Day 32: JussTawana STILL Lying

Friday, February 22, 2019

Hard to believe that JussTawana is still lying. Maybe he’s going to try to cop an insanity plea?

I saw the press conference in Chicago yesterday. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson seemed royally ticked off. If he was that ticked off maybe Jusstwanna is not going to skate, contrary to what some people are prognosticating. Who knows? I do know that he’s not skating in the Court of Public Opinion.

Check out this vid posted on YouTube four days ago by someone named Blaire White. I’d never heard of her until last night, but she is one smart cookie . . . and funny (and has an interesting history):

And isn’t it gratifying, bigly, to see that JusstaBrawley is losing his $125,000 per episode job at Fox?

So, yesterday evening after work, I needed to run some errands in Manhattan. Took the (infamous) F train. Have given up trying to trigger epic meltdowns; all I’ve been getting lately are stares and glares. Ho hum.

A beautiful day yesterday, highs in the 50s. A perfect evening for a long, meandering stroll on some of Manhattan’s most crowded sidewalks (for maximum red Hat exposure, of course). Lots of people are out and about enjoying the weather, and as usual I’m the only person wearing a MAGA hat. But—for what it’s worth—hundreds, maybe thousands of people see the Hat.

I’m guessing most of those people have heard the news that Jusstwana is a lying piece of s**t. I wonder if the cognitive dissonance caused by Jusstawana’s hoax—coupled with a sighting of a MAGA hat—may jump-start a few unused brains in New York. Miracles can happen.

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