Day 8: Democrat Sh*tholes

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

As usual, took the Staten Island ferry to Manhattan this morning, then the R train into Brooklyn, then the bus to Red Hook. I encountered some rude stares, which I pointedly ignored.

I am aware, of course, that merely wearing a hat emblazoned with the despicable phrase “Make America Great Again” may not be enough to wake people up sufficiently so that my country will be saved from the leftwing totalitarian fascists (i.e., Democrats) who want to shred the Bill of Rights and turn America into a third-world sh*thole . . . oops, I mean Socialist Paradise. The Democrats’ success in turning Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, St. Louis, and California into toilets is not enough for them. Adding New York to the list of cities ruined is at the top of their agenda. A big “thank you” to all the brainwashed, clueless New Yorkers (legal and otherwise) who voted for Andrew “America Was Never That Great” Cuomo, Warren “Bill de Bolshevik” Wilhelm, Alexandria “Dumb as a Rock” Ocasio-Cortez, and all the other corrupt democrat-communist-socialist politicians who are scheming to turn New York into another totalitarian craphole.

By the way, guess which state has the highest rate of out-migration of any state in the country. The answer, of course, is New York.

So, let me see if I understand this. Democrats in New York destroy their home state, then they abandon the mess they made and move to well-managed, civilized states like North Carolina, where they start replicating the entire destructive process all over again. North Carolina used to be solid red; now it’s purple thanks to the invading hordes of clueless New York Democrats.

Question for the Yankee invaders: after you’ve destroyed North Carolina, where will you move? I would suggest Venezuela.

In the face of these depressing facts, I proudly and defiantly wear my MAGA hat. Despite the occasional nasty stares and flipped birds, this has so far been a gratifying experience (especially when I sense that libtard brains are exploding all around me). And, it is at least something one can easily do to support the first president we’ve had since Reagan who actually loves America and cares about the American people.

The return trip to Staten Island at the end of the day is uneventful. Most people are oblivious, in more ways than one.

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