Days 18 – 23: Chicago Bigotry Update

Friday, Feb. 8 — Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019

Not much to report for Days 18 through 23. Spent much of the weekend chillaxing, taking a break from blogging, attending to neglected quotidian tasks, and trying to snag some bargains at my favorite auction house.

Rest assured, I did wear a MAGA hat whenever I went out, which makes today my twenty-third continuous day of wearing a MAGA hat in public. Got the usual reactions: doubletakes, rude stares, compliments. One encounter is worth recounting. On Saturday, I was riding the R train from lower Manhattan to midtown, sitting on the end seat of a bench next to the doors when I sensed a presence hovering near me. At first, I thought it was just one of those people who annoyingly lean against the doors, thus blocking ingress and egress of the subway car. Then it occurred to me that maybe it was someone with malevolent intent. When I looked to see who it was, a twenty-something Asian guy leaned over and quietly asked what sort of reactions I had been getting to my hat. I blithely told him that I’ve been writing about that very subject for several weeks.

By the way, I mention people’s ethnicity and skin color sometimes, not because I give a flying crap about such superficial things, but to show that Trump’s support is as wide as it is deep.

The Asian guy confided that he sells MAGA hats online as a side gig (his day job is mid-level management at one NYC’s top universities), which sparked an animated discussion between us about the finer points of hat design, materials, colors, and sources. We occasionally detoured into the most up-to-date political happenings, and he naively asked me (me!) if I had heard of the Covington incident. “Of course,” I exclaimed while handing him my card. We had to cut our conversation short when he arrived at his stop but he also gave me his card, so we will continue the conversation.

One of the big stories all over the internet today – which my new subway friend and I did not discuss – is that JussTawana Smollett has hired Harvey Weinstein’s public relations firm. Is this a naked admission of guilt, that this sordid hoax was a PR stunt to boost his career and to demonize Trump and his supporters? Does Jusstawana expect to be charged with filing a false police report? Are there degrees of seriousness when filing a false police report, like first-degree murder and second-degree murder? If his lies end up inciting riots in Shitcago (and elsewhere), will he be charged as an accessory to that? Will he be charged with inciting violence against Trump’s supporters?

And how long will it take for the leftwing media propagandists to bury the story when Smollett is convicted?

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