Day 44: “Why Are You Wearing That Hat?!”

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Wore my navy blue MAGA hat this morning because I was not in the mood to deal with any dramas like the little kerfuffle that my red MAGA hat stirred up Tuesday night.

I was in the waiting room at the Staten Island ferry terminal in lower Manhattan, minding my own business, just sitting there waiting for the ferry, when a young Hispanic-looking guy walked past me, glared at me and muttered something under his breath. What I heard was “fuckin’ hat.”

I was in a cranky mood because I forgot to eat lunch that day, so my gut reaction was to walk over and silently confront him by staring at him (a technique I’ve learned from experts). I planted myself ten feet away, pulled out my camera, snapped his photo, and then just stood there looking at him to let him know that cursing at people who wear MAGA hats is not acceptable.

He walked over and asked me, “why are you wearing that hat?” It was a bit of a tense situation at first. I replied in a slightly louder voice than usual, not veering into the realm of incivility but loud enough for everyone around us to hear me, “Because I support Donald Trump! I believe in freedom, I wear it because I’m sick of people being attacked for wearing a MAGA hat.”

The guy looked a little contrite and said that he just wanted to know why I was wearing the hat. I asked him why he had sneered at me when he walked past me. He apologized for his insult, I apologized for raising my voice just a tad, and we both calmed down. I extended my hand, we shook hands, continued talking until the ferry arrived, and continued our conversation on the ferry ride to St. George.

We touched on many things but I steered the conversation back to his initial question: why was I wearing a MAGA hat? I expanded on what I said in the ferry terminal:

1) Our country is being destroyed by the Democrats and Republicans who are allowing millions of illegal invaders to enter our country. The Democrats / socialists / communists / “progressives” / people-who-hate-white-men-of-European-ancestry want illegals to enter the country because they’re seen by the Democrats as being future Democrat voters, i.e. a vehicle for destroying the United States as founded and turning it into a socialist “paradise.”

The Republican establishment only wants the cheap labor. The DemonRats’ goals are far more insidious.

2) We’re continuing to lose our freedoms. The country’s slow descent into totalitarianism—launched by Woodrow Wilson and exacerbated by FDR—went into warp speed during the communist puppet Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America.”  And, thanks to the digital age and Obama’s unholy alliance with Google, there are now spy cameras everywhere. And, if you think they’re just for your safety, then you need to turn off your Big Brother phones and go get a copy of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four . . . and read it.

3) Many parts of the country are now de facto bilingual although no one voted on it. We should not have to “press one for English, two for Spanish.” I am fed up with seeing signs everywhere in English and Spanish. I pointed out that English—our common language, or what used to be our common language—is one of the glues that holds our country together, which is why the left-wing extremists / Democrats/ socialists / “progressives” have been forcing Spanish on us. Divide and conquer. They know what they’re doing,

4) Birthright citizenship must end, immediately. Illegals come here, drop their babies on American soil, and presto: instant U.S. Citizen, eligible for all U.S. welfare benefits. That is insane! It is beyond insane.

The guy was Hispanic, but he didn’t think what I was saying was offensive. I told him that I have no problem with immigrants keeping their history, language and culture alive, but once you arrive in our country, you need to embrace the history, language and culture of your adopted country. It’s called “assimilation,” which is a good thing. It’s a necessary thing. Otherwise, a country ceases to exist.

He agreed with much of what I said, so I asked him why he had had such a negative reaction to my hat. Apparently—like many other people—he had been unconsciously caught up in the general anti-Trump hysteria that pervades New York and the leftwing media propaganda. He had been brainwashed into thinking that anyone who wears a MAGA hat is a racist, so he had a kneejerk reaction to my hat.

We talked about many things. It was a good conversation, we parted as friends, and made plans to meet up sometime to continue the conversation.

So, thank you, Donald Trump, for inspiring people to start thinking . . . and talking. But, more than that, thank you for loving this country. Thank you for your courage, tenacity, and conviction.

God bless Donald Trump, and God bless the United States.

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9 Responses to Day 44: “Why Are You Wearing That Hat?!”

  1. Timothy L Snead says:

    Amen well said

  2. Paul Smith says:

    I live on cape cod in Massachusetts and wanted to have my nephew follow me around with his camera as I wore my MAGA hat to document peoples reactions. Ultimately we decided it was not safe fearing violent confrontation.

  3. R says:

    Good for him!! He defend his right to wear whatever he wants. Awesome that they were able to talk respect each others views. We need that more than ever.

  4. Hugo Bustillos says:

    Thank you sir for raising the bar, and speaking about this. It helps many people who have been brainwashed by the leftist media and democrats. What they do us a shortcut to thinking. I bet you got that person to really think and question the agenda of the globalist left. This is exactly what we need in this country right now. People like you to start the dialogue to open the doors of thought. 1 person at a time, will turn to millions in no time. Thank you for your courage and common sense. And yes, Giddy bless our dully elected president Trump and the Greatest country in the world, The United States of America 🇲🇾

  5. Dwayne Chambers says:

    You are really telling the truth im right with you. I also wear my hat too

  6. Delores Johnson says:

    I loved your article.

  7. Ryan M says:

    I love this story. Thanks for sharing.
    I had a very similar interaction w a Latino in Albuquerque, NM because of my hat. My hat isn’t necessarily a MAGA hat, instead it looks exactly the same but reads “Relax Idiots It’s Just A Hat”.
    He was initially offended but we became friends and ended up joining our groups together at the bar and having a great evening.
    People are generally decent, it’s the media that’s dividing us.

  8. Skip Moto says:

    Amen !!!

  9. Frank Hierholzer says:

    I wear and give out MAGA hats all the time.
    The biggest reaction I get around here is, people come close to me, look both ways, and then whisper,”I like your hat.”
    I ask them, “why are you whispering? There’s no need to be afraid! This is America!”

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