realizing that the Democratic party today no longer represents them: that it harbors contempt for America, common decency, and the rule of law; that it supports open borders, infanticide, anti-Semitism, and authoritarian socialism.

President John F. Kennedy would be branded a “right-wing extremist” and a “white nationalist” by today’s Democratic Party.

When I painted some patriotic folk-art graffiti on one of the structures at Ft. Tilden seven years ago during Barry Soetoro’s reign of error, I had several motives in mind. One was pure patriotism; to show my support for my country. Another was to stand up to the depredations of the leftwing extremists and totalitarians, both foreign and domestic.

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Day 59: Bach’s Birthday!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Today is the first full day of spring and the birthday of one of the world’s greatest musical geniuses: Johann Sebastian Bach. If I had to spend the rest of my life on a spaceship heading into outer space and could only take with me the oeuvre of just one composer, I would choose Bach . . . as heartrending as it would be to leave behind Handel, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Rachmaninoff and all of the others in the pantheon.

That men of such unfathomable genius existed proves to me the existence of God, so it is fitting that Bach’s Orgelbüchlein will be performed this evening by the organ virtuoso and music historian Raymond Nagem on the Great Organ at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.

It’s a rainy, dreary day in New York today, so the prospect of hearing the Orgelbüchlein is cheering. Hopefully it will banish today’s dreariness, which was made worse this morning by an encounter I had with a Trump-hating woman while waiting for the ferry. When she saw my blue MAGA hat, she had a mild hissy fit, letting loose with a string of ad hominem attacks on Trump, calling him hateful, stupid, inarticulate, an embarrassment, a disgrace who has done terrible damage to the country.

I replied, “That’s interesting; I’ve heard him speak many times and he sounds very intelligent to me, even though he does speak in shorthand sometimes. So, which of his policies do you specifically disagree with?” I should have known better than to try to have a rational discussion with such a person.

Her response was to become even more muddled and inarticulate (the irony). I calmly asked again, “But what is it, exactly, that Trump has done that you disagree with? Which policies and goals?”

She was incapable or unwilling to have a rational conversation, and merely continued to sputter insults at Trump.

Typical Democrat: irrational, uninformed, brainwashed, hyper-emotional, inarticulate, narrow-minded, and rude.


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Day 60: Stunted Minds on the Upper West Side

Friday, March 22, 2019

I wore my blue MAGA hat last night while taking the long subway ride to and from the Upper West Side to hear Raymond Nagem perform Bach’s Orgelbüchlein at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. The train was standing room only when I boarded . . . which meant that my hat was highly visible because I’m taller than most people.

The only people I noticed who were shooting mocking glances at me were some middle-aged men . . . and those guys were scary, not in a threatening sense but because their minds were so atrophied and warped. It’s scary when one is trapped in close quarters with people who have lost the ability to think.

I didn’t notice any nasty stares from women, but that’s probably because women are statistically shorter than men, so they were harder to see. Not that I was even looking; I was just a typical straphanger (who happened to be wearing a MAGA hat), lost in thought, staring out the window, occasionally glancing around. The only reason I noticed the guys who were trying to shame me was because they were facing me and were a bit taller than the rest of the crowd.

Maybe some of the women were trying to shame me, but I’ve noticed lately that more women seem to be reacting to my MAGA hat now by trying to tune me out instead of overtly trying to shame me.

I don’t know why this is so. One theory I have is that everyone knows by now that, 1) Jusstawana Smellit was not attacked by MAGA hat-wearing thugs, and 2) the Covington boys did not taunt that vile, lying American Indian agitator. Therefore, some people’s perceptions of MAGA hats may have changed a bit, and fewer people may be having negative knee-jerk reactions.

Some of them. There are still plenty of brainwashed, uninformed, ignorant, narrow-minded, intolerant Democrats / leftists / “progressives” in New York. “Plenty,” as in millions.

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Day 61: Mueller and the REAL Collusion

Saturday March 23, 2019

So, Mewlie Mewler, the Creature from the Deep Swamp Lagoon, dumped his nothing burger on Friday afternoon, the end of the news cycle when people dump their stories if they want them to disappear.

Not to worry, the witch hunt continues, as the omniscient Ace—at Ace of Spades HQ—has been writing about. Slimy Soros and Meathead Reiner are funding a sleaze factory that gins up lies about Trump’s “collusion,” which they send out regularly to all the fake news media propagandists who then shoot it up like heroin and broadcast it as absolute gospel, which the brainwashed leftwingers lap up like feral cats devouring canned tuna. Tucker Carlson has also been reporting on this.

Seems to me that spreading lies like this is libelous, therefore illegal. Certainly immoral.

But the leftists keep doing it, have been doing it for decades, because they’ve been able to get away with it. Until the communist puppet Obama’s destructive reign of error, most people were not paying attention, only a tiny group of political cognoscenti.

Since Obama, more people have been paying attention, but those who I would call the political cognoscenti—i.e., those of us who want to know the truth and who make a serious effort to inform ourselves—are still a small percentage of the population.

Last night on the ferry I was chatting with a couple from Michigan. The woman told me her husband drives a tractor trailer truck for a living, he had to take a load to New York, she rode along, and they spent a day sightseeing in New York. Barry Soetoro mockingly referred to people like them as “bitter clingers.” Hitlery KKKlinton called them “deplorables” (and she still doesn’t know why she lost).

Even though these fine, salt-of-the-earth Americans liked my MAGA hat and confided that they voted for Trump, I would not say they’re members of the political cognoscenti, not yet anyway.

Why do I say that? Because they were shocked to learn that—thanks to the Democrats in this state—infanticide is now legal in New York. They did not know that delivering a perfectly healthy baby and then murdering it is now LEGAL in New York.

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Day 62: HA HA!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

A beautiful spring day in New York today, highs in the 50s. Wore my brown MAGA hat all over the place: on the ferry; around lower Manhattan while helping a flock of lost Chinese tourists find the World Trade Center (I took them past the site on Wall Street where George Washington was sworn in); in Chelsea to stroll through the flea market; then down Sixth Ave; then across 8th Street in the West Village; then on the subway to the ferry.

Nothing to report, really, about reactions to my hat. Is it possible that people are waking up?  Or maybe people were in shock and dismay about Robert “Creature from the Deep Swamp Lagoon” Mewler’s nothing-burger report.

The following item perfectly expresses my thoughts about people’s shock and dismay, posted by “Krakatoa” at Ace of Spades HQ on Saturday:



I’m also posting the following cartoon because it graphically depicts what I thought might happen to me when I first started wearing a MAGA hat in New York City 62 days ago. You may recall the violent anti-Trump mobs around the country who were physically attacking Trump supporters during and after the 2016 election.  Unfortunately, I don’t know who created the cartoon, nor do I remember where I found it.


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Day 63: MAGA On the A Train

Monday, March 26, 2019

Wore my blue MAGA hat on the ferry this morning. Nothing to report other than a few rude stares from some tattooed, pierced, apparently drugged-up larval humans. Nancy Reagan was right. Just say no.

Speaking of messed-up, after work I took a long ride on the A train in Queens, which apparently goes past a lot of ghettos and housing “projects.” Not only was I one of the few white people on the train, I was the only person wearing a MAGA hat. I got a lot of stares, but mostly what seemed to be out of curiosity, as in “what is this strange, exotic creature in our midst?”

 A few guys looked at me as if they were disappointed in me, but nothing like the intense shaming stares the white SJWs give me in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

However, one twenty-something husky black racist standing against the doors radiated hostility when I moved over to the doors to get ready to exit the car (I guess he didn’t get the memo about Jusstawana’s hoax). The car was crowded, so I had to stand directly in front of him. He was wearing a hoodie that said “F**k the ___,” which piqued my curiosity, so I stared for a moment trying to make out the last word (“pigs” if I had to guess). Then I looked up and quietly said “hi” as the doors slid open. He continued to radiate hostility as he moved a couple of millimeters to let me pass.

Thanks, Lyndon Johnson, for your “Great Society.” You and your accomplices should burn in Hell for what you’ve done to our country.

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Day 64: Apologies to Trump

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Sharyl Attkisson wrote a profoundly intelligent and highly principled apology to Trump, which was published in “The Hill” yesterday.

Attkisson is not, however, apologizing for any ineptitude on her part, but instead for the stunning malfeasance exhibited by the fake-news anti-Trump media propagandists over the past several years.

Attkisson’s noble apology for her colleagues is a civilized but scathing assessment of the dismal state of what is laughingly called journalism today. Attkisson’s apology is what the lying journalists propagandists should be saying, but we all know that they will never apologize for their deranged hatred for Trump. In fact, Rachel Madclown and all the rest are doubling down and spinning even crazier theories and lies. May they all rot in Hell.

I am wearing my bright red, in-your-face, Red State MAGA hat today.


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Day 65: Gay Fascism in New York

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Gay fascism is alive and well in “liberal, open-minded” New York City.

Brandon Straka, who created the Walkaway Campaign, organized a forum that was to be held this evening at the gay center in Manhattan (officially known as The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center).


The event was cancelled, however, because of pressure from the usual gaggle of low-IQ, perpetually offended, crybaby snowflakes.

Wait. I thought liberals and gays were proponents and defenders of “diversity, tolerance and acceptance.” Hah!

The fact that the “open-minded” Gay Center cancelled a forum to explain Straka’s Walkaway campaign tells you all you need to know about gay bigotry in New York.

Here’s an excerpt from the Orwellian statement issued by the Gay Center:

“Upon further review and consideration, The Center has cancelled the March 28 Walk Away event. We strongly oppose censorship and fully stand by our commitment to free speech, but as our space use policy states, we reserve the right to cancel any event that promotes discriminatory speech or bigotry; negatively impacts other groups or individuals that use The Center.”

What a pathetic bunch of fascist hypocrites.

I wore my red MAGA hat today with a vengeance, as a big, fat middle finger to the totalitarian, leftwing, America-hating bigots and morons in this country: Jussie Smllett, Kim Foxx, Tina Tchen, Mr. & Mr(s). Barry Soetoro, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary KKKlinton, George Soros, John Brennan, Adam Schiff, Rachel Madclown, Keith Olbermann, Don Lemon, Kathy Griffin, Joe Scarborough, Bill Maher, Alyssa Milano, Alec Baldwin, Paul Krugman, Jerry Nadler, Bill Kristol, Andrew Cuomo, etc., etc., etc.

If only they could be uploaded to their own planet . . . a planet named Hell.

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Day 66: Hat Crimes

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Wore my red MAGA hat today on the F train to and from work and noticed quite a few hateful stares directed at me from brainwashed pinheads, as well as incredulous stares from people who were apparently flabbergasted to see someone wearing – gasp – a “Make America Great Again” hat.

I was not in the mood to deal with any stares, so I simply tuned out everyone and immersed myself in catching up on the news, mainly via Ace of Spades HQ.

As I have so little to report today in the way of MAGA hat adventures, I’ll share a trenchant video about leftwing fascism and MAGA hats that I came across the other day:

Hat Crimes- Why The Media Is Vilifying The MAGA Hat.




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Day 67: Hitler Learns Mueller Investigation is Over

Friday, March 29, 2019

I wore my red MAGA hat in Manhattan and Brooklyn today, not just to show my support for the Covington boys (specifically Nicholas Sandmann), but also to show my support for Donald Trump and everyone who voted for him.

I also wore my in-your-face red MAGA hat to celebrate the complete and utter collapse of the lying leftwing Democrat – Socialist – New World Order media propagandists. Don’t R. I. P., you vile scum; go fling yourselves into the dung heap of villainy.



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Day 68: Clinton, Obama and the REAL Collusion

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Wore my brown MAGA hat today on the long ride out to Rockaway to check on my garden. Not much to report, other than the fact that my gardening buddies who were there either liked the hat or, if not, weren’t offended or triggered by it. One person asked if I had another one because he wanted to wear it. Most of the people who live in the westerly region of the peninsula wouldn’t dream of calling you a “right-wing extremist” if you fly a flag . . . or wear a MAGA hat. In fact, flying an American flag is the norm out there.

Speaking of patriots, those of us who have been paying attention knew all along that 1) there was no collusion between Trump and Russia, and 2) Hillary Clinton—with the help of a tangled nest of snakes in the Deep State—created fake dossiers in order to discredit Trump before the election, and later in a failed coup to unseat a legitimately elected president.

Of course, you’ll never hear about this on the “mainstream” leftwing-Democrat–Socialist–New World Order propaganda outlets: CNN, MSLSD, NPR, NY Slimes, Washington Compost and all the rest.

So, I’m posting two excellent items that sum up the whole convoluted mess. The first is a short blog post by Steve Tobak, which hits all the main points:

The Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax and the Mysterious Steele Dossier

The other item is a speech given by Dan Bongino  at the David Horowitz Freedom Center Restoration Weekend, held Nov. 15-18, 2018 at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. The speech was posted on RealClearPolitics on November 25, 2018. It’s 36 minutes long, but a must-watch:

Dan Bongino on Spygate: Obama, Mueller & The Biggest Spy Scandal In American History


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Sunday, March 31, 2019

A windy, drizzly day in New York, a perfect complement to the unsettled mood here among the libtards and deranged leftists who are clinging to their deluded belief that Trump colluded with the Russians. To cheer up the dreary mood, I will wear a bright red MAGA hat as I am out and about in New York today.

As everyone with a brain knew all along, the REAL collusion was among Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, the Deep State and the Leftwing media propagandists. The real journalists have been reporting the facts all along.

We also knew about Hillary’s manifold lies, her secret email servers, her destruction of emails and cell phones, her corrupt pay-for-play “foundation,” her collusion with Russia to give them our uranium.

The leftwing media propagandists investigated none of this.

Now that Trump has been exonerated, it is time for Congress to investigate the real treason in this country.

 “Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) told Breitbart News exclusively on Tuesday that President Donald Trump told senators at the weekly GOP luncheon that he backs his call for an investigation into the origins of the Russia scandal ‘hoax’ that Trump has now been cleared of by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.”


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Day 70: April Fools and Donkey Chompers

Monday, April 1, 2019

April Fool’s Day. It was a fine, sunny day in New York—brisk but beautiful and I didn’t feel like dealing with the stress and anger my red MAGA hat sometimes generates, so I wore my less obtrusive brown MAGA hat.

Last night I wore my red MAGA hat on the 4 train up and down the east side of Manhattan between Fulton Street and Grand Central Station, and also wore it in the neighborhood east of Grand Central.

Lots of people saw my hat and some were “triggered” (I could tell from the muttering conversations I overheard in which the word “hat” figured prominently). As I didn’t feel like dealing with any irrational, hyper-emotional people, I glued my eyes to my cell phone and pretended they didn’t exist. That’s what people do on the subways anyway.

However, I couldn’t block out everyone. While I was waiting at the subway station at Grand Central, a nicely dressed young black woman came up to me and asked disapprovingly, “Why are you wearing that hat?”

I replied calmly and matter-of-factly, “Because I support President Trump,” then added quietly as an afterthought, “it’s not racist.” She did not deign to reply, but merely slithered away. If only she—and others like her—would walk away from the Democrat Big Government Slave Plantation. They’d be happier; the whole country would be happier.

Speaking of April Fools, Alexandria Occasional Cortex, a.k.a. Donkey Chompers, comes to mind. As famous as she is, it’s amazing how many people still don’t know the truth about her past and how she was selected by a cabal of far-left socialists to run against Joseph Crowley in New York’s 14th Congressional District primary last summer.

Amazing, but not surprising, given the fact that the leftwing socialist democrat “progressive” new-world-order media propagandists have not reported one single word about the puppet masters behind Ms. Chompers: a group called “Justice Democrats.”

So, banish thy ignorance and watch the video. The truth shall set you free.



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Tuesday April 2, 2019

Am wearing my brown MAGA hat again today because I was up late last night, and my moxie level is a bit low today. Don’t have the energy to deal with a bunch of rude, brainwashed, intolerant New Yorkers’ reactions to my red hat.

While surfing the web last night I came across an ad for the new movie “Unplanned,” which is based upon a true story. Someone had told me about the movie just the other night, so I watched the trailer. When the trailer ended, a slew of related videos popped up. I randomly clicked on one because I liked the title of the vid: “Abby Johnson Destroys Abortion Arguments at Hearing.”

Turns out Amy Johnson’s experiences as the director of a Planned Parenthood facility are what “Unplanned” is based on. I was up until 4 am watching her videos. I could not stop watching.

You know the famous painting by Edvard Munch, “The Scream”? That was me, hands to face in horror, but laughing in between tears because Johnson is so gifted, funny and human.

She takes the phrase “speaking truth to power” to uncharted heights, into another galaxy. See for yourself:



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Day 72: EXODUS

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

So much to be thankful for (Trump!) . . . and so much to be angry about. The Democrat-Socialist insanity continues unabated while millions of normal Americans go about their lives only dimly aware of the depth of the leftwing madness. I understand that most people who live in Normal Land (i.e., not New York, Washington, Shitcago, Detroit, Baltimore, Cleveland, St. Louis, San Francisco, Los Angeles and the other democrat-run crapholes) are too busy working, living their lives, and enjoying the blessings of this country to have the time or inclination to peer too deeply into the depravity of the “progressives.”

