Day 15: Invisible MAGA Hats

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

A gorgeous day today, highs in the low 60s! The idea of a beach outing is so seductive I can hardly stand it. Few things are as restorative and healthy as taking a long walk by the ocean, soaking in the blue light from above, listening to the waves and shore birds. It’s all I can do to force myself to be a responsible grownup and stay in town to complete the tasks that must be done. It is slight consolation to remember that the sun is still too low on the horizon for the human body to manufacture Vitamin D (the sun must be at least 50 degrees above the horizon for that to happen). Slight consolation, indeed, but I also remind myself that warm days will soon be here. Spring is only 42 days away.

I’m in an extroverted mood today and restlessly prowl around the ferry, looking for someone to talk to but it’s not that easy. New Yorkers keep to themselves, especially when commuting. People are cocooned within their personal bubbles, still waking up, glued to their phones, napping. A few people are reading.

As usual, I’m the only person wearing a MAGA hat, but I know that there are people on board who are wearing invisible MAGA hats. I just can’t locate them, so turn my thoughts to the State of the Union watch party tonight where I’ll be cheering on President Trump in a crowded bar full of rowdy, free Americans, many of whom will, no doubt, be wearing MAGA hats.

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