Sunday March 10, 2019

Journeyed into Manhattan today to get a haircut. Didn’t wear a MAGA hat on the ferry because my hair was still damp from having washed it before leaving, and I didn’t want to show up at the barber shop with a “permanent wave” created by my hat. My barber is talented and conscientious, so I try to make things easy for him.

I did, however, wear my brown MAGA hat for several hours after my hair had dried while running errands before my haircut appointment. After my haircut, I didn’t wear the hat because I didn’t want millions of tiny itchy pieces of hair to get lodged inside the hat.

Not wearing the hat on the ferry was a pleasant change because I didn’t have to worry about how people would react. I was able to resume interacting with people as just one human to another, without people getting into an “us vs. them” mentality.

It’s unfortunate that some people have been so brainwashed that they automatically think “racist!” when they see a MAGA hat. My intention is not to upset people, but to show my support for the Covington kids, and to show my support for freedom of thought and freedom of speech. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of that so far, having worn a MAGA hat in New York for 48 consecutive days.

It does disturb me, though, that so many people misinterpret my intentions, and I hate the fact that people’s misunderstanding of the hat creates such a wall.

Nevertheless, I will not stop wearing a MAGA hat. I will not prostrate myself before the brainwashed, totalitarian, leftwing thought-Nazis. I will never bow to them.

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