Day 47: And Our Flag Was Still There

Saturday, March 9, 2019

A beautiful sunny day in New York today; temps in the 40s. Despite the remnants of snow and ice from Sunday’s snowstorm, spring is in the air. Only ten more days until the equinox.

Decided to make the trek to Ft. Tilden to check on my gardens. Wore my blue MAGA hat on the Staten Island ferry (no incidents), then walked over to Pier 11 to catch the NYC ferry to Rockaway. A line of hipsters was already waiting to board. It’s not even Spring and they’re already massing for their annual invasion.

Oh well, I resolve to make the best of it. They are the future, so we must try very hard to bring the brainwashed ones into the sane world. Through no fault of their own, their minds were kidnapped by the leftwing schools and media. Now we must try to deprogram them.

I am suddenly envisioning some MAGA hat outreach activities at Ft. Tilden this summer, perhaps incorporating the American flag I painted in  2011 to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the attacks by Islamic terrorists on the United States. The flag is highly visible from the beach as well as from the numerous helicopters and low-flying planes that ply the southern coast of Long Island.

Sadly, the flag has been defaced numerous times by America-haters and ill-bred kids. Thanks, Democrats / “Progressives” / Socialists. After each desecration, I’ve repainted the flag. If I don’t do it, no one will. (Note to graffiti “artists”: you’re not artists, you’re vandals.)

I’m eager to see how my flag is holding up. Is it even still there? National Park Service employees periodically paint over the graffiti on the various structures in the park, but so far, they have not painted over the flag.

Every time I’ve been away from Tilden for a stretch of time, I approach the flag with a sense of foreboding, steeling myself for the possibility of new graffiti. Today I discovered to my dismay that the flag had been defaced again:

Repainting the stripes will be easy; I used a roller brush to paint them. The stars will be much harder to fix because I painted them by hand with an artist’s brush. I hadn’t even finished repainting the stars from the last time it was vandalized a year ago.

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2 Responses to Day 47: And Our Flag Was Still There

  1. AshevilleRobert says:

    Might I suggest using a stencil for the stars? Paint the blue field and let it dry, then use stencil ( maybe with a pattern of stars).

    • Aristo says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! I did try that, but I decided that the extra work was worth it because the hand-painted stars have such character and personality when seen up close. Not than anyone is looking at the subtleties. Maybe I’ll relent and use the stencil this time; there never are enough hours in a day, are there?

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