So, I wonder, why the hell am I still in New York City? Everyone else is fleeing. New York has the highest rate of out-migration of any state in the Union. Everyone else is having their “exits” from totalitarian madness: Brexit (I hope and pray they go through with it); Blexit (blacks fleeing the Democrat Plantation); Jexit (Jews leaving the anti-Semitism of the Democrats); Frexit, Nexit, and Gexit (France, the Netherlands and Germany are showing signs of waking up); Grexit (Greeks considering leaving the EU); Glexit (Gays, etc. fleeing the Democrat party); and now “NYexit” (New Yorkers fleeing New York’s “progressive” insanity).

By the way, I’m not advocating that people should leave New York; I’m just pointing out the fact that people are leaving in droves because the Democrats and unions (I repeat myself) have turned New York into an extremely expensive, horribly run Democrat– “progressive” quagmire. One example: 800,000 people in New York City reside in public housing (that’s the population of Milwaukee). And who is paying for that? Hint: the t_xpayers.

Don’t get me wrong; I know there are hundreds of thousands of sane New Yorkers out there, but most of them aren’t doing anything to try to change things. They’re paying attention, they know that Cuomo and de Bolshevik are evil snakes, they know that New York is the most corrupt state in the union, the most regulated and the most taxed. Which is why they’re fleeing. I just wish they would leave their Democrat ID cards behind when they make their exit. As I’ve mentioned before, North Carolina (my home state) used to be solid red; now it’s purple, thanks to the invaders from up North.

On the bright side, even though New York is a lost cause (if New Yorkers don’t wake up and stop voting for the Dims, which seems unlikely), our country is not a lost cause. We may have a long row to hoe, and we’ll be cleaning up the socialist-“progressive” mess for the rest of our lives, but that is simply the reality of the situation. We can either work to rebuild our country—to make it great again—or we can sit back and do nothing.

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Day 73: Sun Tzu MAGA

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Tried something new today. Wore my brown MAGA hat on the ferry, then switched to a red baseball cap when I got onto the subway. It looks like a MAGA hat from a distance, but it says “NY” on the front. I hope it faked out at least a few people.

I’ve been hunting lately for a plain red baseball cap but haven’t yet found one. I know I could just order one online but it’s fun to explore different neighborhoods and poke my head into various shops, especially when I’m wearing an actual MAGA hat. And I do wear one most of the time when I’m in public, except when I don’t feel like dealing with people’s hostility when I’m trapped in a subway car.

In addition to a plain red hat, I also want to get one like this:



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Day 74: More Leftwing Fascism

Friday, April 5, 2019

Another “tolerant, open-minded” liberal went on a rampage and attacked a senior citizen in a Starbucks in Palo Alto, California yesterday:

“Palo Alto Woman Fired After She Screams At And Doxxes Old Man In MAGA Hat:”


I will be wearing my bright red in-your-face-you-vile-leftwing-fascist-monsters MAGA hat today.


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Day 75: Tartan Day

Saturday, April 6, 2019

It was a gloriously beautiful day in New York City, one of those days when I love living here, despite the socialist- “progressive” insanity that oozes its way into every crevice of the city.

Despite its many problems, New York is still a great city, especially on Tartan Day when people of Scottish descent—of whom I am one—proudly and gloriously celebrate their heritage by parading through New York in full kiltish regalia, bagpipes a-piping amidst joyful camaraderie.

When the parade ended, I attended the after-party at Sony Hall, wearing my blue MAGA hat because I don’t have a Blair tartan MAGA hat . . . yet. Even though I was wearing earplugs, the amplified music from the stage was too painful for my ears, so I left the party and wandered around Times Square because the weather was so fine and gazillions of people were noticing my hat.

I sometimes forget how noticeable my MAGA hat is because I so often tune out people to avoid malevolent stares from brainwashed progs. However, an uplifting incident reminded me of the fact that my hat is a beacon and talisman.

As I crossed 42nd Street, heading south on Sixth Avenue, facing the stream of traffic, a passenger in a pedicab saw my hat and roared at the top of his lungs, “Make America Great Again, brother!”

His shout of solidarity was manna to my soul. Thank you, my patriotic brother, wherever you are. Your support meant more to me than you can possibly know.


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Day 76: Patriotic Immigrants

Sunday, April 7, 2019

New Jersey is not just a giant interstate highway bordered by massive storage tanks. If you leave the highway, you’ll discover a beautiful state with a noble history and fascinating attractions. Today I visited the site above the Hudson River where Alexander Hamilton was mortally wounded during his duel with Aaron Burr on July 11, 1804. My brown MAGA hat drew a few stares, but I was in tourist mode so ignored them.

Afterwards, I admired the large early 20th century houses near Hamilton Park, many with amazing views of Manhattan. Heading north and inland, the neighborhoods became more typical of urban-suburban New York: houses squished together, some with security bars on the windows, but generally well-maintained.

One of the nabes I walked through was Guttenberg, established in 1859 according to the banners flying from lamp posts. I saw no vestiges of its German heritage, however, and few American flags. It seemed to be mostly Hispanic.

While trudging up a steep hill west of Bergenline Ave., I met a woman and man who were chatting on the sidewalk. The woman called out “I love your hat!” so I stopped to talk because they were so happy and surprised to see someone wearing a MAGA hat.

The three of us had a good long chat, and it soon came out that they love Trump and are planning to vote for him again in 2020. Both were extremely plugged in and well informed. They told me things I didn’t know; that the Spanish-speaking tv stations here and elsewhere are basically encouraging people to come to the United States illegally by constantly reporting that anyone who manages to cross the border and claim asylum will be able to stay.

They also told me that many of the people crossing over have no allegiance to this country; that they’ve been taught that this is their country. Sobering, indeed, but I already knew that.

They also warned me to be careful when wearing my hat in that neighborhood, that there are knife-carrying thugs who wouldn’t hesitate to slit my throat. I thanked them for their advice but took it with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, they live there so I paid attention.

Sadly, the man told me that he’s given up hope for the United States. I thought to myself that he’s been cowed by leftist thugs, the same way New Yorkers are afraid to wear a MAGA hat for fear of being attacked by some of the violent leftists who rampaged through the country during and after the 2016 election.

I tried to persuade him that the country is not lost, that it only seems to be lost because New York is so screwed up politically. I mentioned that I have a different perspective because I grew up in a red state, and people in the red states absolutely do not think the country is lost.

Even though he understands that the United States is under attack by global leftwing forces, he hasn’t yet fully grasped the fact that he needs to do more than complain; that he needs to step up to the plate and enlist in the war to save our country.

I realized afterwards that I may have been able to change his pessimistic trajectory with just a few well-chosen words. The next time I’m in a similar situation, I’ll ask—very gently and quietly—“So, you’re not willing to fight for your country?”


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Day 77: Columbia Aroused

Monday, April 8, 2019

Wore my brown MAGA hat again today, but not much to report. I was not in the mood to pay even a molecule of attention to people’s negative reactions to my hat.

I’m still thinking about my visit to Guttenberg on Sunday, and the immigration crisis so I’m posting these political cartoons from the early 20th century. My favorite is “Columbia Aroused At Last.”


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Day 78: The Awakening

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Wore my blue MAGA hat around town while running errands. As usual, hundreds of people saw it, perhaps thousands. I know it’s a candle in the wind, but if it gives even one person a tiny ray of hope or causes even one person to have second thoughts about the Democrat-RINO Big Government Slave Plantation, then it’s worth it.

I know from people’s comments and shout-outs that many people love the hat. This gives me great hope. On a personal level, wearing a MAGA hat is my stand against the totalitarian “progressive” madness in this country. It also symbolizes my constant prayer that more people will wake up and see the truth. From people’s positive reactions, I know that many people have already woken up, and more are waking up every day.


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Day 79: More Anti-MAGA Violence

Wednesday April 10, 2019

On Tuesday a “progressive” leftwing extremist attacked an Hispanic woman who was peacefully waiting in line at a post office in Chula Vista, California.  Why? Because the Hispanic woman was wearing a MAGA hat.

Fortunately, she took cell phone footage of the attacker. She also called the police, but the lunatic coward ran away before the police arrived.

Watch the video  (and that is a woman, by the way, not a football linebacker):

Attacked by a liberal for my hat!

Posted by Paloma for TRUMP on Saturday, April 6, 2019

Many people are to blame for the scourge of leftwing extremism we’re experiencing. One of the worst offenders is the great Democrat statesman racist, hatemonger, sociopath Maxine “Hell Hag” Waters:

You may recall what MadMax infamously screeched about the Tea Party on August 20, 2011:

“This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened. And as far as I’m concerned, the ‘tea party’ can go straight to Hell.

Fast forward to June 23, 2018 when Madmax incited violence against Trump’s cabinet members: “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them!”


Maxhalloween was right about one thing. This is a tough game. We can’t be intimidated. We can’t be frightened.

I’m certainly not intimidated or frightened. What I am is angry, and I will continue to wear a MAGA hat in public in New York City and anywhere else on this planet. “Progressives,” feminazis, social justice warriors, totalitarians, and America-haters be damned.

Go To Hell, Maxine Waters, Barry Soetoro, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Democrats and RINOs, Socialists and Communists, Islamic Fascists, Leftwing media propagandists, Academia, Google and the totalitarian Deep State.

Go To Hell, all who seek to enslave us.


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Day 80: Safe Travels

Thursday, April 11, 2019

It’s a red MAGA hat day today, even though I was feeling a bit under the weather and not very feisty this morning. I started out wearing my blue MAGA hat but when I was waiting for the subway, a guy leaned over and whispered, “aren’t you afraid of being attacked?”

I replied, “No, my ancestors fought and died for this country; the least I can do is wear a MAGA hat. Besides, I’ve been wearing a MAGA hat every day for the past 80 days and I’m still here.”

His answer was, “Well, try wearing a red one. I don’t want to die.”

“But I have a red one with me,” I said while opening my shopping bag to show him. “And a brown one. I switch them around according to where I am.”

The train came and we boarded the same car, but separately. It never ceases to amaze me how so many New Yorkers have been intimidated and cowed by the leftwing zealots.

I gave him a smile and a wink as I got off the train at 23rd street, then quickly put on my red hat. As the train was pulling out, I made sure he would be able to see me, then gave him a salute as the train passed by.

Thanks, brother, for inspiring me to don my red MAGA hat. Safe travels to us both.

Later that day, after work, I wore my brown MAGA hat on the A train from Brooklyn into Manhattan. When the train stopped at West 4th Street, a smiling young guy wearing a blue jacket with red and white stripes on his sleeves sat next to me. I could sense that he wanted to say something. In a few seconds he turned to me and said, “I didn’t know there were any conservatives in New York.” I replied with a grin, “what makes you think I’m a conservative?” We both laughed out loud.

He said he didn’t know MAGA hats came in brown and asked where I got it. “Trump Tower,” I responded and listed the colors sold in the gift shops on the lower level. He said he had a camouflage MAGA hat that he got at a rally.

We chatted a while; he told me he was from Pennsylvania. “The land of bitter clingers,” I joked. He was too young to know what I was talking about, so I briefly explained the provenance of the phrase.

He asked if it was difficult being a conservative in New York. “Yes,” I replied emphatically, “it’s very difficult.”

He had to leave the train at 34th Street, so we shook hands and wished each other a hearty good night.

What a delight to have a random chat with a patriotic stranger, the way people do in Normal Land where people aren’t reluctant or afraid to talk to strangers, the way they are in New York City, especially on the subway.

I kept thinking about that young man and how refreshingly normal he was.

In retrospect, I realized that living in New York City has become much less difficult for me since I started wearing a MAGA hat. Why? Because I’ve encountered so many people who aren’t brainwashed, “progressive,” socialist, anti-American, Democrat lunatics.



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Day 81: Stealth MAGA Hats

Friday, April 12, 2019

Wore my blue MAGA hat on the subway while heading to work, then disembarked at Jay Street in Brooklyn in order to transfer to a bus to Red Hook. A lot of people on the subway noticed the hat but I didn’t see any evil stares thrown my way. Decided to walk the eight blocks through bustling downtown Brooklyn to get to the corner of Smith and Atlantic, where two different bus routes that go to Redhook intersect.

By the way, most of the people one sees in downtown Brooklyn are black, and I didn’t sense any hostility, perhaps because everyone was in a hurry and because my hat was blue, not red.

Speaking of which, the sidewalks in that part of town are lined with street vendors, and I always peruse the caps while walking past the various tables, hoping to see a MAGA hat. So far there have been none, but I have seen a smattering of patriotic hats.

Today, however, I spied a plain red cap, which I had been looking for. I picked it up and the guy said, “people are buyin’ red hats today; don’t know why but they’re buying ‘em.”

I chuckled and said, “I wonder why,” while thinking to myself “is it possible a red hat movement really is happening?”

Ever since I saw a young black woman wearing a plain red hat at the Jay Street subway station on March 18 (which I mentioned in my post for Day 56), I’ve been noticing a lot of red hats.

After bargaining the vendor down a few dollars, I wore my new faux-MAGA hat while walking down the crowded sidewalk to the bus stop, and then wore it on the bus. I have no idea what anyone may have thought of it, but given the notoriety of red hats these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if some people thought it was a MAGA hat.

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Day 82: Miracles Can Happen

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Ok, what is going on? I wore my red MAGA hat in Midtown Manhattan, Chelsea and the West Village this afternoon into the evening for about four hours; running errands, shopping, luxuriating in the warm weather.

Hundreds of people saw my hat. I know because I was not ignoring people as I sometimes do. Today I was sauntering around in normal mode, studying the architecture, people-watching, admiring the sunset.

I walked for miles, with no negative reactions except for a few dismissive glances. I passed a smooching Lesbian couple and we merely glanced at each other matter-of-factly, as if nothing was out of the ordinary. No one harassed me or said anything except for one person who exclaimed “Nice hat!” as he passed me on the sidewalk.

I am mystified. Did America suddenly become Great Again last night while I was sleeping? Did the stars realign, and the liberals awaken from their mass psychosis? Did someone lace New York’s water supply with anti-psychotic meds?

Maybe the explanation is that it was a beautiful Spring day on a weekend, with everyone relaxed and in a good mood, people in shorts and t-shirts, flowers blooming everywhere. And maybe some people are finally getting over their collective anti-Trump hysteria.

After walking forever, I came upon the charming little park at Abingdon Square in the West Village, so I parked myself on a bench visible from the adjacent sidewalk where I could enjoy the beautiful evening and watch the parade of people while jotting down ideas in my notebook.

Two women holding hands walked past and stared at me. It may have been their very first MAGA hat sighting. One of them looked back and I gave her a friendly wave. She quickly looked away.

A man walked past and did a doubletake, then backtracked for another look and said with a smile, “I thought that’s what it said.” I returned his smile, we both chuckled, and he continued walking.

On my way home, I stopped in at the Trader Joe’s on Sixth Avenue. While perusing the salads, I heard a man say, “Trump is doing a good job, isn’t he?” I looked around and saw a handsome young couple. I was thrilled to encounter sane people, and replied enthusiastically “Yes, he certainly is!”

The man asked, “Do people give you a hard time?” I replied, “Believe it or not, I get a lot of complements.”

The woman beamed and said, “That’s good news.” Then we smiled good-bye and continued shopping.

At the checkout, the man who rang me up told me to have a good evening and to get home safe. I wished him the same and walked smiling into the night.

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Day 83: Evolution

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Wore my red MAGA hat around the Village today (i.e., Greenwich Village, as no one calls it). Again, no one sneered, insulted me, or flipped me the bird. I could see out of the corners of my eye that some people were noticing the hat, but I didn’t see any overt shaming stares.

What I am about to suggest is probably a flight of fancy, but is it remotely possible that some people may be feeling just a tiny bit of remorse for their crazy, intolerant, and rude behavior since 2016?

Of course, the hard-core Trump-haters will probably never wake up and see the light, but the smart ones will evolve. The rest will fade into irrelevant obscurity, like the pathetic Clintons and their slavish followers.

What I do know with absolute certainty—after wearing a MAGA hat around New York City for the past 83 days—is that there are many New Yorkers who love this country and support Trump. They’ve just been laying low because of the rampant leftwing craziness, and I can’t blame them.


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Day 84: Ilhan Omar, New Face of The Democrat Party

Monday, April 15, 2019

Wore my brown MAGA hat this morning, then switched to my red MAGA hat in the evening. I don’t know if anyone was triggered because I had more important things on my mind.

Photo by Thomas Nilsson

As you’re sending your hard-earned money to Washington, never forget that you are paying the salary of Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar—the radical Islamist from Minnesota’s fifth congressional district who recently said that “some people did something” when referring to the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

Never forget that the Democrat Party unanimously defended Omar’s loathsome comment.

Never forget that the Democrat Party is now the party of Racism, Socialism, Infanticide, Illegal Immigration, Anti-Semitism, and the totalitarian death cult known as “Islam.”



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Day 85: Brotherhood

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Something magical happened today.

I wore my brown MAGA hat on the A train from Manhattan to Brooklyn. The brown hat is noticeable but not fraught with the notoriety of the red hat, so a good choice for subways and buses where one is temporarily confined with strangers.

