Day 13: NYC Bigotry

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Am wearing my blue MAGA hat while heading to midtown to visit the main branch of the New York Public Library to do some research. Beautiful sunny day, temps in the mid-30s. The weather seems to be lifting everyone’s spirits.

When I arrive at 42nd street and am about to enter the library, I encounter a group of young black men walking down Fifth Avenue handing out free cds. One of the guys thrusts three cds into my hands, which I politely hand back, explaining that I have too many cds already. The guy says, “the music will help you channel your inner black person.” I say, “I’m from the South, I grew up with black people, I don’t need help channeling my inner black person.” Then one of the guys says mockingly, referring to my hat, “Make America White Again.” I calmly reply, “that’s not what it says” thinking that maybe we can have a dialogue. Then the guy next to him suddenly reaches over and tries to knock off my hat, and they quickly resume their procession up Fifth Avenue.

It’s not in my nature to allow such an affront to go unchallenged, so I hurry after them and tap the hat of the perp who tried to knock off my hat, just to make him aware that his behavior was not acceptable. His friends then have to restrain him from attacking me, while I point at them yelling “racist, racist, racist.”

Of course, the left-wing extremists (a.k.a. Democrats) in America would call me a racist, would somehow twist things to say that I was the person at fault in that little contretemps, just as the Covington kids were so terribly maligned in their infinitely more egregious encounter with the “liberal” media propagandists and their blind followers.

Yes, there are bigots in America . . . and I know who they are.

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