Day 26: If Walls Don’t Work, Why Do You Lock Your Doors?

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Today is a blue MAGA hat day, although it may turn into a red MAGA hat day later, depending on where I go. Am taking both with me when I go out.

So, Trump signed the bill with all the poison pills yesterday, then declared a national emergency in order to build a wall. Good for him. I’m not losing my mind like Ann Coulter (what is up with that gal?). I’m standing by my man. Trump has been an incredible blessing to this country in thousands of ways, bigly. Considering what he’s been up against, I think he’s done a great job. And I really liked his speech yesterday.

Maybe he figured a few more poison pills will just be a drop in the bucket of the thousands upon thousands of poison pills already deeply embedded in our out-of-control government. I don’t know what he was thinking; I’m not privy to any inside information. I’m just a citizen who’s paying attention.

I do think it was a smart move not to shut down the government again. Let’s face it: half of the American population are ignorant sheeple who actually believe CNN’s lies. The fact that furloughing hundreds of thousands of non-essential government “workers” did not have any deleterious effects on the country was totally lost on the sheeple. I saw with my own eyes the millions of people dying that no one was dying in the streets because of the shutdown.

Those of us who have more than two brain cells know that those non-essential government “workers” should have been permanently furloughed during the last shut-down. That’s the only bone I have to pick with Trump. But no one is perfect.

Who knows how all of this will play out? The usual gang of anti-American scum: DimocRats, progs, commie/socialists, left-wing media propagandists (I repeat myself) were screaming. Why? Because they know that Donald Trump and his supporters (not to mention the huge block of independent voters, many of whom basically support Trump) pose a mortal threat to their hegemony over the ignorant souls who still support the Socialist/ Prog / Democrat-Rino Uniparty. So, they must do everything in their power to demonize Trump and oppose everything he does.

What astounds me is that the Dims know that morons like Alexandria “Stupid as a Rock” Ocrazio, who recently helped deprive New York City of 25,000 jobs, are hurting the Dims. They know that a huge majority of Americans want to secure our borders. They know that most Americans are completely repulsed by the recent pro-infanticide law in New York, and by Democrat Governor of Virginia, Ralph “Vomit” Northam’s attempts to enact a similar law in Virginia. They know all of this, but their strategy is to lash out like cornered animals – which is basically what they are – as they continue digging deeper holes for themselves. Fine with me; keep digging your graves, Dims.

And, by the way, if walls “don’t work” or “aren’t necessary,” then why do people live in houses and apartments with doors that lock? Why does Mizzz Nanci Palsy have a wall around her palatial house? Why does Barry Soetoro have walls around his house and at either end of his street? Why do zoos have walls?

Everyone who’s paying attention knows that this whole mess is not about whether walls work. Everyone knows that walls work. What this is about is two things: the crony capitalists (Dims and RINOs) who want cheap labor to keep flowing into the country, and the Dims who want the ignorant, brainwashed or illegal residents of this country to keep voting for the Dims. In the first case, a vile disregard for the well-being of the country; in the second, a naked lust for power.

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