On the train, I took the nearest available seat, which happened to be next to a young black man wearing a red, white, and blue jacket. My seatmate did not notice my hat, nor did anyone else as far as I could tell. This was unusual because there are almost always a few stares or doubletakes because of my MAGA hat.

When I stepped out of the train at Jay Street, there were about fifteen people waiting on the platform in my immediate vicinity. This spot on the platform – remarkably – was the exact same place where a polite and astute young black man approached me on February 13th to ask if he could shake my hand because I was wearing a MAGA hat (described in my post for Day 24).

Among the fifteen or so people on the platform were:

• a black teenage girl wearing tennis shoes covered with red, white, and blue stars.

• a black man wearing a khaki jacket with an American flag patch on his left sleeve.

• a white man wearing a baseball cap with an American flag on the front.

• a man who appeared to be of Indian or Pakistani descent wearing a red, white, and blue GAP sweatshirt.

• an elderly man of indeterminate genetic heritage wearing a red cap (which may or may not have had MAGA connotations).

I was the only person wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap, but none of my neighbors on the platform shot rude or shaming stares at me. In fact, no one gave my hat a second glance, as if wearing a MAGA hat on the subway in New York City was nothing out of the ordinary.

Suddenly, magically, that small underground realm in the tunnels below New York had twice become a sanctuary. During today’s unusual convergence of patriotism, a random group of strangers on the subway platform had found safe harbor in the spirit of American brotherhood.

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Day 86: Animals Attack Legal Immigrant From Togo

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Another person wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat has been attacked:


The victim this time was a patriotic legal immigrant from Togo named Atsu Nable:

Response from the leftwing media propagandists? Crickets, of course. My response has been to wear my red MAGA hat in solidarity with Mr. Nable.

After work, as I was strolling down Broadway, I came to the long dimly lit stretch of sidewalk that runs the length of City Hall Park. I noticed a black man crossing Broadway, heading right towards me. He slowed down when he got near me, then beamed and yelled out “Make America great again, brother!”

We both laughed uproariously. Thank you, my American brother; I wore the smile you gave me for several blocks.

At Fulton Street, while waiting for an A train to Brooklyn I decided to travel incognito, replacing my red MAGA hat with my plain red hat. Looking around the platform, I saw a swarthy young man (Italian / Puerto Rican?) dressed entirely in red, white and blue. It could not have been a coincidence. Nearby was a young man (Black) also dressed in red, white, and blue. An older black gentleman near him was wearing a plain red hat.

When I boarded the train, I sat across from a young black woman who bore a striking resemblance to Candace Owens. She was carrying a knapsack decorated like an American flag: red and white stripes in the lower part; white stars on a blue field in the upper part.

If I—the only white person in the car—had worn my red MAGA hat, it would have completely changed the gestalt, probably fanning the flames of some people’s unfounded and racist resentment against all white people. I forgive them; I understand that many black people have had a rough life. On the other hand, so have many white people.

If only they could understand that I—and millions of other Conservatives—want America to be great for all Americans.



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Day 87: More Subway Snowflakes

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Wore my impossible-to-miss red MAGA hat today in response to recent attacks against other MAGA hat wearers.

While waiting at the Fulton Street station to catch a train to Fraunces Tavern to hear a lecture about General Nathanael Greene’s campaigns in the Carolinas during the American Revolution, I noticed two guys trying to stare me into submission.

One of the guys was a twenty-something black SJW. His stare was the more unrelenting and self-righteous of the two, characteristic of the Fascist Brownshirt Youth of America (FBYA). I merely locked eyes with him and returned his stare until he looked away. Snowflakes with inflated egos and inbred sense of entitlement are among the easiest people to stare down.

As the train was pulling into the station, I started walking slowly towards the guy, hoping to get onto the same car with him so that my presence would further torment him, but he slithered to the far end of the platform to avoid me.

What a sniveling coward; a prime example of what the intellectually corrupt wasteland known as “academia” churns out today, with its speech codes, thought police and “safe spaces.”

“Academia,” where western civilization and white people are vilified and white men are demonized, despite the incontrovertible fact that almost all of the world’s greatest music, art, architecture, literature, and scientific advances were the product of white men, beginning with the Athenian miracle.

The other guy was a forty-something white SJW soyman whose shaming stare was milder than the black SJW’s. I returned his stare, and he quickly looked away.

It never ceases to amaze me how these megalomaniacal and narcissistic Social Justice Warriors think they can melt people into submission with their pathetic stares. Maybe their stares work in Wackademia and the “progressive” bubbles in which they live, but not in the real world.

The older SJW reeked of supercilious intolerance and wore the typical uniform of faux intellectuals everywhere: rumpled clothes and unkempt hair, complemented in his case by an unhealthy pallor and slouching posture. A perfect example of a Socialist Marxist Democrat (homo libtardus): middling IQ, brainwashed, ignorant, narrow-minded, intolerant and self-righteous.

Memo to the mental-midget Marxist indoctrinators of Wackademia: your days are numbered. Your hegemony over the minds of our youth is coming to an end. The intelligent people of the world are watching you. We study you. We mock you. We know exactly what you are doing.

Your days of historical revisionism, bullshit critical theory, and bashing of western civilization and white people are coming to an end.


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Day 88: Just Another Feminazi

Friday, April 19, 2019

This morning as I was riding uptown on the R train, wearing my red MAGA hat and, as usual, minding my own business, a white middle-aged woman passed me as she was heading to the doors and said, “You should be careful wearing that hat.” I thought she was giving me a friendly warning to watch out for deranged libtards, so I replied, “I’ll be okay; I’ve been wearing a MAGA hat for 88 days.”

Then she showed her true colors and snarled, “You should be ashamed of yourself!”

I was so taken aback that I instinctively pointed at her and said loudly, “You should be ashamed. You’re an intolerant bigot!”

While keeping my arm and finger tautly extended, I repeated “You’re a bigot. You’re a bigot. You’re a bigot!” until the doors closed, shutting her out and anything else she might have said.

Apologies to my fellow passengers for raising my voice, but all’s fair in love and war. And make no mistake, we are at war.

So, the ostensibly friendly woman was just another “open-minded, tolerant” feminazi. I should have known better. Her chunky, bulldog body clothed all in black and her mannishly cropped hair should have tipped me off.

Just another deranged New York libtard, in this case the psychological twin sister of the womom who so famously melted down when Trump was sworn in as president.

I’ve posted this vid before, but I’m posting it again because it’s so appropriate:



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Saturday, April 20, 2019

As I am sitting in a coffee shop waking up this morning, wearing my plain red baseball cap (before I switch to an actual MAGA hat later), I am still marveling at the laughable stupidity of the New York Slimes Times, which idiotically reported on April 17 that Father Jean-Marc Fournier saved a small statue of Jesus from Notre Dame.

As Alex Griswold reported in The Washington Free Beacon on April 18th, A Priest Saved the “Body of Christ” From Notre Dame, and NY Times Thought He Meant a Statue:

“As the chaplain began removing a statue of Jesus, he said, his colleagues were fighting the fire from the cathedral’s towers. The flames had started to threaten the wooden structure around the belfry — putting the whole cathedral at even greater risk.

With the statue in hand, Father Fournier, alone in the nave, gave a benediction to the cathedral, he said.

“I thought Jesus could help us a little bit and work, too,” he said. “I invited him to worry about his own house if he didn’t want to finish the night under a tent by the Canal Saint-Martin.” — New York Times, April 17, 2019

I have a tip for the NY Times: an important Christian festival will be happening tomorrow; it’s called “Easter.” Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

In fact, it’s the holiest day of the year for Christians, when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Perhaps you’ve heard of him: the Son of God, Light of the World, Savior and Redeemer of humanity.

Please note: contrary to what you may have been planning to report, Christians do not worship bunny rabbits, colored eggs, and millinery on Easter.


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Day 90: Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

After church this morning, I stood outside listening to the peeling church bells while watching the congregation pour down the steps into the ongoing Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue.

I felt like introductions were in order: “Sacred, meet Profane; Profane, meet Sacred,” as the parade no longer has much connection to the real meaning of Easter. I began wondering if the parade will someday incorporate floats and drunken revelry, like a Mardi Gras coda to the Easter season. I hope not.

After the bells stopped peeling, I waded through the crowd on my way to Trump Tower to buy another MAGA hat. The Tower was bustling with sightseers, more than I’ve ever seen, as I escalated down to one of the gift shops on the lower level. I opted for a red MAGA visor this time, perfect for warm weather.

As I glided back up to the main level, I saw a woman wearing an Easter hat made of red, white, and blue flowers. She beamed when I told her it was the best that I had seen all day.

While walking back down Fifth Avenue to hear an organ recital—wearing my new hat, of course—I ran into a friend of mine who was bedecked in a large Trump shawl and wearing a red MAGA hat. She told me that she had been walking in the parade for hours and was amazed to have received only compliments. Indeed, while the two of us were chatting, numerous people stopped to convey their appreciation and gratitude.

There are more sane people in this city than people realize.

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Day 91: 250 Christians & Tourists Murdered by Islamists

Monday, April 22, 2019

The “Great Religion of Peace” Totalitarian Death Cult known as “Islam” revealed its satanic essence again yesterday when 250 Christians and tourists were horribly murdered by Islamic terrorists on Easter Sunday.

Leftwing Socialist / Democrat / Communist media apologists for Islam have reacted by refusing to utter the word “Christian” and by expressing alarm about possible “right-wing extremist” reactions.

We all know that Leftists are not rational, but their inability to utter the word “Christian”—in the context of yesterday’s massacre—is beyond insane; it is evil.

J. J. Sefton’s analysis of the attacks, posted on Ace of Spades HQ is essential reading, therefore I am sharing his analysis in its entirety:


“The Morning Report – 4/22/19
—J.J. Sefton
Good morning kids. Monday and the top story is yesterday’s Muslim massacre of Christians celebrating Easter in Sri Lanka. As of this writing, there are over 200 confirmed dead and at least 450 wounded. Americans, Canadians and other foreigners are also listed among the casualties. Those whose lives were savagely snuffed out for doing nothing more than being devoted servants of G-d died at the hands of others who in their mind were doing exactly the same thing.

The so-called “religion of peace” is not a religion, let alone a peaceful one. It is a totalitarian death cult dressed up in the trappings of religion that for over a millennium and half has been waging a war against the ideas and ideals represented by what ultimately evolved into post-Enlightenment civilization, individual freedom and real human progress, to subjugate the entire world or destroy it trying.

Those goals happen to be identical to that of another malignant, pseudo-fundamentalist death cult: Leftist-Socialism. Despite certain incongruities the latter conveniently overlooks (the enemy of my enemy, etc.), the two have joined forces both here and abroad to bring us down, either by violence or by deception, infecting the vitals of society and using the very freedoms they despise, along with the naivete and willful blindness of our political and cultural leaders, as weapons against us.

I don’t have to look at the way the agitprop media is going to cover this, if they indeed cover it at all. The religion aspect will be downplayed or the perpetrators described as “lone wolves” who are misguided, uneducated, come from poverty-stricken areas that lack midnight basketball etc. Funny how the psychos who shot up the New Zealand mosques last month were splashed all over every front page and dominated the news cycles for days. They were also described as emblematic of white nationalism, bigotry, Islamophobia and Trump. Funny though how when that massacre occurred, no one in Bible-Belt America or anywhere else in the civilized world for that matter was passing out candy, dancing on rooftops and ululating “Onward Christian Soldiers.”

The Left’s other avenue of attack is to try and find moral equivalency by declaring that all religions kill in the name of G-d. I’m no Rabbi Schneerson or John Paul II, but there is kind of a big difference between people who abuse and completely misinterpret scripture as their excuse to massacre others and those who are following the central tenets and core beliefs of their prophet and his writings. Three guesses as to which “religion” that one is.

And please don’t cite some phrase in the Bible or the Talmud or wherever to claim otherwise. Interpretation and the gradual evolution of the liturgy disproves it. There can be no such interpretation or “evolution” of Islam out of its Dark Age cradle, as to do so, like so many other things that allow people to think and worship as they please, carries with it a death sentence. In any case, the body count from 9/11/01 onward (and before, really) speaks for itself. May the good Lord bless the souls of those whose lives were cut short, and bring comfort and healing to the survivors and those left behind.”

Debra Heine’s incisive analysis, posted in American Greatness, is also a must-read:

Why Are Liberals Avoiding Calling the Victims of Terrorist Attacks in Sri Lanka Christians?

And, Ace of Spades at Ace of Spades HQ analyzed the attacks with his characteristic genius and razor-sharp clarity:

Why Are Leftwing Politicians Avoiding Saying “Christians” Were Murdered in the Sri Lanka Easter Attacks?


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Day 92: The Truth

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The beautiful weather in New York today ameliorated the horrible memory of Sunday’s carnage, but I have a photographic memory and the images of body parts and corpses have been etched into my mind’s eye. As I go about my daily business, those images are simultaneously juxtaposed against what my eyeballs are seeing. It is difficult and disconcerting and makes me feel as if I’m somewhere I’ve never been, as if in a bad dream.

What must it be like for the hundreds of people who survived, many with catastrophic injuries? What horrors are they experiencing? What is it like for the families of the killed and maimed? How can anyone cope with such loss?

What can we do? How can we help them?

One thing we must do—those of us with open eyes and open minds—is to continue speaking the truth about the monsters who committed the attacks. Despite what the leftists claim, it is not “Islamophobia” to say that Muslims were the perpetrators of the massacre. It is merely the truth.

But leftists are mentally ill. Their psychosis is their inability to see the truth because they are delusional. They live in a fantasy world. They are mentally ill.

I am sane, however, and will not be muzzled by the totalitarian “progressives.” I will continue to speak the truth. No one will dictate to me what I may say or think.

When I first heard about the attacks Sunday evening, my MAGA mission seemed inconsequential in the face of such horror, and I had no enthusiasm for wearing a hat on Monday.

But life must continue and wearing a MAGA hat to fight the leftist cancer has become part of my routine, so I wore my dark blue hat on Monday as it was the most somber hat I have. Today I wore my brown hat. On both days I could see out of the corners of my eyes that people were noticing my hat, but I didn’t dwell on it and blocked them out.

I had more important things on my mind.


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Day 93: Islam Is a Cancer

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

My emotional roller coaster since Easter has leveled out and I have regained an even keel but am now heading on a different course. I am still in mourning for the maimed and murdered by the Islamists, but my sadness has morphed into white-hot anger.

As I wore my brown MAGA hat on the A train this morning, I noticed a womon sitting near me, trying like a good little totalitarian fascist to shame me with a stare.  Poor pathetic fool. I stared her down like a bolt of lightning.

But how could she have known she was tangling with a proud fourteenth-generation American, still simmering with rage at Islam’s latest atrocity? I don’t know if there were others trying to shame me but if there were, they’re lucky I did not see them.

Such brainwashed, ignorant bigots are a cancer on our society, as are the invading Islamic demons. The irony is that the “progressives,” feminazis, and other useful idiots who defend Islam would be the first to swing from a rope or be hurled from a minaret in the Caliphate they helped to create.


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Day 94: Islamic Metastasis

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Europe is dying and will be lost forever if the sane Europeans do not rise up and throw off the despotic, satanic chains of the European Union. In June of 2006 Oriana Fallaci was sued for “defaming” Islam. It was a sham trial from the outset, instigated by a Muslim operative (who, incidentally, had defamed Christianity with impunity) and nothing came of it. Fallaci, who was living in New York and dying of cancer, refused to attend the trial.

She wrote in the 2006 edition of The Force of Reason:

“In our subjugated Europe the Islamic fertility is such a taboo that nobody ever dares speak about it. If you try, you go straight to court for racism and xenophobia and blasphemy. (Among the charges moved against me at the trial in Paris there was the following sentence of mine: “Ils se multiplient comme les rats. They breed like rats.” A little brutal, I agree, but indisputably accurate.) The fact is that no trial, no liberticide law, will ever be able to negate what they themselves boast. In the last half-century Muslims have increased by 235 percent. (Christians only by 47 percent.) In 1996 there were one billion and 483 million, in 2001 one billion and 624 million. In 2002, one billion and 657 million. And so on. Their world population increases at the rate of thirty-three million a year. Soon it will reach the two billion, and no judge will ever be able to dismiss the figures (supplied by the UN) which attribute to the Muslims a growth fluctuating between 4.60 and 6.40 percent a year. (Christians, only 1.40 percent.) To believe it, you only need to remember that the most densely populated regions of the former Soviet Union are the Muslim regions. Starting with Chechnya. That in the Sixties the Muslims of Kosovo were the 60 percent, and in the Nineties the 90 percent. Today, one hundred percent. And no pillory, no harassment, no life-sentence will ever be able to deny that just for this overwhelming fertility in the Seventies and Eighties the Palestinian invaders could take possession of Beirut, thus overpowering the Maronite Christian majority.”

Fallaci’s incredible bravery, strength, brilliance, and implacable commitment to the Truth humbles me and inspires me. I hold her close to my heart, I feel her presence when I wear my MAGA hat in New York City.



