Day 50: Sweet Labs and Ferry Guards

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

One week until Spring, seven days and counting:

Spring 2019

Wore my caramel-brown MAGA hat on the ferry today, highly visible but not as incendiary as the red one . . . plus, it blended well with my brown slacks and navy jacket.

Last night on my way home as I was entering the waiting room at the Staten Island ferry terminal, I stopped to let one of the bomb-sniffing Labs sniff my shopping bag and briefcase. Those dogs are so adorable and sweet that I always stop to let them sniff, even if I’m only carrying a briefcase.

There were three guys and two dogs. One of the guys asked, referring to my hat, “I didn’t know they came in brown; where’d you get it?”

“Trump Tower,” I replied, “gift shop on the ground floor.”

They nodded appreciatively.

“They sell any other colors?”

I nodded and said, “blue, white, camouflage, pale blue, pink . . .. “

One of the guys said, “Don’t get blue, New York is a blue state.”

We all laughed.

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