Day 10: Subtle MAGA?

Thursday, January 31, 2019

The “global warming” continues to wreak havoc with my MAGA hat activities. It is 8 degrees this morning as I head to work, with a high of 17 predicted.  Am definitely wearing my warm shearling Cabela’s hat, but will carry my MAGA hat with me so I can switch back and forth according to where I am.

I switch to my MAGA hat when I arrive at the ferry terminal. Today I’m in the mood to try to see if there are any reactions, so I casually walk around not ignoring people. I don’t notice any overt anti-hat behavior, but I do notice a rather significant number of people wearing red, white, and blue (i.e., presumably patriotic) clothing accessories: hats, scarves, emblems, and the like . . . even shoes. I find this encouraging.

Interestingly, though, since I began wearing my MAGA hat ten days ago, I haven’t seen one single solitary soul in New York wearing a MAGA hat. This I find not so encouraging.

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