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Day 95: “A Word To The Google Feminists”

Friday, April 26, 2019

More wisdom from the brilliant Pat Condell, posted on  because Google—which owns YouTube—censored it:

A Word To The Google Feminists

Pat Condell – A Word To The Google FeministsMy prediction of YouTube/Google cracking down on Pat Condell proved, sadly, to be more true than I imagined. This video was deleted almost instantly for no apparent reason.

Posted by The Virtuous Newsstand TVN on Monday, February 19, 2018

Or, watch it here:

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Day 96: President Biden?? LOL

Saturday, April 27, 2019

The childfondler, hairsniffer, plagiarizer, room-temperature-IQ, dolt Biden has thrown his hat into the ring, apparently unaware that the only reason Barry Soetoro choose him as running mate was because Barry had to find someone even stupider than himself.




To see more footage of Creepy Joe, visit this website.




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Day 97: Books and the Brainwashed

Sunday, April 28, 2019

As bookshops are a rare species now, in this brave new world addicted to glowing flat things, a sudden onset of bibliophilia compelled me to visit the Strand bookshop. On a Sunday evening, it was either the Strand or Barnes and Noble. I chose the crazy-bookshop-in-the-attic; at least it has character.

Browsing the Strand was once an enjoyable experience despite the leftist slant, but the progtard owners went completely off the deep end when Trump was elected. Now one is assaulted by feminazi and anti-Trump paraphernalia at every turn, as well as the usual politically-correct literary and historically revisionist turds shat out by the intellectually stunted alumni of our colleges indoctrination centers.

But I am a moth around the printed flame and the Strand still carries worthwhile books not yet banned or burned by the Nazis of Academe.

Before entering the store, I made a ritual perusal of the bargain books outside, then wandered into the store absentmindedly. After gathering a stack of intriguing books, I lugged them up to the second floor where the owners have stingily provided a meager bench large enough for three. Luckily there was one empty spot waiting for me.

While skimming one of my selections, a belligerent voice pierced my concentration. “Do you think he’s making America great?”

I had forgotten I was wearing a MAGA hat. How things have changed! On the very first day, ninety-seven days ago, when I started wearing a MAGA hat and wandered into the Strand, I was acutely aware of my hat every second I was in the store.

Tonight, I couldn’t have cared less. I looked up and slowly turned to see who had interrupted my studies. My accuser was a nose-ringed, tattooed, unkempt young woman, clearly an SJW educated brainwashed at one of the Centers of Higher Indoctrination.

I looked her straight in the eyes and replied calmly and quietly, “I think you have a very narrow mind and I don’t want to talk to you right now because I’m very busy and very tired.” In retrospect, I regret my uncharitable and unfriendly response, but her petulant tone rubbed me the wrong way. Even so, normally I would have tried to have a conversation, hoping to pry open her closed mind just a sliver, but I really was exhausted and in no mood to parry the irrational beliefs of a brainwashed child.

She turned away, I resumed my reading, and after a few moments she quietly walked away.

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Day 98: Revisiting Park Slop

Monday, April 29, 2019

While riding the F train in the direction of Park Slope, wearing my brown MAGA hat, I noticed some “liberals” in the car staring rudely, trying to shame me into submission, some merely staring in disbelief.

It is ironic that the hivemind lemmings of Park Sloppe believe they are the pinnacle of tolerance and enlightenment. In fact, they are among the most intolerant people on the planet, as well as utterly ignorant about the real Enlightenment, the flowering of rational thought—first manifested in Ancient Greece—out of which this country miraculously evolved.

The Park Slop progtards—completely ignorant about the history of their own country—ironically vilify the highly educated, brilliant men who created this country and our Constitution. Why? Because their weak, unquestioning minds are filled with the lies fed to them by the indoctrinators at the Centers of Higher Indoctrination and by the leftwing media propagandists at the New York Times, the Washington Post, the New Yorker, CNN, MSNBC, and National Public Radio.

The ignorant lemmings of Park Slope vilify the brave, noble men who created this country; this generous, magnificent country which provides and protects their freedoms as well as everything they enjoy: their houses and apartments, their summer houses, cars, trips abroad, gourmet foods, restaurant meals, clothing, furnishings, not to mention electricity, indoor plumbing, central heating, and air conditioning.

They suckle at the bounty of our country, taking full advantage of everything created by Capitalism and white men, while simultaneously condemning them.

Hypocrites! Intellectually crippled, pathetically smug hypocrites!

Their impotent attempts to shame me on the F train today merely energized me and spurred me on. Their intolerance inspired me to spontaneously change my plans and take another long stroll through Park Sloppe wearing a MAGA hat through the “safe-space” home turf of the brainwashed snowflakes, as I did on February 17.

I got off the train at Seventh Avenue, donned my impossible-to-miss, bright-red MAGA hat and walked the full length of heavily trafficked Seventh Avenue from Ninth Street all the way to Atlantic Avenue, and then down Atlantic Avenue to the Barclay Center.

Many people noticed my hat, probably hundreds, and many more will see it in the coming days as I continue popping the intolerant bubbles inhabited by the narrow-minded, hypocritical snowflakes of this city.



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Day 99: Day One Redux

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

While wearing my MAGA hat today on the R train from Brooklyn into Manhattan, I realized—as my hundredth consecutive day of wearing a MAGA hat in New York approaches—that lately I have been instinctively reprising some of the events of the very first day I wore a MAGA hat, when I impulsively donned my red MAGA hat in solidarity with the viciously maligned Covington boys.

On that first day I also wore it on the R train heading from Brooklyn onto Manhattan, disembarking at Union Square, where I wandered the neighborhood wondering if I would be physically attacked. On that day I visited the Strand bookshop, and a few days ago I spontaneously revisited the Strand.

This adventure began as a spontaneous act and continues in that spirit. Typically, I take several MAGA hats with me when I go out and wear a hat as I go about my daily activities, choosing the color of the hat depending upon where I am and how I feel (the red hat always provokes a reaction, good or bad).

The similarity between Day 1 and Day 100 ends there, however. On the R train today, no one flipped me the bird or left the subway car in a huff to avoid polluting his delicate snowflake sensibilities with the shocking sight of . . . a hat.

Also, the first day I wore a MAGA hat, I was hyper-aware of everyone in the subway car. Today I merely went about my business and ignored the bigots.



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Day 100: NBCUniversal Sued For $275 Million

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Today is my hundredth consecutive day of wearing a MAGA hat in New York to support Nicholas Sandmann in his battle against the leftwing media propagandists. In those hundred days it feels as if I’ve traversed a vast territory: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. As it has been an exhausting journey, I decided to do something different today, something normal . . . although I did wear a MAGA hat on my way there.

I decided to visit my gardens at Ft. Tilden and immerse myself in nothing but gardening, mostly weeding today, which was therapeutic and exactly what I wanted to do. Some days I relish the weeding, the earthy, fragrant transformation of jungle into garden, while simultaneously uprooting and casting aside my cares and worries. This was one of those days.

Some of my gardening buddies were there, whom I had barely seen during the winter dormancy. Our most senior member Wolfgang was also there, a German who immigrated (legally) in the 1950s and who simultaneously acquired citizenship while joining the Marines to fight for our country. Now he is recovering from a stroke despite his stubborn refusal to give up drinking and smoking. Visiting the garden is therapy for him, too.

After we had finished our gardening chores, the five of us retreated to the comfort of the garden shed, out of the cold drizzly wind, chewing the fat, free-associating about anything and everything, as we do not censor ourselves. We all believe in free speech and Wolfie is also a staunch Trump supporter, so I donned my blue MAGA hat. Always one to get straight to the point, he murmured in his guttural German accent while exhaling a cloud of smoke, “You should have a red one.”

So, I reached into my bag and pulled out my red MAGA hat. We roared with laughter. Then, sharp as fox, he asked, “Where was it made?” We continued chatting and laughing, and eventually it was time to leave that breezy utopia.

Afterwards I learned that Nicholas Sandmann’s lawyers had filed another lawsuit, this time against NBC and MSNBC for $275 million. I celebrated by enjoying a hearty meal of pulled barbeque, mashed sweet potatoes, and roasted root vegetables, washed down with a spicy, classic cabernet, followed by homemade eclairs and coffee. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day, and my sense of well-being was complete.

I am now ready for the next hundred days.


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Thursday, May 2, 2019

While exulting in the $275 million lawsuit filed by Nicholas Sandmann’s lawyers against NBC, I learned that Facebook Fakebook had banned Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones . . . . and the “far-right” black Muslim racist Louis Farrakhan.

Yes, you read that correctly. When the Washington Compost reported the story, it incredibly called the vile, racist, anti-Semitic Farrakhan “far-right” although it later retracted its absurd statement and referred to all of the banned as “extremists.” In other words, the loathsome Washington Post—which was slapped with a lawsuit by Sandmann’s lawyers on February 19—thinks there’s no difference between Milo Yiannopolous and Louis Farrakhan.

For calling Yiannopoulos, Loomer, Jones, and Watson “dangerous,” Facebook Fascistbook is just as reprehensible as the Post, but Fakebook has taken its leftwing bias to new lows by banning them.

The only dangerous people in this sordid story are Farrakhan and the owners of Fakebook and the Washington Compost.

In protest, I have permanently deleted (not deactivated, but deleted) my Facebook Fascistbook account.

It’s very easy to do. Just follow these simple steps posted on the Facebook website:

To permanently delete your account:

1.    Click the small black triangle at the top right of any Facebook page.

2.    Click Settings.

3.    Click Your Facebook Information in the left column.

4.    Click Delete Your Account and Information, then click Delete My Account.

5.    Enter your password, click Continue and then click Delete Account.

The Facebook Fakebook webpage states that “After 30 days, your account and all your information will be permanently deleted, and you won’t be able to retrieve your information. It may take up to 90 days from the beginning of the deletion process to delete all the things you’ve posted. While we’re deleting this information, it’s not accessible to other people using Facebook.”

If you want to download your data (photos and posts) stored on Facebook Fakebook before deleting your account, it’s easy to do; just follow this link to the Fakebook website:



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Day 102: Obama Must Be Brought To Justice

Friday, May 3, 2019

To protest Facebook’s Fascistbook’s banning of Milo Yiannopolous, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones—and to celebrate Nicholas Sandmann’s lawsuit against the lying leftwing media propagandists at NBC—I have been wearing a MAGA hat everywhere today, on the subway and bus while heading to work, and after work on the way to Sixth Avenue in Chelsea to run some errands.

The packed rush-hour F train contained the usual progtards and libtards, staring and glaring, trying to shame me. I ignored them because they only have power if they are acknowledged. Ignoring them neuters them, renders them completely impotent.

There was one woman, however, camo-clad and staring intently, whom I did not ignore. My first impression, based upon her clothes and tough demeanor, was that she was probably an SJW but her stare seemed to be one of curiosity not anger. I calmly returned a neutral stare. Unlike most of the libtard pussies who try to shame me, she did not look away . . . and neither did I. Finally, I smiled at her, she gave me a slight nod, and I resumed reading Mollie Hemingway’s article about Obama’s treasonous spying on Trump, published yesterday by The Federalist:

New York Times Admits Obama Admin Deployed Multiple Spies Against Trump Campaign In 2016

“The New York Times admitted on Thursday that the Obama administration deployed multiple spies against the Trump campaign in 2016, confirming recent comments by Attorney General William Barr that ‘spying did occur’ during the campaign”

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Day 103: The Tide Has Turned

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Continue reading

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Day 104: Fascistbook Is Dangerous, NOT Paul Joseph Watson

Sunday, May 5, 2019

I am still livid about Facebook’s Fascistbook’s despicable censorship of conservatives, labelling them “dangerous.” Paul Joseph Watson dangerous?

I’ll say it again: the only “dangerous” players in this latest outrage from the Left are the leftists themselves.

Censorship is fascism. Leftists are fascists. Facebook is owned and run by fascists. If you continue to use Fascistbook, you are complicit in their fascism.

It is quick and easy to delete (not deactivate, but delete) your Fakebook account:

1. Click the small black triangle at the top right of any Fakebook page.

2. Click Settings.

3. Click Your Facebook Information in the left column.

4. Click Delete Your Account and Information, then click Delete My Account.

5. Enter your password, click Continue and then click Delete Account.

In the meantime, I am posting this video by Paul Joseph Watson:

And this one:



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Day 105: Mark Zuckerberg is a Demon

Monday, May 6, 2019

As I was immersed in work on my laptop at a Pret à Manger near Union Square yesterday evening, a guy sat down across the table from me and said, “I support the message.”

I looked up, slightly bewildered, and said “What?”

He repeated, “I support the message. It’s really cool.”

Ah. My MAGA hat! I had forgotten I was wearing it. I thanked him sincerely as he wandered off to order his food.

I turned back to my laptop and forgot about him . . . until I heard someone say “MAGA!” in a loud voice. I looked up as the guy was heading out of the cafe. I smiled and gave him a hearty wave. Some of the people seated near me grimaced. Too bad, snowflakes: it’ s called “freedom.” I know it’s a foreign concept for you, but there’s a document that might help you understand it better.

It’s called the Constitution of the United States. You may have heard of it.

Speaking of which, I’ve been wondering how many people have deleted their Fakebook accounts in the past few days. I know I’m not the only one who thinks Mark Zuckerberg is a demon.



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Day 106: The Truth About Notre Dame

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

As I was riding the ferry into Manhattan while wearing my fire-engine-red MAGA hat, it suddenly occurred to me that it’s been many days since I’ve heard anything about the Notre Dame fire.

Whenever there’s a media blackout, I get very suspicious because it usually means the media propagandists are trying to hide something. It’s like the bad old days in the Soviet Union, when people had to read between the lines of Pravda in order to guess at the truth.

So, now I’m wondering if evidence may have been uncovered indicating that practitioners of the Great Religion of Peace Totalitarian Death Cult known as Islam may have been the culprits.

They were certainly overjoyed to see Notre Dame burning, so it does make one wonder.

Watch this video and see for yourself:

WATSON VIDEO: THE NOTRE DAME FIRE, And How Buzzfeed Ran Defense For The Vile People Who Celebrated It



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Day 107: Budding Actors Should Wear A MAGA Hat

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Wore my brown MAGA hat on the ferry this morning but switched to my cooler red mesh non-MAGA hat (say that quickly three times) because I was getting uncomfortably warm. Once the weather gets really warm, I may need to create a MAGA pith helmet. I do have a pith helmet, and I do wear it in the summer. Shouldn’t be too hard to attach some to letters to it.

After work I wore my blue MAGA hat on the F train on my way into Manhattan to run some errands. I felt a few people staring but I ignored everyone. As I’ve mentioned before, the Hat is much more powerful when worn as if there’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Of course, it is extremely out of the ordinary in New York City, so I would recommend that budding actors start wearing a MAGA hat because doing so is excellent acting experience.

I, myself, have become quite adept at projecting to my fellow passengers that wearing a MAGA hat is completely normal, while secretly relishing the fact that some people are thrown off balance and don’t know what to think or how to react.

This is not malicious of me, however. I am helping them to become rational beings.

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Day 108: Some Good News

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Not much to report, hat-wise. I wore a brown MAGA hat in the morning, then switched to a blue hat on the ferry ride home. As usual, many people saw my hat. I know this because I am very tall, and I always make a point of pulling the hat brim down so people will be able to see the shocking and horrible message: “Make America Great Again.”

As I was walking down a crowded street in downtown Brooklyn on my way to work, I happened to glance over at a young woman who was pushing a baby in a stroller. She was smiling at me, and it was not a smile of derision. It was a sweet smile of adoration. I smiled back, of course. She made my day, and I hope I made hers better, too.

And here is something else to lift one’s spirits.

Karin McQuillan wrote an extremely interesting—and hopeful—article that was published on American Greatness yesterday:


“There are signs of Democrats’ coming electoral collapse, some anecdotal, some by the numbers. Most Democrats are staying loyal to their party, no matter how far left their party shifts. But President Trump doesn’t need most Democrats; he only needs a few to get turned off by the Democrats’ radical proposals and identity politics.”

Click to continue reading



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Day 109: Lipstick on a Pig

Friday, May 10, 2019

On my way to work I wore my brown MAGA hat on the subway and then on the bus from downtown Brooklyn to Red Hook, receiving several condescending stares from the libtards and progs on the bus. Business as usual. I passively acknowledged their stares, then ignored them.

After work, I wore my brown hat again on the infamous F train that shuttles the Park Slop progtards to and from Manhattan. I was minding my own business, working on my laptop, when someone boarded the train and sat directly opposite me. I glanced up and saw an unusually bizarre SJW shooting me a stare of scorn, incredulity, and condescension.

Ironic, given the fact that her own manifest intolerance was intensified by her willfully repellent appearance. Her upper body was squished into a red tank top, causing her blubber to ooze out at the edges like canned biscuit dough. Her naked pimply arms were covered with grotesque tattoos, and her elephantine derrière and wide-spread legs were crammed into black spandex tights. A demented smear of bright red lipstick and a greasy mop of Medusa-like hair completed the repulsive spectacle.

She pulled out her phone and took a semi-surreptitious photo of me, then started tapping away furiously, shaking her head and snorting with forced laughter. I merely smiled at the pitiful creature, then returned to my work.

