Day 31: Cognitive Dissonance = Bzzt!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

I never realized just how many crazy people there are in New York City until I started wearing a MAGA hat.

Like most New Yorkers, I’ve become inured to the dysfunctional and incompetent humans who are allowed to wander unchecked, particularly in the subway system. Like most New Yorkers, when I’m waiting for a train and the train arrives but one of the cars is empty, I automatically know it’s empty for a reason: because a crazy person who hasn’t bathed for several years has taken up residence in the car.

I pity the innocent tourists who board such a car because the stench can be overwhelming, literally nauseating. What a wonderful memory of New York.

Thanks, American Civil Liberties Union for dumping insane people onto the streets. Thanks, NYC politicians and bureaucrats for not enforcing vagrancy laws. Thanks, mayor Warren Wilhelm de Bolshevik for hampering the police (and thanks to the idiots who voted for him). Thanks, Metropolitan Transit Authority for not doing your job.

But I knew about the crazy people wandering the streets long before I started wearing a MAGA hat, and I knew that most of the voters in the city are registered Democrats. What I didn’t know is that a large percentage of the crazy people in New York City are female graduates of the Centers of Higher Indoctrination.

While I was riding the F train last night (this is the train that goes through Park Sloppe on its way into Manhattan), just about every young woman (20 to 40-ish age bracket) who noticed my hat was visibly glaring at me. They were visibly full of anger.

Why? Because they’ve been brainwashed by the feminazi indoctrinators in the Indoctrination Camps and by the feminazi indoctrinators in the media. They’ve been brainwashed from an early age to believe that men are inferior, stupid, bumbling, sadistic dopes. They’ve been taught that women are not just equal to men but are superior to men; that women are caring, intuitive, sensitive, and generally more intelligent and evolved than men.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying all women in New York are irrational, hyper-emotional dingbats, just a large percentage of the ones who’ve attended Centers of Higher Indoctrination. I personally know many, many extremely intelligent, thoughtful, rational, civilized, and creative women. And none of them are Democrats.

Anyway, my usual modus operandi while wearing a MAGA hat in the subway is to ignore the glares and shaming stares. Last night, though, I calmly met the stares without batting an eye. And, every single time, the glarers quickly looked away while their brainwashed minds were making nanosecond calculations and probably short-circuiting because of cognitive dissonance.

Here’s what I think was happening in their minds:

“Hmmm…men who wear MAGA hats are toothless, drooling, raycisss, gun-totin’ rednecks…everyone knows this…it’s what CNN, the New Yorker, NY Times, and Washington Post tell us. TV, movies, and advertisements tell us that men are idiots and brutes…we have been taught this…it must be true…but this guy wearing a MAGA hat is well-dressed, has a polite demeanor, and is reading The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook.”

Bzzttt. The sound of feminazi brains short-circuiting.

I am not limiting my scorn just to feminazis, however. There are legions of male feminazis, i.e., brainwashed gelding males – some of whom last night were giving me the evil eye. Many more women, though.

If anyone doubts what I am saying, let me present this example of liberal feminist lunacy: Trump engages in some typical locker room boy talk fourteen years ago (and, trust me; guys in New York talk like that all the time, gay and straight) and the feminazis go ape-sh*t crazy.

Bill Clinton fondles, gropes, and rapes his way through eight years in the White House, even going so far as to stick a cigar into a female intern’s nether regions, then slurp the cigar and exclaim “mm, that tastes good” . . . which is child’s play compared to the rapes.

Response from feminazis to Bill Clinton? Crickets.

Response to Donald Trump? Rage.

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2 Responses to Day 31: Cognitive Dissonance = Bzzt!

  1. Love your blog.

    You should add social media buttons for Twitter and Facebook etc to your posts so people can share them easily. WordPress has a widget for that.

  2. Jim Smith says:

    The thing is, he may not have Facebook and Twitter accounts. Or he simply may not want to grace those evil platforms with his excellent writing. I’ve moved to shut down all my social media accounts with companies that engage in censorship of political opinion, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Paypal and others. Facebook and Twitter are the worst, but all such private censorship deserves condemnation and ultimately market failure. After all, “get woke, go broke”.

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