Day 46: MAGA For All and All For MAGA

Friday March 8, 2019

I toyed with the idea of not wearing a MAGA hat on the Staten Island Ferry this morning, out of respect for the people who just want to have a peaceful ride to and from the City . . . and not be “assaulted” by a hat.

But, what about me? Should I sacrifice my First Amendment rights because a bunch of snowflakes and nutcases may get upset by a hat that says, “Make America Great Again?”

Of course not; it’s ludicrous even to consider doing that. My ancestors fought to defend liberty here and abroad—some of them fought in the Revolution—and I’m considering not wearing a hat that says “Make America Great Again” because it might offend someone?

Puhlease. I’ll continue wearing it on the ferry—and everywhere else—but I will try to ignore any rude comments on the ferry from now on. If anyone insults me or curses at me, I’ll just ignore them and move to another seat.

And maybe a few of those snowflakes, crazies and haters who see my hat will start thinking and questioning, instead of believing the lies the leftwing media propagandists keep spinning. After all, the phrase “Make America Great Again” transcends Trump. All Americans should embrace MAGA.

Speaking of snowflakes, it seems that some Trump supporters have been wavering because of Lou Dobbs’ attack on Trump the other day for wanting to bring in more legal immigrants, and for possibly caving on the Wall.

I’m not getting into a lather about it. I respect Dobbs a lot, and I understand—and share—his frustration, but I think maybe he went a little overboard. But that’s ok; no harm in holding Trump’s feet to the fire now and then. And, if you’re fired up, then you should fire off some letters to the President and your Congress Critters.

Keep in mind, however, that Trump has been up against the entire Washington deep-state swamp, most of the media, all of academia, and much of the population of the United States.

One other thing to keep in mind: Clinton.

So, while you’re composing your carefully worded letters of complaint to the POTUS and your Congress Critters, you may also want to send off a few prayers of thanks to God.

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