How does one explain such behavior? Two words: mental illness. In her mind, she’s a bohemian free spirit. In reality, she’s stuck in childhood and will probably never become a rational adult, always blaming someone else for her problems. Always protesting . . . but protesting what? The freedom and opportunity she enjoys? A president who puts his country first, who does not bow to the satanic forces of “progressivism” and totalitarianism?

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Day 111: More Leftwing Lunacy

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother’s Day. I hope everyone honored his mother today.

It was a chilly, rainy day in New York, so I decided to wear my red MAGA hat to brighten things up. Naturally, there were the usual shaming stares and incredulous reactions (I could hear people muttering “oh, wow”).

After running errands in Chelsea, I felt like taking an aimless stroll to the West Village because the rain had stopped, and everything was fresh and clean.  Eventually I found myself on Christopher Street near the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar made famous when a motley crew of gays rioted in 1969 to protest the discrimination and police harassment that was the norm back then.

To commemorate the event, a sculpture of two gay couples—two women, two men—was placed in the small park across the street from the bar in 1992. The park was nearly deserted when I arrived, and there was just enough light for me to take a few thought-crime snapshots, so I whipped off my MAGA hat, put it on the figures, and took a few snaps.

At the far end of the park a man and woman were smoking a joint. After I took my snapshots, the man (obviously gay) called out and asked me what I was doing. I didn’t know what to say so I merely replied, “Just taking some photos.”

Continue reading

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Day 113: Something Has Changed

  1. Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Another wet chilly dreary day in New York. Enough with the rain already, as indigenous New Yorkers would exclaim.

Because of the nasty weather, I wanted the warmth of a hat but was not in the mood for leftist lunacy, so wore my blue MAGA hat instead of my red incendiary one. I couldn’t avoid noticing the usual stares and glares today, but I ignored them because at this point in my MAGA adventure I honestly don’t give a flying crap what people think of my hat. This is a free country. I will wear anything that I damned well please, and I will think whatever I damned well please, and I will say whatever I damned well please, and if anyone is “triggered,” then tough shit, as we say in the South.

That said, the defining characteristic of my hat-wearing experiences today—when literally hundreds of people saw my hat—was that I received an unusually large number of compliments and positive responses.

Something has changed.

While walking up Broadway towards Union Square, a homeless man shouted out “I like your hat . . . and your umbrella” (the fabric of my umbrella resembles an American flag). I offered to give him my umbrella, but he graciously declined.

While riding the 4 train to lower Manhattan, I felt someone staring at me. I looked up and saw a teenage schoolboy grinning with delight. We nodded and exchanged beaming, subversive smiles.

A few minutes later while waiting for a ferry to Brooklyn, a guy sitting in the terminal at Pier 11 called out, “Like your hat.” I thanked him and kept walking, but then decided to go back and chat for a minute. We commiserated about the craziness of the world today: the hordes of brainwashed Americans; the lying leftwing media propagandists—but I told him that I’ve been wearing a MAGA hat in New York for 113 days and people’s reactions have been changing; more people seem to be waking up.

Later, on the ferry while waiting to debark, a young woman who saw my hat smiled at me (and it was not a smile of derision; I can tell the difference).

Later that evening, still wearing my MAGA hat, I popped into a Dollar General in a not-so-nice part of town near a bunch of housing projects. I steeled myself for some possible nastiness from the bored clerk (who happened to be black), but she radiated warmth and charm during our transaction, and she wished me a good night.

Something is happening.

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Day 114: Trump’s Accomplishments

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Today is a red MAGA hat day. I am celebrating the incredibly long list of Trump’s accomplishments, despite the fact that he was illegally and traitorously spied upon by the communist puppet Obama and his nefarious regime; despite the fact that Trump was persecuted for phony “Russia collusion” allegations by the Deep State (Comey, Brennan, Clinton, Strzok, Clapper, Mueller, Obama, Lynch, McCabe, Schiff, Rice, et al); and despite the fact that Trump has been constantly vilified by the lying leftwing media propagandists.

Despite such adversity, the list of Trump’s accomplishments is breathtaking.

Mark Simone, the brilliant radio commentator on WOR in New York City, published a list of Trump’s accomplishments on the WOR radio website on March 10. The list is extremely long, but I am reproducing it in its entirety because of its importance.


IGNITING A HISTORIC ECONOMIC BOOM: President Trump’s pro-growth policies are unleashing economic growth and providing opportunities to workers across the country.

• Due to President Trump’s pro-growth policies, real gross domestic product (GDP) growth exceeded 3 percent over the last four quarters.
• Real GDP grew at annual rates of 3.4 percent in the third quarter of 2018 and 4.2 percent in the second quarter.
• More than 5 million jobs have been created since President Trump’s election and the unemployment rate remains below 4 percent.
• This is the eighth time this year that the unemployment rate has been below 4 percent.
• Prior to this year, the unemployment rate had fallen below 4 percent only five times since 1970.
• The unemployment rate for African Americans in May fell to 5.9 percent, which is the lowest rate on record.
• Asian and Hispanic-American unemployment rates have reached record lows this year.
• Initial weekly jobless claims have hit a nearly 50-year low under President Trump.
• Under President Trump, job openings outnumber the unemployed for the first time on record.
• Recently, more than two-thirds of Americans rated “now” as a good time to find a quality job, tying a record high in a poll by Gallup.
• Americans are seeing more money in their pockets thanks to the booming economy.
• In recent months, workers have seen their largest nominal year over year wage growth in nearly a decade.
• In 2017, real median household income rose to a post-recession high.
• President Trump’s policies are helping to lift Americans out of poverty.
• African-American and Hispanic-American poverty rates reached record lows of 21.2 percent and 18.3 percent, respectively, in 2017.
• Since the election, 4.6 million Americans have been lifted off of food stamps.
• Consumer confidence has soared under President Trump, recently reaching an 18-year high.
• President Trump is delivering on his promise to bring back American manufacturing.
• The National Association of Manufacturers’ Outlook Index had the highest annual average in its history over the past year.
• Manufacturing added 284,000 jobs in 2018, the most added in a year since 1997.
• Small Business optimism jumped to a record high under President Trump, according to a survey by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).
• The NFIB’s Small Business Optimism Index broke a 35-year record in August.
• President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law, ushering in the largest package of tax cuts and reforms in American history.
• These tax cuts are delivering real results for American families and workers.
• More than 6 million workers received tax cut bonuses and benefits.
• More than 100 utility companies have announced lower rates.
• President Trump is ensuring American workers receive the training and education they need to compete in today’s economy.
• President Trump signed an executive order establishing the National Council for the American worker.
• More than 185 companies and associations have signed our “Pledge to America’s Workers,” promising more than 6.4 million new training and career opportunities.
• The President signed legislation that reauthorized the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act, making more than $1 billion available for career education programs.
• President Trump has prioritized the economic empowerment of women.
• Women’s unemployment rate recently reached its lowest rate in 65 years.
• The Small Business Administration lent approximately $500 million more in capital to women-owned businesses in 2017 compared to 2016.
• The Administration helped launch the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative, which could leverage more than $1 billion to support women entrepreneurs.

ROLLING BACK RED TAPE: President Trump is rolling back costly regulations that have burdened hardworking Americans and stifled innovation.

• President Trump has followed through on and exceeded his promise to roll back two regulations for every new one created.
• President Trump’s Administration surpassed the 2:1 ratio in 2018, eliminating 12 regulations for every new one in 2018.
• In 2017, the Trump Administration eliminated 22 regulations for every new one.
• Since taking office, President Trump’s deregulation efforts have achieved $33 billion in regulatory savings.
• In 2018, these efforts alone delivered $23 billion in benefits to American families and business owners.
• President Trump has signed 16 Congressional Review Act resolutions into law, eliminating burdensome Obama-era rules and regulations.
• President Trump announced U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, which would have harmed America’s economy and cost American workers millions of jobs.
• President Trump signed an executive order to streamline the permitting process for infrastructure projects with a goal of cutting approval time from up to 10 years to an average of 2 years.
• President Trump signed legislation to roll back burdensome Dodd-Frank regulations that harmed community banks.

NEGOTIATING BETTER DEALS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: President Trump is negotiating fair and balanced trade deals that protect American industries and workers.

• President Trump negotiated a new trade agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico to replace the disastrous and outdated North American Free Trade Agreement.
• After being enacted by Congress, the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) will better serve the interests of American workers and businesses.
• USMCA will incentivize billions of dollars in auto and auto parts production in the United States and create a freer and fairer market for American agriculture.
• USMCA also includes the strongest-ever provisions on labor, environmental, digital, and intellectual property protections to reflect the realities of the 21st century economy.
• The President renegotiated the United States–Korea Free Trade Agreement to preserve and grow jobs in the American auto industry and increase American exports.
• The United States and Japan are set to begin negotiations on a United States–Japan Trade Agreement.
• President Trump is establishing a new trade relationship with the European Union (EU), working toward the elimination of tariff and non-tariff barriers to transatlantic trade.
• President Trump has established a Trade and Investment Working Group to lay the groundwork for post-Brexit trade with the United Kingdom (UK) and has notified Congress of his intent to negotiate a free trade agreement with the UK.
• This year, President Trump filed a withdrawal notification with the Universal Postal Union, launching a one-year negotiation to secure fair international postal rates for American mailers.
• President Trump has expanded market access for American agricultural producers.
• Argentina has opened to American pork and beef, Brazil to American beef, Japan to lamb and Idaho chipping potatoes, South Korea to American poultry, and more.
• The Administration authorized $12 billion to aid farmers affected by unfair retaliatory tariffs.
• The Trump Administration has begun the process to expand the sale of E15, or gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol, to year-round.
• Under President Trump, the United States will no longer accept bad trade deals and unfair trade practices that harm American workers and industries.
• One of the President’s first actions after taking office was withdrawing the United States from the terrible Trans-Pacific Partnership, which incentivized outsourcing.
• In 2017, the Administration oversaw 82 antidumping and countervailing duty investigations.
• President Trump is holding China accountable for its unfair trade practices, such as the theft of intellectual property, by imposing tariffs on $250 billion in Chinese goods.
• Following President Trump’s successful meeting with President Xi in Buenos Aires, both agreed to conduct negotiations over 90 days to address the United States concerns.
• American steel and aluminum jobs are coming back following President Trump’s tariffs to protect domestic industries that are vital to national security.
• President Trump imposed tariffs to protect American-made washing machines and solar products that were hurt by import surges.

UNLEASHING AMERICAN ENERGY: President Trump is rolling back costly and burdensome regulations to unleash America’s incredible energy resources.

• After years of stifling regulation under the Obama Administration, President Trump is unleashing America’s energy potential.
• America is the largest crude oil producer in the world and production has hit a record high.
• President Trump’s policies are helping to boost American energy exports.
• The Administration has streamlined Liquefied Natural Gas terminal permitting.
• In 2017, the United States became a net natural gas exporter for the first time in 60 years.
•American coal exports increased by more than 60 percent in 2017.
• President Trump is expanding access to our country’s abundant natural resources.
• The President signed legislation to open up energy exploration in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.
• In July 2018, the Department of the Interior announced it would hold the largest oil and gas lease sale in history.
• In 2017, the Administration approved construction of the Dakota Access pipeline and the cross-border permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.
• The Administration issued permits for the New Burgos Pipeline that will export American petroleum products to Mexico.
• The President has ended the war on coal, cutting Obama-era regulations such as the “Stream Protection Rule” which was estimated to cost industries $81 million a year.
• President Trump is replacing the Clean Power Plan, a flawed Obama-era regulation that the Supreme Court ordered halted.
• President Trump rescinded the hydraulic fracturing rule, which was expected to cost the oil and gas industry $32 million per year.
• The Trump Administration curbed the burdensome Obama-era rule on methane, saving American energy developers hundreds of millions of dollars in regulatory costs.

EXPANDING OPTIONS FOR QUALITY AND AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE: President Trump is expanding access to affordable healthcare choices and taking action to lower drug prices.

• President Trump’s Administration is working to provide Americans with affordable alternatives to Obamacare.
• The Administration expanded short-term, limited duration health insurance plans that are expected to be nearly 50 percent cheaper than unsubsidized Obamacare plans.
• President Trump has expanded association health plans, allowing more employers to join together across State lines and affordably offer coverage to their employees.
• The Administration proposed a reform to Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) regulations that will give consumers more freedom to purchase benefits that fit their needs.
• Roughly 800,000 employers are expected to provide HRAs for more than 10 million employees once the rule finalized.
• Americans have more healthcare freedom thanks to the President signing legislation that ended Obamacare’s individual mandate penalty.
• While healthcare premiums had been steadily increasing as a result of Obamacare, the average benchmark exchange premium will decline for the first time in 2019 thanks to President Trump’s policies.
• Next year, Americans will benefit from more insurer participation on the exchanges.
• Medicare Advantage plans offer more benefit options than ever before, and average premiums in 2019 will be 6 percent lower than in 2018.
• President Trump launched an unprecedented campaign to drive down drug prices, leading more than a dozen drug manufactures to enact price freezes, reductions, or rollbacks.
• In 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a record number of generic drugs, breaking the previous record set by the Administration in 2017.
• The FDA’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 generic drug approvals are expected to bring nearly $9 billion in savings in 2017 alone.
• President Trump signed legislation eliminating contractual gag clauses that stopped pharmacists from informing patients about lower drug prices.
• The President put forth an initiative to stop global freeloading that drives up prices for American patients.
• The Administration provided Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans with new negotiating tools to drive down drug costs for American patients.
• The Administration implemented reforms to the amount Medicare pays hospitals for drugs that are purchased under the 340B program, saving seniors $320 million in 2018.
• President Trump signed “Right to Try” legislation to expand access to experimental treatments for terminally ill patients.

FIGHTING BACK AGAINST THE CRISIS NEXT DOOR: President Trump mobilized his entire Administration to combat the opioid crisis that has devastated communities across the country.

• President Trump launched an Initiative to Stop Opioid Abuse and Reduce Drug Supply and Demand, introducing new measures to confront the driving forces behind this crisis.
• The President signed the landmark SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act, the largest and most comprehensive legislative package addressing a single drug crisis in history.
• The President helped secure a record $6 billion in funding to fight the opioid epidemic.
• The Administration provided more than $2 billion in grants in 2018 to help States, territories, tribes, and local communities prevent and treat opioid abuse.
• The Administration pursued scientific solutions to prevent and treat addiction through the Helping to End Addiction Long-term (HEAL) Initiative.
• The President launched a national public awareness campaign about the dangers of opioid addiction and youth opioid usage.
• Last year, President Trump created a Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, which recommends ways to tackle the opioid crisis.
• The Administration declared the opioid crisis a nationwide Public Health Emergency in 2017.
• President Trump is working to cut off the flow of deadly opioids into our country and to disrupt the networks that distribute them to our communities.
•The Administration secured first-ever indictments against Chinese nationals for fentanyl trafficking.
• The Department of Justice (DOJ) launched a surge to target fentanyl and heroin dealers in the districts with the most severe overdose death rates.
• The DOJ formed a Joint Criminal Opioid Darknet Enforcement team and shut down the biggest Darknet distributor of drugs.
• Last year, the DOJ announced the largest healthcare fraud takedown in history, arresting more than 120 defendants with opioid-related crimes.
• The President launched a Safer Prescribing Plan that seeks to cut nationwide opioid prescription fills by one-third within three years.
• The Administration has led four National Prescription Drug Take-Back Days, collecting a record-breaking 1,837 tons of expired and unneeded prescription drugs.

STANDING UP FOR THE SANCTITY OF LIFE AND PROTECTING RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: The President is committed to defending the right to life and religious liberty.

• Shortly after taking office, President Trump reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy.
• President Trump defunded a United Nations (UN) agency for colluding with China’s brutal program of forced abortion and sterilization.
• The Administration withdrew guidance that constrained State’s ability to exclude family-planning providers that provide abortion services from the Medicaid program.
• The Trump Administration proposed new regulations to ensure Title X family planning funding does not go to projects that perform, support, or refer patients for abortion.
• The Trump Administration issued regulations establishing new or expanded exemptions from the Obamacare contraceptive mandate based on religious beliefs or moral convictions.
• In 2017, the President issued an executive order to promote free speech and religious liberty.

KEEPING AMERICAN COMMUNITIES SAFE: President Trump has made clear that his first responsibility is to protect the safety and security of Americans.

• Federal Bureau of Investigation data shows violent crime decreased under President Trump’s watch in 2017, following two consecutive years of increases.
• United States Attorneys indicted the most violent criminals on record last year.
• Last year, the DOJ announced nearly $100 million in grant funding to hire hundreds of additional law enforcement officers.
• President Trump is cracking down on the vile MS-13 gang that has brought violence to communities across the country.
• In 2017, the DOJ worked with international partners to arrest and charge approximately 4,000 MS-13 members.
• Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations arrested nearly 800 MS-13 members and associates in FY 2017, an 83 percent increase from the prior year.
• President Trump signed an executive order to restore State and local law enforcement’s access to surplus equipment that can be used to help keep our communities safe.
• President Trump enhanced and updated the Project Safe Neighborhoods program.
• The DOJ announced the creation of the National Public Safety Partnership in 2017, launching a cooperative initiative with cities to reduce violent crime.
• President Trump signed legislation to improve the Federal firearm background check system and keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals.
• President Trump signed the First Step Act, which includes bipartisan reforms to make our Federal justice system fairer and our communities safer.
• The First Step Act will help prepare inmates to successfully rejoin society, reducing recidivism and improving community safety.
• This legislation includes commonsense sentencing reforms that will make our Federal justice system fairer while keeping violent criminals and sex offenders off our streets.

