Day 42: Mellow Moods, Summer Memories

Monday, March 4, 2019

Several inches of powdery snow turned New York into a winter wonderland Sunday night. This morning it’s all a slushy mess but I’m in a mellow mood today (the longer days are probably responsible for that), so decide to wear my new caramel-brown faux-suede MAGA hat I bought yesterday evening at Trump Tower. Am in no mood for drama today so did not even take my red hat with me.

Am planning to return to Trump Tower soon to buy more hats for my growing collection. There are several colors I still don’t have: white, camouflage, pale blue, and pink. Pink is not a color I ever wear, but it’ll be fun to confuse the Libtards because pink hats trigger Pavlovian responses in their minds (pink hats = pussy hats). I think I’ll sew some pink pussycat ears to my pink MAGA hat to really confuse them.

Not much to report today. Wore my brown suede MAGA hat to and from work. I noticed several people doing doubletakes, but no one went berserk. Only the red hat seems most able to perform the strong magic.

Spring is only sixteen days away! The crocuses will soon be popping up. In honor of the approaching warm weather—hallelujah—I’m posting this photograph of one of my gardens at Ft. Tilden in full bloom:

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