Day 1: MAGA Hats, Leftwing Lies, and Vengeance

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The American media’s despicable crucifixion of the Covington kids so enraged me that I dug out my unused MAGA hat (which I bought last summer at a souvenir shop in Lower Manhattan) and defiantly wore it today on the R train from Brooklyn into Manhattan.

I did not give this much prior thought; it was a gut reaction to the vicious hatred that the “progressives” / Maoists / liberals / communists / socialists / democrats / “social justice warriors” have been inflicting upon our country since Obama’s election in 2008. The savagery directed at the Covington kids was just the latest example in a long list of left-wing media hit jobs, but without question this was the most abhorrent.

For anyone who’s been living under a rock and did not hear about the American media’s darkest hour, I’ll recap. Some school kids from Covington, Kentucky were visiting Washington, D.C. on January 18th to attend the annual March for Life. After the march, the kids were peacefully waiting for their bus to go home. Some of the kids were wearing “Make America Great Again” caps.

A nearby group of racist, lunatic-fringe, black protestors who call themselves the “Black Hebrew Israelites” began hurling vicious insults at the kids. Then a crackpot, racist American Indian – later revealed to have a long history of lying and shady behavior – began beating a drum just inches from the face of one of the kids, who merely stood his ground and smiled at the aggressive drum beater.

The despicable left-wing American media and their gullible, brown-shirt followers immediately began vilifying the kids as the instigators of the incident instead of telling the truth about what happened, which was obvious for all to see from the numerous cell phone videos of the incident. The simple truth is that the children had done absolutely nothing wrong: they were attacked out of the blue by hate-spewing black racists; by a racist American Indian; and soon thereafter by the left-wing American media propagandists and their brainwashed lackeys.

I had to do something to avenge this deplorable injustice, so I donned my MAGA hat in solidarity with the Covington kids and got on the R train in Sunset Park in Brooklyn. Once on board, I casually slid my gaze around the subway car. Several young feminazis and fascist geldings began shooting angry stares at me. My instinct was to stare back and “smirk,” i.e., maintain a civilized, pleasant expression until they looked away (the brave Covington boy who smiled at the aggressive drum banger was accused later by some pathetic snowflakes of committing the heinous crime of “smirking”).

One especially enraged feminazi exited the subway car, then waited cowardly until the subway doors closed before flipping me the bird. I flipped a bird in response while giving her a double-barreled smirk. Didn’t have a chance to take her photo because my phone was tucked away in my briefcase. Next time I’ll have my cell phone at hand to record the totalitarian leftists’ open-minded and tolerant reactions to . . . gasp, a hat.

I got off the R train at Union Square, which is Commie Central in New York, feeling some mild trepidation because of an earlier encounter I had had two years before when an obviously hired mob of communist provocateurs was storming up Broadway towards Union Square Park and I instinctively reacted by lifting my arm aloft, shooting them the bird and keeping my middle finger defiantly extended. The mob instantly surrounded me and started braying “Nazi, Nazi, Nazi,” getting inches from my face, trying to make me lose my temper and lash out at them (they are well-versed in such tactics). But I held my ground and stood there calmly while they swarmed around me like ferocious animals. The fiends finally dispersed when they sensed that I wasn’t going to respond to their baiting.

That was two years ago. Today, after arriving at Union Square wearing my MAGA hat . . . nothing happened. Probably because it has been so cold lately (more evidence of “global warming” dontcha know) that people were not venturing out of their warm, cozy capitalist-built, capitalist-warmed, and capitalist-furnished apartments, preferring instead to curl up and watch their capitalist-produced televisions and eat capitalist-produced popcorn.

So, I moseyed over to the Trader Joe’s to do some shopping, totally ignoring everyone in the store as if it’s the most normal thing in the world to go grocery shopping in Manhattan wearing a bright red in-your-face MAGA hat. I’m sure quite a few heads were quietly exploding all around me in that congregation of lost souls.

Then I wandered down 14th Street, wondering if I was being trailed by commie thugs and wishing I had eyes in the back of my head. Then wandered down Broadway to the ultra-lib Strand bookstore, which has racks and racks of anti-Trump and pro-feminazi paraphernalia scattered throughout the store. This was a delicious experience because I love all bookstores, even the Strand, but have been personally boycotting them for a couple of years because of their virulent leftism, intolerance, and Trump-hatred. So, thanks to Donald J. Trump, I resumed one of my favorite New York activities: browsing around the Strand, enjoying the classical music in the background while brazenly wearing my MAGA hat and savoring the knowledge that brains were quietly exploding all around me. So delicious.

Then I left the store to go home. As I was waiting for the R train at Union Square, a black man came up to me and quietly said something, which startled me at first because I didn’t understand what he had said in the din of the subway station. He repeated, “I like your hat.” I looked him deep in the eyes and thanked him from the bottom of my heart. He responded by saying “MAGA,” and we went our separate ways.

I rode the train to the tip of lower Manhattan to make my connection to the Staten Island ferry, with no apparent anti-hat incidents. At the ferry I was more grateful than usual for the myriad of policemen (oops, I mean policepersons) who keep the ferry safe. I brazenly but casually strolled around the ferry for a while, not sure what to expect but no one seemed to give a crap. It is New York, after all. So, I made it home safely, and hours later was still thinking about the black man’s quiet words of encouragement on the subway platform. For the first time in many years I was thinking that we will make it through this dark time in our country’s history, and that the satanic forces of socialism and statism that have been metastasizing in our country since Woodrow Wilson’s presidency will ultimately be vanquished. Certainly, it won’t be easy to undo more than a hundred years of indoctrination and damage, but nothing worthwhile ever is easy.

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8 Responses to Day 1: MAGA Hats, Leftwing Lies, and Vengeance

  1. Debby says:

    Amen to that…Trump 2020

  2. Cheryl Brogan says:

    Sad you cant wear a hat without worry because of all the sick libs that want to hurt you .Hats cant really hurt anybody till a crazy lib comes close.

  3. A hat is just a hat My God crazy left get over it

  4. Ryan shutt says:

    Haha, I love it. Feed me more!

  5. Carroll Lindsey says:

    There should be a MAGA hat day.

  6. Debra Heine says:

    Yo, you haven’t posted in awhile. Is everything okay? I miss your highly entertaining missives from the heart of Never-Trumpia.

    • Aristo says:

      Thamks for the feedback! Yes, everything is A-OK. I spent most of the summer slaving in my gardens, and when I had any spare time I was at the beach or traveling. Now that autumn is here, I’m going to resume posting . . .

  7. Marilyn says:

    Good 4 u and the gentleman who complimented ur MAGA hat and repeated the MAGA.

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