ENFORCING OUR LAWS AND SECURING OUR BORDERS: From the first day of his Administration, President Trump has worked to uphold the rule of law and secure our borders.

• President Trump released an immigration framework that would fix our broken immigration system through merit-based reform and provide the resources needed to secure our border.
• This includes closing the legal loopholes that enable illegal immigration, ending chain migration, and eliminating the visa lottery.
• President Trump secured funding to begin building the wall and construction has already begun in areas along the southern border.
• President Trump deployed the military to assist in securing the southern border.
• President Trump and his Administration took action to require aliens seeking asylum to go to a port of entry to make their claim.
• Customs and Border Protection (CBP) apprehended 17,256 criminals and 1,019 gang members in FY 2018.
• ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) arrested 158,581 aliens in FY 2018, an 11 percent increase from FY 2017.
• 90 percent of those arrested had criminal convictions, pending charges, or had been issued final orders of removal.
• ICE ERO increased removals by 13 percent in FY 2018 to 256,086, the majority of whom were co nvicted criminals.
• Removals of convicted criminal aliens increased by 14 percent from FY 2017.
• Nearly 6,000 known or suspected gang members were removed in FY 2018, a 9 percent increase from FY 2017.
• The Department of Justice prosecuted a record number of criminal immigration offenses in FY 2018 and increased the number of prosecutions for illegal entry by 84 percent over FY 2017.
• Immigration courts are now completing more cases than at any point since 2011
• President Trump kept his promise by launching the office of Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) within the Department of Homeland Security.
• The Administration has more than doubled the number of jurisdictions participating in the 287(g) program, which enables State and local law enforcement to aid immigration enforcement.
• President Trump has made our country safer by ordering the enhanced vetting of individuals entering from countries that do not meet our security standards.
• These procedures were upheld in a June 2018 Supreme Court ruling.

REBUILDING AMERICA’S MILITARY FORCE: President Trump is rebuilding our military and defending America’s interests across the world.

• President Trump ended the devastating defense cuts of the past Administration and has secured historic investments to rebuild our military.
• President Trump signed legislation providing $700 billion for defense in FY 2018 and $716 billion in FY 2019.
• President Trump is supporting America’s men and women in uniform, securing the largest military pay raise in nearly a decade.
• The President issued a new National Security Strategy to keep America safe from all threats.
• The Administration has also released new strategies specific to cybersecurity, biodefense, counterterrorism, and weapons of mass destruction terrorism.
• President Trump directed the first whole-of-government assessment of United States manufacturing and defense supply chains since the Eisenhower Administration.
• President Trump initiated the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review, improving United States deterrence policy and existing capabilities to counter nuclear threats.
• President Trump empowered our military commanders with broad authority in order to take the fight to ISIS, and the results are clear.
• ISIS has lost nearly all of its territory, more than half of which has been liberated since President Trump took office.
• All of ISIS’ territory in Iraq was successfully liberated.
• ISIS’ self-proclaimed capital city Raqqah has been recaptured.
• ISIS’ territorial caliphate has been defeated and President Trump has announced that he is bringing America’s troops in Syria home.
• President Trump announced a new Iran strategy to confront all of Iran’s malign activities and withdrew from the horrible, one-sided Iran nuclear deal.
• All sanctions that had been lifted or waived under the Iran deal have been reimposed.
• The Administration has sanctioned more than 160 individuals tied to the regime’s support of terrorism, ballistic missile program, human rights abuses, and more.
• President Trump took decisive military action to respond to the barbaric use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime.
• President Trump directed strikes in response to the regime’s chemical weapons attacks in April 2017 and April 2018.
• The Trump Administration has also rolled out sanctions targeting those tied to Syria’s chemical weapons program.
• President Trump is strengthening America’s cyber defense and directed the elevation of the United States Cyber Command into a major warfighting command.
• The President announced that the Department of Defense will work to create a Space Force to serve as an independent branch of the United States military.

RESTORING AMERICAN LEADERSHIP ABROAD: President Trump is restoring American leadership on the world stage and advancing an America first agenda.

• President Trump held an historic summit with Chairman Kim Jong-Un, bringing beginnings of peace and denuclearization to the Korean Peninsula.
• Since the summit, the leaders have exchanged letters and high-level officials from both countries have met.
• Because of the President’s actions, North Korea has halted nuclear and missile tests.
• The remains of POW/MIA service members from the Korean War are being returned to the United States.
• Prior to the summit, President Trump’s leadership helped secure the passage of historic UN sanctions on North Korea.
• President Trump followed through on his promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the American embassy there.
• President Trump withdrew the United States from the UN Human Rights Council due to its bias against Israel.
• The Administration made clear that it does not accept the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction over Americans and will continue to protect America’s sovereignty.
• President Trump has successfully advocated for cutting waste at the UN.
• Changes made to the organization’s structure allowed the UN to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from their budget, while making the organization more efficient.
• The President’s leadership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has encouraged members to increase their defense spending and realign the Alliance’s priorities.
• In 2017 alone, there was an increase of more than 4.8 percent in defense spending among NATO allies.
• President Trump convinced the Alliance to strengthen counterterrorism activities, and NATO formally joined the coalition to defeat ISIS.
• President Trump’s Administration is working to advance a free and open Indo-Pacific through investments and partnerships.
• President Trump has imposed tough sanctions on the corrupt regimes in Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.
• President Trump has taken tough action to combat Russia’s malign activities, including Russia’s efforts to undermine United States elections.
• The Administration has imposed sanctions on more than 200 individuals and entities related to Russia’s destabilizing activities.
• The Trump Administration has enhanced support for Ukraine’s defense by stepping up sales of weapons to its military.
• The Trump Administration has secured the release of numerous American citizens held abroad, including Pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey, Josh Holt from Venezuela, and more.
• President Trump attended G20 summits in Argentina and Germany, where he promoted American First policies and encouraged closer cooperation.
• In 2017, President Trump conducted tours through Asia to promote America’s interests.

HONORING AMERICA’S COMMITMENT TO OUR VETERANS: President Trump is honoring America’s commitment to our veterans by ensuring they receive the quality care they have earned.

• President Trump secured a record $73.1 billion in funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide quality medical care for our veterans.
• This funding included $8.6 billion for mental health services, $400 million for opioid abuse prevention, $206 million for suicide prevention, and more.
• The President signed the VA MISSION Act, revolutionizing that VA healthcare system and reforming numerous services for our veterans.
• This legislation will consolidate and reform existing programs to give eligible veterans better access to healthcare providers in their communities.
• Thanks to this legislation, eligible veterans will have access to walk-in community clinics that offer immediate, local care.
• President Trump and his Administration have expanded access to telehealth services for veterans, including through the “Anywhere to Anywhere” VA health care initiative.
• President Trump issued an executive order requiring the Administration to improve access to mental health treatment and suicide prevention resources for veterans.
• President Trump signed the Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, making it easier to fire failing employees and protect whistleblowers.
• Under President Trump, the VA has removed, demoted, or suspended more than 4,300 employees for poor performance.
• President Trump signed the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017, streamlining the process used by veterans when appealing benefits claims.
• President Trump fulfilled his promise to create a new White House VA Hotline to provide veterans with 24/7 support.
• The VA is providing veterans with online access to wait time and quality of care data.
• The President signed the Forever GI Bill, providing veterans, service members, and their families with enhanced education benefits.
• Last year, programs at the VA and the Department of Housing and Urban Development helped more than 51,000 veterans find permanent housing and access supportive services.

TRANSFORMING GOVERNMENT: President Trump has followed through on his pledge to transform the Federal Government and increase accountability and transparency.

• President Trump’s Administration submitted a plan to reorganize the executive branch in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
• In a historic show of transparency and accountability, the Trump Administration completed the Department of Defense’s first ever audit.
• The President implemented a five-year ban on lobbying for White House employees and a lifetime ban on lobbying for foreign countries.
• Each quarter since taking office, President Trump has donated his salary, fulfilling a promise he made to the American people.
• President Trump is reshaping our Fede ral judiciary, appointing judges who will follow the Constitution as written.
•The President has appointed Circuit Court judges at a record pace.
• President Trump has appointed two Supreme Court justices, Justice Neil Gorsuch and Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

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Day 117: Make America Badass Again

Saturday, May 18, 2019

At a local coffee shop this morning, while still waking up and not feeling terribly feisty, I decided to wear my under-the-radar faux-MAGA hat (a red baseball cap that looks like a MAGA hat from the back and sides) before switching later to my real MAGA hat. I was amazed by the large number of other people who were also wearing red hats. Lately, I’ve been seeing a sea of red hats, which I surmise may be a subtle indication of support for President Trump.

Unfortunately, none of the red hats I’ve seen have been MAGA hats except for the one my brave, badass MAGA friend “Martha” (I’ll call her) occasionally wears in public. This does not mean there are no patriots in libtard-infested New York, however. Once you start looking around to see who’s wearing a red hat, you’ll start noticing that a lot of people are wearing patriotic garb to some degree or another.

Case in point, this badass dude was sitting across from me the other day when I was chowing down some comfort food at a Boston Market:

Despite the lies from the leftwing media propagandists, despite the rampant corruption in government, despite the brainwashing that happens every single day in our schools indoctrination centers, despite the intellectual, moral and philosophical corruption of academia, science, and religion . . . despite everything, we are everywhere and we shall prevail.



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Day 118: Facebook Must Be Stopped

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Candace Owens, a young conservative woman (who happens to have dark skin), has been banned from FascistBook for merely stating the truth. I thought I could not possibly get any angrier, but my well of anger directed at the fascism of the Left is much deeper than I had realized.

Facebook must be stopped. Mark Zuckerberg is a malevolent being who must be stopped. Facebook is a demonic force that must be deleted from our planet.

Paul Joseph Watson has posted a sobering video about Leftist censorship, as well as the Left’s new mission to deny banking access to conservatives:



Facebook Suspends Candace Owens For Saying Liberal Policies Incentivize Fatherless Homes


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Day 119: A Day of Compliments

Monday, May 20, 2019

Today was a busy day of errands and appointments. I wore my red MAGA hat all day in Brooklyn and Manhattan, back and forth between the two boroughs, covering many miles.

In the morning I took the ferry to Manhattan, then decided to take a stroll because it was such a beautiful day. As I was walking past the New York Stock Exchange, a young Asian woman called out, “Like your hat!” I turned around and thanked her . . . of course, as I always do when someone compliments me.

After I finished my appointments in midtown Manhattan, I had to travel to Brooklyn for another errand. As I was walking down Fourth Avenue in Park Slop, a young Hispanic guy, around 20 or so, called out “Like your hat!”

Then I had to go back into Manhattan yet again for another round of errands. As I was resting from my day’s exertions, enjoying an early-evening cup of coffee in Madison Square Park – one of New York’s loveliest outdoor jewels – a young Asian man stopped to tell me that . . . he liked my hat.

Thirty minutes later another guy approached me so quickly that I looked up just in time to see a fist coming at me . . . a friendly fist. He was extending his strong arm to give me a gentle fist bump of support.

Given the physical and psychic territory I traversed today—through miles of crowded subways, on countless blocks of pedestrian-clogged sidewalks, on ferries, in and out of stores, browsing the used book stalls near Union Square, sitting in Madison Square Park—it is certain that thousands of New Yorkers saw my hat.

Given the large number of shaming stares I received, I cannot say there is a great awakening in this city . . . yet. But, given the diverse support I received today, from all walks of life, I can say with certainty that many people are already awake.

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Day 120: More Leftwing Fascism

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Tonight I was wearing my red MAGA hat while walking with a friend on Bleeker Street near New York University, when a white hippie-ish guy (probably an indoctrinator at NYU) came up to me, glaring at my hat, and snarled, “is that what I think it is? You’re lucky you’re not by yourself because I would have beat your ass.”

His verbal threat of violence caught me off guard and I instinctively lashed back by shouting, “get out of my face, you fascist totalitarian Nazi. Get out of my face, fascist! Look up the definition of the word, fascist! You’ve threatened me with violence because you disagree with my point of view. That makes you a fascist. Fascist!” Then I hurled a loud string of “fascists!” at him.

So much for liberal open-minded tolerance.

But his behavior goes far beyond mere intolerance. People like him really are Stalinist Maoist totalitarian fascists who would lock up people like me and kill us if they had the power to do so.

They follow an evil philosophy; therefore, they are evil. We must stand up to them, and we must stop them. Unfortunately, the “progressives” are everywhere – in academia, the media, the arts, politics, religion, and science.

It will not be easy, but if we do not take a stand for what is right and good, then who will?


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Day 121: Hipster Zombies

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Rode the G train this evening through the hipster/ millennial neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn, which were once inhabited by relatively normal people whose bodies were not covered with grotesque tattoos. To be fair, I should say that I do know quite a few hipsters who are intelligent and potentially open-minded people. Unfortunately—through no fault of their own—almost all of them were very badly educated.

When I boarded the train, I decided not to wear a MAGA hat because it had been a long day and my energy level was low, but—after looking around the car and seeing the vapid petulant faces of the ignorant spoiled brats who think they know like, you know, like, everything, and who think they are bold, free-thinking nonconformists despite the fact that they all look and think exactly the same—I decided to don my red MAGA hat to spice things up a bit.

I resumed the work I was doing on my laptop, but felt someone staring at me intently, so I looked up and saw what appeared to be a drug-addled larval human male sketching me furiously. I returned the favor and took a photograph of him:

When he exited the train, he dropped a banal caricature of me into my lap, which I merely glanced at before slowly and theatrically ripping it into quarters, then crumpling it into a ball and nonchalantly tossing it into my shopping bag with a dismissive flick of my hand for all to see.

What is so striking about these braindead conformist larvae is that the things they are so righteously indignant about are things about which they have absolutely no knowledge or understanding.


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Friday, May 24, 2019

CrossFit has suspended their use of Facebook Fakebook because Fakebook has become an out-of-control monster (my words). If everyone had the guts and integrity that CrossFit does, then Facebook Fascistbook would cease to exist.

It’s easy to permanently delete your Fakebook account. All you need to do is:

Click the small black triangle at the top right of any Facebook page.


Click YOUR FACEBOOK INFORMATION in the left column.


Enter your password, click CONTINUE and then click DELETE ACCOUNT.




CrossFit is a contrarian physiological and nutrition prescription for improving fitness and health. It is contrarian because prevailing views of fitness, health, and nutrition are wrong and have unleashed a tsunami of chronic disease upon our friends, family, and communities. The voluntary CrossFit community of 15,000 affiliates and millions of individual adherents stands steadfastly and often alone against an unholy alliance of academia, government, and multinational food, beverage, and pharmaceutical companies.

CrossFit, Inc. defends relentlessly the right of its affiliates, trainers, and athletes to practice CrossFit, build voluntary CrossFit associations and businesses, and speak openly and freely about the ideas and principles that animate our views of exercise, nutrition, and health. This website—and, until recently, CrossFit’s Facebook and Instagram accounts—has long catalogued CrossFit’s tireless defense of its community against overreaching governments, malicious competitors, and corrupt academic organizations.

Recently, Facebook deleted without warning or explanation the Banting7DayMealPlan user group. The group has 1.65 million users who post testimonials and other information regarding the efficacy of a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet. While the site has subsequently been reinstated (also without warning or explanation), Facebook’s action should give any serious person reason to pause, especially those of us engaged in activities contrary to prevailing opinion.

Facebook and its properties host and oversee a significant share of the marketplace of public thought. To millions of individuals and communities across the world, Facebook and its properties remain the platforms where ideas and information are exchanged. Facebook thus serves as a de facto authority over the public square, arbitrating a worldwide exchange of information as well as overseeing the security of the individuals and communities who entrust their ideas, work, and private data to this platform. This mandates a certain responsibility and assurance of good faith, transparency, and due process.

CrossFit, Inc., as a voluntary user of and contributor to this marketplace, can and must remove itself from this particular manifestation of the public square when it becomes clear that such responsibilities are betrayed or reneged upon to the detriment of our community. Common decency demands that we do so, as do our convictions regarding fitness, health, and nutrition, which sit at the heart of CrossFit’s identity and prescription. To this end, all activity on CrossFit, Inc.’s Facebook and Instagram accounts was suspended as of May 22, 2019, as CrossFit investigates the circumstances pertaining to Facebook’s deletion of the Banting7DayMealPlan and other well-known public complaints about the social-media company that may adversely impact the security and privacy of our global CrossFit community.

These publicly sourced complaints include but are not limited to the following:

1.  Facebook collects and aggregates user information and shares it with state and federal authorities, as well as security organizations from other countries.

2.  Facebook collaborates with government security agencies on massive citizen surveillance programs such as PRISM.

3.  Facebook censors and removes user accounts based on unknown criteria and at the request of third parties including government and foreign government agencies.

4.  Facebook collects, aggregates, and sells user information as a matter of business. Its business model allows governments and businesses alike to use its algorithmically conjured advertising categories as sophisticated data-mining and surveillance tools.

5.  Facebook’s news feeds are censored and crafted to reflect the political leanings of Facebook’s utopian socialists while remaining vulnerable to misinformation campaigns designed to stir up violence and prejudice.

6.  Facebook, as a matter of business and principle, has weak intellectual property protections and is slow to close down IP theft accounts.

7.  Facebook has poor security protocols and has been subject to the largest security breaches of user data in history.

And finally,

8.  Facebook is acting in the service of food and beverage industry interests by deleting the accounts of communities that have identified the corrupted nutritional science responsible for unchecked global chronic disease. In this, it follows the practices of Wikipedia and other private platforms that host public content but retain the ability to remove or silence—without the opportunity for real debate or appeal—information and perspectives outside a narrow scope of belief or thought. In this case, the approved perspective has resulted in the deaths of millions through preventable diseases. Facebook is thus complicit in the global chronic disease crisis.

For these reasons, CrossFit, Inc. has placed Facebook and its associated properties under review and will no longer support or use Facebook’s services until further notice.

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Day 125: Stars and Stripes Forever

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Wore my blue MAGA hat today on the ferry to Manhattan, then on the ferry to Ft. Tilden in order to finish repainting my flag that was vandalized last year:

Eight years ago, for the tenth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center, I painted an American flag on one of the bunkers by the beach to honor the victims of 9-11. It has endured numerous desecrations since then, and I have always repainted them. It was especially important that I finish repairing the latest desecrations before Memorial Day.

Yesterday I repainted the stripes in broad daylight in the late morning and received too much solar radiation, and perhaps too much attention from passersby because there was an unusually heavy police presence near the flag all afternoon. Maybe someone who saw me painting thought that I was defacing the flag and reported me to the police.

In any case, I was unable to finish the repairs yesterday, and today had no choice but to wait until the early evening rain had stopped, giving me only a small window of opportunity before complete darkness set in. I was painting away furiously when I heard a voice behind me say, “I’m glad the flag is being fixed. The last time I was here I noticed that someone had sprayed it.” Turns out the guy was from the Dominican Republic and had always admired the flag during the seven years that he had been coming to the beach at Ft. Tilden. He had nothing but scorn and disdain for the vandals, and it was gratifying to hear his appreciation for what I was doing because I usually work in complete anonymity.

The light was fading fast, so I only had time to quickly paint over the worst defacements, leaving remnants of turquoise, orange, and purple peeking out from around the edges of the stars, but the flag now looks beautiful from a distance:

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Day 126: Semper Fidelis

Monday, May 27, 2019


Happy Memorial Day! I will be proudly wearing my red MAGA hat today on my journey out to Ft. Tilden to celebrate the holiday. I originally painted this flag on a bunker at Ft. Tilden in 2011 to honor the victims of 9-11. Since then, it’s been vandalized many times, and each time I’ve repaired the damage. This year I repainted the flag not only to honor the victims of 9-11, but also to honor all Americans who have fought for this country, and who are currently serving in the Armed Forces, as well as all Americans and all people everywhere who love this country.

As you’re enjoying copious food and drink today (and maybe too much sun; wear a hat!), let’s not forget the reason for the holiday: to honor members of the Armed Forces who died while serving their country. My own father served in World War II in the Pacific theatre, although he never talked about it when my siblings and I were growing up, and—typical of kids wrapped up in their own worlds—we never asked him about it. All I knew was that he left his studies at the Citadel in order to enlist in the Marines, thus relinquishing an officer’s commission upon graduation. I did not know until shortly before his death (at the age of 92 on Pearl Harbor Day in 2016) that he was among the first troops on the ground at Nagasaki after the bomb was dropped, to find and confiscate any remaining weapons. In his later years he was plagued with skin cancers on his ears and the top of his head, requiring the removal of part of one of his ears, which made him look a little like Dr. Spock. We never knew if that was caused by exposure to radiation at Nagasaki, or from his lifelong love of fishing and hunting. Or both.


I made this cross of driftwood and frayed rope, and raised it on the beach at Ft. Tilden when my mother died in 2014. She did not serve in the military, but she loved this country dearly and made sacrifices of a different kind. The cross was vandalized soon after I raised it. Clearly, we are still at war.





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Day 127: CNN Is Going Down!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

While wearing my MAGA hat yesterday, I received several compliments. The first was from a crew member on the ferry from Manhattan to Rockaway. The second was from a man on the bus from the Rockaway ferry landing to Ft. Tilden. The third was from a woman on the Staten Island ferry as she walked past me and gave me a smile and a thumb’s up.

I don’t know how many people may have tried to shame-stare me into submission because I was too busy reading the news on my phone about CNN’s recent free fall into oblivion.

As reported on American Thinker, “Ratings for CNN and MSNBC continuing to crash, as viewers migrate to Fox News prime time.”

And, the Daily Wire reported on May 6: “CNN Ratings Continue To Tank. Check Out These BRUTAL Numbers

Obviously, a large percentage of the two-dozen people who willingly watch CNN are fed up with their lies (everyone else who watches it is trapped in an airline terminal or eating at a McDonald’s).

I can’t wait to read about the crazies on CNN completely losing their minds when all the facts come out about Obama’s band of criminals (Comey, Brennan, Strzok, Clinton, McCabe, Clapper,  Schiff, Lynch, Blumenthal, Steele, et al)  treasonously using the U.S. government to try to swing the last presidential election towards Hillary, and—when that failed—to try to destroy Trump’s presidency. Clinton and the Obama thugs make President Nixon look like Mother Theresa.

The Obama-Clinton Conspiracy And Coverup will go down in history as the worst political scandal in American history. Thanks to President Trump, Attorney General Barr, a handful of patriots in Congress, all the real journalists out there—and, of course, everyone who voted for Trump—Obama and his gang of vermin are going down, and they’re taking the leftwing media propagandists with them.

Good riddance! Life in prison will be too good for them. They should be swinging from ropes.

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Day 128: Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Today is Patrick Henry’s birthday. Happy Birthday, “Cousin” Patrick! (his second wife, Dorothea Spotswood Dandridge was a daughter of my great great great great great great aunt Dorothea Spotswood).

One of the central figures of the American Revolution, Patrick Henry is most famous for a speech he gave at the second Virginian Convention at St. John’s Church in Richmond on March 23, 1775, which persuaded those in attendance—including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson—to begin preparing for war against Great Britain.

His speech ended with these immortal words: “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

What most people do not know is that Patrick Henry was additionally responsible for the birth of this nation because he was one of the first to take an implacably hard line against the Stamp Act of 1765. His speech in the House of Burgesses on May 30 provoked cries of treason but it made him one of the earliest leaders in the movement towards independence.

A staunch anti-federalist, he opposed the ratification of the Constitution in 1787 because he feared—with great prescience—that giving so much power to a central government would lead to tyranny. His opposition to ratification, however, was instrumental in the creation of the ten amendments to the Constitution known as the Bill of Rights.

It is obvious what he would have thought about the treasonous Obama-Clinton Coup and Coverup. I call upon his spirit now to help us overthrow the Washington deep-state leviathan that he feared and predicted.


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Day 129: More Revelations About the Communist Snake Obama

Thursday, May 30, 2019

This explosive article by Thomas Lifson was posted May 29th on The Federalist website:


“Hold on to your hats.  At last, we are on the verge of getting to the bottom of the weaponization of the nation’s top law enforcement and spy agencies to spy on political opponents, and it is far bigger than obtaining bogus FISA Court warrants to spy on Carter Page.  Barack Obama’s minions have been spying on his political opponents since before his 2012 re-election, and the entire Russiagate hoax was an effort to cover up that ongoing spying.”

I will be wearing my bright red in-your-face MAGA hat today whenever I am in public, and anyone who doesn’t like my hat can mange de la merde.


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Day 130: Leftwing Reactionaries

Friday, May 31, 2019

For the past several days I have taken only my red MAGA hat with me instead of the assortment I usually carry when I go out. I have been in no mood to tiptoe around the delicate sensibilities of New York progs and snowflakes. I want them to see my red MAGA hat. If they choose to have hissy fits and lash out like demented children because of a hat, then so be it.

For example, I was riding the F train towards Manhattan the other day, when a man at the other end of the car got up and staggered towards me with a slightly manic expression on his face. I doubt he would have noticed my blue hat from such a distance. As he neared me, I could not sense whether he was friend or foe, so it was a welcome surprise when he gave me a prodigious salute, which I returned with equal exuberance while a couple of nearby feminazi hipsters sniggered like timid mice.

On the ferry yesterday morning, while wearing my red MAGA hat, a wholesome young man traveling from Lancaster, Pennsylvania with friends and family stopped to express his support for my hat (I wonder if he would have stopped if I had been wearing a different MAGA hat). He told me that he and a friend had their own MAGA hats but were debating whether to wear them for fear of possibly being attacked. I assured him that they would be safe if there were people around, and encouraged him to wear their hats.

Later that evening—while riding the subway uptown to the Bohemian National Hall to hear a concert of music that travelers would likely have heard on “grand tours” of Europe in the eighteenth century—a woman touched her forehead (to indicate my hat), then nodded and sent me a beaming smile.

As I was leaving the concert, I noticed a man wearing an anti-Trump button, so I stealthily donned my MAGA hat and turned his way to be sure that he would see it.

This morning on the ferry while disembarking at Red Hook, a scruffy 30-ish white man with a rabid expression (obviously a leftwing extremist) walked past me and muttered that he was offended by my hat. I responded by saying it’s a free country, then quietly called him a fascist several times.

This evening as I was walking on 14th Street near Trader Joe’s, a feminazi snowflake did a doubletake when she saw my hat, then had the audacity to insult me, assuming that I would be shamed into submission and would melt like a pathetic snowflake (like herself). She was quite visibly taken aback when I turned my voice up to “loud” and repeatedly called her a narrow-minded, brainwashed, intolerant fascist.


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Day 132: Much To Be Thankful For

Sunday, June 2, 2019

It’s Sunday and I am in a thankful mood, especially after seeing this image that was posted on Ace of Spades HQ. (I don’t know who created the image, but thanks to whoever did it.)

While out and about today, I wore my mellow brown MAGA hat to match my mellow mood. As I was riding the subway uptown to meet some friends, some people stared and glared, as usual, but I merely ignored them. It is amusing to get into a staring contest with a prog snowflake, because I always win, but the Hat is actually more powerful if I ignore the stares.

“Liberal” New Yorkers experience cognitive dissonance when they see a person nonchalantly wearing a MAGA hat as if it’s the most normal thing in the world, thus causing their brains to short circuit.

If I acknowledge their shaming stares by staring back, then the dynamic changes; then it becomes a battle, which they do understand. But a battle merely reinforces their deeply held prejudices.

Ignoring them confuses them.


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Day 134: D-DAY

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


American soldiers recovering the dead after D-Day

On this 75th anniversary of D-Day, as we are rushing around performing quotidian tasks, doing our jobs, raising families, running errands, glued to our phones, let us pause for a moment and consider the world as it was in 1944.

Those of you who were brainwashed in the schools indoctrination centers will only have an inkling of the reality of World War II. If you were to stop a person on the street, most people would not even be able to tell you when the war was fought.

But, millions of Americans have not been brainwashed—including, of course, the millions of veterans and Americans serving in the Armed Forces—and we do know our history.

We are the future. Never forget that fact. Never forget that those of us who understand the past are the ones who will keep the light of liberty alive.



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Day 137: Free at Last

Friday, June 7, 2019

Have been AWOL from blogging lately but not from wearing my MAGA hat (of course). The other day I quit my job, finally, hallelujah, so decided last night to put the pedal to the metal and head up to beautiful New England.

This is what my fellow motorists will be seeing (I made the “bumper sticker” by printing out the image, pasting it to card stock, attaching flexible magnetic tape to the back, and covering the whole thing with clear packing tape to make it waterproof):

Another reason I wanted to flee NYC was that I smelled the unmistakable, nauseating odor of decaying human feces while walking around the city last week, not once, not twice, but three times in one day! Thanks Democrats / “progressives” / “liberals” for turning everything you touch into shit.

San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, New York. Crapholes, one and all, and the dim Dem lemmings keep pulling the D lever. First, they destroy their own cities, then flee to the suburbs or points south and continue pulling the D lever . . . because they are insane.

Democrats/ leftists/ “progressives” are literally insane, which explains their irrational, demented behavior. The pathetic demagogue Fauxcahontas Warren is a perfect example. Another example is the fact that leftist/Democrat-controlled Twitter banned Erick Erikson for posting this:

It is literally unbelievable how quickly New York is becoming a complete shithole under the stupid-as-a-rock megalomaniac “progressive” Dimocrat mayor Wilhelm de Bolshevik (and he thinks he could be president!). Please do run, de Bolshevik, I would love to see Trump eviscerate you, but you’ll never in a billion years be the Dim candidate for president, so please run . . . run away as fast as you can.

In the meantime, I am enjoying the clean air and the friendly, sane, happy people of rural Vermont and Massachusetts.


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Day 164: Happy Independence Day!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Today is America’s 243rd birthday, and the intelligent people in this country will be celebrating the birth of our great nation (and perhaps reading the web magazine “The Federalist,” which is particularly edifying today:

The brainwashed morons—Antifa, the DimocRats, Trump-haters, leftwing media (NY Times, CNN, etc.), and the other “progressives”—will not be celebrating the birth of this nation. They should, therefore, mange la merde and return to Hell whence they came.


Lately I’ve been taking snapshots of people wearing patriotic garb or colors, so this would be a good day to share some of them:














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Day 173: America’s Enemies Within

Sunday, July 13, 2019

America is experiencing a civil war. This is glaringly obvious to anyone who’s been paying the slightest attention to current events. Unfortunately, many Americans are not paying attention.

What makes this most recent civil war so unusual—and difficult to fight—is the fact that a huge number of Americans are not even aware of the fact that we are in a civil war. They know nothing about the malefactors and demons who have been working so hard—for decades—to turn the United States into a socialist-communist paradise nightmare (i.e. the “progressives”/ communists/ Democrats/ big-government-totalitarians/ Republicrats-RINOs/ leftwing media extremists/ leftists in academia, religion, and science/ Google/ Facebook/ etc.).

The American sheeple who voted for Barry “Barack Obama” Soetoro do not know that he was suckled on the teat of communism from an early age; that his mother, grandparents, and his actual father Frank Marshall Davis were all communists.

The American sheeple do not know that leftwing extremist Valerie Jarrett was the brains in the Soetoro-Obama White House. They do not know that Jarrett still lives with the Soetoro-Obamas in their luxurious house in Kalorama (protected by fences and armed guards, of course).

The American sheeple have never heard of Saul Alinsky, nor do they know that Hillary Clinton was—and still is—one of his most ardent disciples. They have never heard of Webster Hubbell and do not know that Hubbell was Chelsea Clinton’s father, but they do know something much more important: the names of all the Kardashians.

This is all bad enough, but the other enormous problem in this civil war is that a huge number of Americans (the young and the stupid) have been completely brainwashed into believing that the United States is a deeply flawed, evil country that must be “fundamentally transformed” (as the communist puppet Barry Soetoro once proclaimed).

These are the millions of ignorant, brainwashed Americans who oppose Donald Trump with mindless, kneejerk fury.

One of these brainwashed ignoramuses recently defaced (again) the flag I painted on a bunker at Ft Tilden in early September 2011 to honor the victims of the 9-11 attacks against our country.

The flag has been defaced numerous times since I first painted it. This most recent defacement was the worst because many of the stars were completely obliterated, making it much harder to restore. In the past, I’ve always repainted the stars by hand; this time I had to resort to using a stencil and spray paint.

In my haste to repair the flag before Independence Day, I cut the star stencil too small, which is why the stars are now a bit too small. When I have the time, I’ll go back and repaint the stars, but it’s okay . . . for now.

Ft. Tilden flag defacement, late June 2019:

Ft. Tilden flag, after restoration, July 3, 2019:



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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Just a reminder: Nike is still a racist, anti-American, piece-of-shit company, so . . .

BOYCOTT NIKE. Just do it.










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Day 187: The Worst Scandal in American History

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Ace of Spades HQ—the best (and most entertaining) political and cultural blog—quoted an excerpt today of an article written by the brilliant Victor Davis Hanson:  “Progressives Face a Bleak Post-Mueller Landscape” (originally published May 9 at American Greatness).

Hanson’s article is so extraordinarily prescient and insightful that I am quoting the entire article here today.

A PDF is available at the American Greatness website. Print it out and share it. Print multiple copies and share them. Read the article aloud at barbeques; laminate copies and take them to the beach; post copies on the bulletin boards where you work; send copies to your friends and relatives who are not plugged into the internet; leave copies in prominent places at your local library; slip copies between the magazines on your friends’ coffee tables . . .

Spread the word: the worst scandal in American history must not be swept under the rug.

Here is the article to which I refer:


Victor Davis Hanson, May 9, 2019

Democrats have grown infuriated by Attorney General William Barr’s indifference to their hysteria over the Trump-Russia collusion narrative.

Barr recently released a brief summary of special counsel Robert Mueller’s conclusions that Donald Trump did not collude with the Russians to warp the 2016 election. Barr added that Mueller had not found enough evidence to recommend that Trump be indicted for obstruction of justice for the non-crime of collusion.

Progressives, who for 22 months had insisted that Trump was a Russian asset, were stunned. But only for a few hours.

Almost immediately, they redirected their fury toward Barr’s summation of the Mueller report. Yet few rational people contested Barr’s synopses about collusion and obstruction.

Both the Mueller report and Barr’s summation can be found on the internet. Anyone can read them to see whether Barr misrepresented Mueller’s conclusions.

Again, there have been few criticisms that Barr was wrong on his interpretation that there was no collusion and not enough evidence to indict on obstruction of justice.

But now Democrats are calling for Barr to resign or be impeached for not regurgitating the unproven allegations against Trump. In other words, Barr acted too much like a federal prosecutor rather than a tabloid reporter trafficking in allegations that did not amount to criminal conduct.

The besmirching of Barr’s conduct is surreal. He certainly has not done anything even remotely approximating the conduct of former President Obama’s two attorneys general.

Has Barr dubbed himself the president’s “wingman” or called America a “nation of cowards,” as did former Attorney General Eric Holder?

Has Barr’s Department of Justice monitored reporters’ communications or ordered surveillance of a television journalist? Has Barr used a government jet to take his family to the Belmont Stakes horse race, as did Holder?

Has Barr met secretly on an airport tarmac with the spouse of a person his Justice Department was investigating, as did former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who had such a meeting with Bill Clinton?

The Mueller report ignored the likely illegal origins of the Christopher Steele dossier, the insertion of an FBI informant into the Trump campaign, the unlawful leaking of documents, and the conflicted testimonies of former high-level intelligence officials.

All of those things were potential felonies. All in some way yielded information that Mueller drew on in his investigation. Yet Mueller never recommended a single indictment of any of the Obama-era officials who likely broke laws.

Mueller was instead fixated on possible collusion with Russia. But it is a crime to knowingly hire a foreign national to work on a presidential campaign—in other words, to “collude.” That is exactly what the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee did when they paid British subject Christopher Steele to smear Trump.

Did Mueller argue that the possible crimes of John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and other former government officials—lying to federal investigators, perjury, obstruction of justice, deceiving the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, planting an informant into a political campaign, unmasking and leaking the identities of individuals under surveillance—were only peripheral to his investigation?

Not really. After all, Mueller indicted Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, Roger Stone and others for crimes that had nothing to do with collusion and were far less serious than the improper behavior of top Obama administration bureaucrats.

So what really explains the furor now directed at Barr?

One, progressives are terrified that a number of Trump’s critics—Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe—may soon be indicted. They apparently seek to preempt such indictments by attacking Barr, a seemingly no-nonsense prosecutor who will likely follow up on any criminal referrals from any inspector general that reach his desk.

Two, the 2020 progressive agenda—whether defined as the Green New Deal, a wealth tax, Medicare for All or open borders—will not compete well with Trump’s currently booming economy. Impeaching Trump for collusion and obstruction is seen by progressives as the best (or perhaps only) way to return to power. That effort so far is failing, causing even more hysteria.

Three, the Mueller investigation is over, finished after 22 months, $34 million and a 448-page, two-volume report.

There will be no indictments of Trump for either collusion or the obstruction of justice during the investigation of that non-crime. So now what?

Since late 2015, Trump, as the supposed Russian puppet or the Machiavellian obstructer of justice, was nightly cable-TV news fare. Now, such fantasies are shattered. But progressives are not willing to let the Mueller investigation rest in peace and move on with their lives.

Perhaps they feel in the political sense that there is nothing to move on to. And they are probably right.


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Day 197: “White Supremacy” Is a Lie

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

“White supremacy” is a myth. It does not exist. It is a lie fabricated by the brainwashed and ignorant “progressive,” socialist, communist anti-white racists in academia, the media, religion and government.

No, the problem is not “white supremacy.”

The huge problem in this country is the bias and hatred directed towards white people — especially male white people — as well as Republican, conservative, and Christian people of all colors, and all people on Earth who oppose the totalitarian socialist/communist New World Order that the left-wing lunatics in media, academia, religion, and government are promoting with satanic, single-minded zeal.

As usual J.J. Sefton at Ace of Spades HQ is doing a brilliant job of analyzing and summarizing what is happening in our country and on our planet, therefore I am taking the liberty of linking his post from Monday:



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Day 287: Viva Trump

Nov. 4, 2019

So, Trump did the sensible thing last week and decided to become a Florida resident. He’s not alone. Over-taxed, nanny-state, socialist “progressive” New York has the highest rate of out-migration of any state in the country (thus losing two seats in the House of Representatives after the 2010 census).

Andrew “Infanticide” Cuomo—the tacky, corrupt, mafioso-Democrat governor of New York—actually said “Good riddance” to the President of the United States. May Cuomo return to Hell a.s.a.p., and may New York continue to lose seats in Congress.

I don’t know how much longer I can stand living in the lunatic asylum known as New York City. Since quitting my job in June, I’ve taken numerous out-of-state trips to escape the “liberal, progressive” (i.e. intolerant, ignorant, fascist, regressive) hive-mind of New York City, which is one reason my blog posts have been so infrequent this summer and fall. Another reason is that I spent much of the summer slaving in my gardens, although I did reward myself with frequent swims in the nearby Atlantic. After the gardens peaked in September, I fled New York yet again for a month-long tour of New England. The scenery was breathtaking, the air fresh and clean, the inhabitants friendly and polite, the rivers and lakes invigorating, and the food delicious and plentiful. An added benefit is that some of my clothes are still infused with the intoxicating scent of woodsmoke from the campfires I enjoyed during the trip.

I’m sharing some photos I took, which I hope readers will enjoy. Needless to say, my support for President Trump has not waivered one iota, and the brownshirt Antifa terrorists (the armed wing of the Democrat party, just as the KKK used to be the armed wing of the Democrats) have had no effect whatsoever on my hat-wearing.

Incidentally, you may recall that the communist puppet Obama once referred to a “civilian army” that he wanted to create during his failed “fundamental transformation” of America. Make no mistake, Antifa is that army.


Somewhere along Route 2 in western Maine


Near Mt. Blue, Maine


Skowhegan, Maine


Skowhegan, Maine (Democrats: please waste time and money campaigning in Maine).


Near Bear Brook State Park, New Hampshire

Gorham, New Hampshire. “Live Free or Die” is not just a license plate slogan . . .


Roadside display, New Hampshire.


The back of someone’s vehicle in Bellows Falls, Vermont


Somewhere in Vermont


Western Connecticut.


Mt. Tabor, Vermont. I’m guessing the proprietors of this establishment will not be voting for Fauxcahontas Warren (please, Dims, please please nominate Fauxcahontas).



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Day 338: Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

As Tiny Tim in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol famously exclaimed, “A Merry Christmas to us all; God bless us, every one!”

Today I’m putting politics aside (for the most part) and sharing a Christmas story I wrote for a literary gathering in the East Village six years ago.



H. Reynolds Butler

December 2013

One drizzly evening last month I decided to pop out and buy a crèche—or nativity scene—depicting the story of the birth of Christ when Joseph and a very pregnant Mary had to travel by foot and donkey from Nazareth to Bethlehem to be counted in the census, but there was no room at the inn so they had to stay in a manger. Biblical accounts vary but that’s what I remember from Sunday school.

The only nativity scene I owned was a small polymer-molded souvenir I had gotten in the gift shop of Santa Maria in Trastevere when I made the pilgrimage to Rome for the 2000th Jubilee anniversary of Christ’s birth. I also wanted to see what the Romans had done to gussy up their city for the Jubilee.

I still love that little crèche and display it year-round—sometimes on the ample dashboard of my ancient station wagon—but I wanted something a little more substantial this year.

I’m not sure what possessed me to go out that particular night: maybe all of the “holiday” decorations materializing in the city, or maybe the recent conversation I had had with my sister, trying to track down the manger scene my parents used to display at Christmastime when we were growing up.

That crèche was a modest but tasteful little set-up: a sturdy cardboard faux-wood manger—slightly smaller than a breadbox—that appeared from a distance to be made of rustic timbers. A freeform flap in front folded down to reveal the interior­ and to provide a flat surface for displaying the nativity figures. Bits of real straw were glued to the roof and scattered around the inside.

The hand-painted figures were appropriately reverent: Mary and Joseph with solemn, adoring gazes; the baby Jesus depicted as an actual newborn babe, unlike some nativity scenes where the Holy Infant appears to be a plump rambunctious two-year-old. The Three Wise Men—also known as the Magi or the Three Kings—wore flowing majestic robes, good for riding camels through the desert in winter. Two sweet young shepherds, one with a lamb slung over his shoulders, wore expressions of amazement. A couple of cows, some sheep and a donkey rounded out the cast of characters.

The position of the figures changed frequently, depending upon how often my four siblings and I would wander through the living room and start messing with them, usually leaving the figures in rather inappropriate tableaux: Mary and Joseph gazing down reverently at the donkey while the Holy Infant reposed in the shadows; or all of the grown-ups shoved into a random clump in the back while all of the animals had gathered around Jesus in a friendly little cluster. Sometimes all of the figures would end up scattered around as if Bethlehem had just suffered a category seven earthquake.

The whole scene was illuminated by a single orange-yellow five-watt incandescent Christmas tree bulb hidden up in the rafters, which emitted a faint burning smell, and—in retrospect—an alarming amount of heat.

My sister had become, over the years, the de facto family archivist and curator after my parents’ divorce and my mother’s impetuous moves of self-discovery on her way to becoming an artist.

Not especially devout, my sister professed not to know the whereabouts of the manger scene and I wondered if she had thrown it out. Or maybe it was just one of those childhood artifacts, treasured in retrospect but left behind in an attic or tossed in the trash by an insensitive or practical relative.

Not sure where to start my crèche hunt, I headed over to a couple of nearby drugstores where I had noticed some of the aisles given over to “seasonal” items, a catch-all term for the ephemeral junk purveyed at every conceivable holiday, sometimes simultaneously: St. Patrick’s Day-Easter-Mother’s Day, followed by Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas-Hanukkah-New Year’s-Valentine’s Day.

The drugstores had an array of candy canes, Christmas tree lights, and ornaments—including some puzzlingly incongruous items like small glitter-covered women’s high-heel pumps—but were devoid of anything relating directly to the birth of Christ, except for a few angels and some greeting cards that did actually wish people a “Merry Christmas” as opposed to the bland and generic “Season’s Greetings” and “Happy Holidays.”

Which made me wonder: when did wishing someone a “Merry Christmas” at Christmastime become taboo? Obviously, a confluence of various forces had been at work for decades: the creeping secularization of America; the forced removal of nativity scenes from public spaces; and the way gift giving at Christmas—in honor of Christ’s birthday—had metastasized into an annual orgy of materialism.

Nevertheless, I knew that somewhere in the city there had to be manger scenes for sale. I just didn’t know where to look.

I headed over to 34th Street (as in “Miracle On . . .”) assuming that Macy’s would surely have some crèches. After wading through acres of perfu­me and jewelry on the ground floor, I rode the wonderfully antiquated one-hundred-and-eleven-year-old wooden escalators all the way to the top floor, arriving at “Holiday Lane,” Macy’s vast array of dazzling ornaments and beautifully decorated trees. Pleasant instrumental arrangements of actual Christmas carols were playing in the background—a welcome change from the ditties about snowmen, Santa, and reindeer.

I soon discovered an array of ornaments in the form of manger scenes, angels, the Magi and bejeweled crosses, as well as disembodied praying hands and flaming hearts. Their selection of nativity scenes was surprisingly extensive . . . and sometimes in questionable taste. One of the oddest featured Santa Clause—just Santa—kneeling next to the Baby Jesus. I searched for a companion piece featuring Mary and Joseph out for a joyride in Santa’s sleigh but couldn’t find one.

Another crèche, for $280, featured a gargantuan guardian angel, her huge wings enveloping the Holy Family during their flight into Egypt to escape King Herod’s paranoid decree that all baby boys in Bethlehem be killed, fearing that the newly born “King of the Jews” he had heard about might someday try to usurp his throne.

They also offered a musical snow globe that featured the Holy Family engulfed in a gentle snowstorm while a barely intelligible rendition of “Oh, Come All Ye Faithful” plinked anemically in the background. For $50, I would have expected the music to be slightly more robust.

There were several inexpensive crèches in the traditional style I was seeking, but they were cheap in quality, too, and didn’t include the shepherds and wise men.

All of the crèches, ironically, were made in Communist China.

Since I was in the neighborhood, I decided to visit the K-Mart down the street. No miracles there; just a forest of unnaturally green fake Christmas trees amidst a chaotic jumble of lights, candy canes, Santa hats, wrapping paper, angels dressed as Victorian ladies, and huge inflatable snowmen more appropriate for Halloween.

I was, however, able to locate five different kinds of manger scenes. One, inexplicably, portrayed everyone—including the grown-ups—as plump little children, for a mere $24.99.  A more traditional version, for the same price, featured the Holy Family and the Magi but no shepherds.

My favorite was a translucent plastic three-piece, made-in-USA grouping of the Holy Family for $64.99.  The two-and-a-half-foot-tall figures of Mary and Joseph were illuminated from within by 60-watt bulbs; the Holy Infant’s fledgling glow created by a single night-light bulb. The instructions on the box helpfully pointed out, “requires straw.”

They also had some musical snow globe crèches—a bargain at $16.99—that plucked out “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem” while the Holy Family endured a swarm of green glitter.

I called a friend that night to ask for advice, explaining that I was having a hard time finding a good quality, traditional manger scene. He recommended Scully & Scully at 59th and Park, and a shop in Little Italy called E. Rossi & Co. on Grand St.

It also occurred to me that some of the local churches would be a logical place to look, and maybe the Metropolitan Museum would carry a crèche or two in their gift shop. The museum did, after all, display a majestic twenty-foot tree in the Medieval Sculpture Hall at Christmastime, magnificently adorned with their splendid collection of eighteenth-century Neapolitan angels, cherubs, and crèche figures (irreverently called “creechee” figures by a friend of mine).

I headed out eagerly the next day to continue my crèche hunt.  Scully and Scully was a surprise. My friend was apparently unaware of the fact that I am not a millionaire. Many of their crèches were traditional and beautiful, as well they should be, selling for $125 up to $3400.

Continuing uptown to the Metropolitan Museum, I handed over a single penny to gain admission in lieu of the “recommended” fee of $25.  Their gift shop did have a lovely reproduction of the Neapolitan Holy Family, which is the centerpiece of their Christmas tree—for $225—but I wanted the whole shebang: Holy Family, Magi, shepherds, and animals.

Apparently snow globe crèches are all the rage these days. They carried an enchanting reproduction of the museum’s Christmas tree in a swirl of iridescent glitter, priced exorbitantly at $110.  However, even though Mary, Joseph, and Jesus were front and center in the illustration on the box, it was nevertheless labeled “Angel Tree Musical Snow Globe,” excluding the forbidden word Christmas.

Nearby were several shelves of ornaments in the shape of . . . women’s high-heel pumps.

Heading back downtown, I popped into St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue, crowded with throngs of milling tourists and the Catholic faithful. Their small gift shop tucked away in the back of the church carried several beautifully crafted crèches—made in Italy by Fontanini—for $149 and $199. Neither included the Wise Men or shepherds, but additional figures could be purchased separately.

As I was leaving, I happened to see a sign on the wall directing visitors to the main gift shop on 51st Street across from the parish house, so I walked around the corner to see what else they were selling.

Eureka! I had arrived at the mother lode of crèches. Their huge selection was surely the largest in the city. The shop was stocked with an enormous variety of crèches in all styles, prices, and materials. They also carried scads of religious figurines, crucifixes, Advent calendars, and religious ornaments for Christmas trees, as well as reproductions of well-known religious works of art.

The prices for the crèches ranged from less than $20 all the way up to a staggering $40,000 for a complete set of hand-painted nearly life-size figures perched on a ledge high above the cash registers. After making note of several models that especially appealed to me (and my wallet), I headed downtown to see what E. Rossi & Co. in Little Italy was offering.

E. Rossi’s front window displayed a large traditional manger scene (for $1800), flanked by two equally attractive smaller crèches. Inside, the shop was piled high with a bewildering disarray of crèches, figurines, Italian souvenirs, novelties, dishes, cooking implements, sheet music and CDs of Italian music. Barely able to squeeze past the piles of boxes in the aisles, I located the friendly proprietor and learned that most of the crèches were made in Italy by Fontanini, and were sold year-round.

Most of the crèches with a full complement of figures were priced in the neighborhood of $200 to $300, not cheap but bargain basement compared to the more expensive models I had seen elsewhere. Growing finally weary of my hunt, I chose a classic set that included all of the requisite figures and animals, and happily carried home my prize, the figures swaddled in tissue paper and snuggled safely together inside the manger.


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