Day 52: CNN Hit With $275 Million Lawsuit!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

So much has been happening in the news lately that it’s hard to keep up. The big news, for me, is that Nicholas Sandmann’s lawyers hit CNN with a $275 million lawsuit on Tuesday. My wishful prognostication of a $2 billion lawsuit was off just a wee bit, but a quarter billion isn’t exactly pocket change.

Can’t wait to see who’s slapped next.

It’s a splendid day in New York today, highs in the 50s. Spring is in the air and the ocean is calling. I usually take my first swim of the year in April, but if this mild weather continues I may take my first swim in March. Actually, it’ll be less of a swim and more of a quick plunge while screaming at the top of my lungs . . . which makes it all the more fun.

I was in a mellow mood this morning so opted to wear my navy blue MAGA hat. It may be more subtle than the red one, but it is noticeable, especially given my height.

As I exited the ferry after arriving in Manhattan, one of the dock hands smiled at me and said, “Nice hat.” He made a beautiful day even better. Those guys are salt of the earth, just like the guy at Trader Joe’s who I wrote about on Day 9. After work today, I stopped at the same Trader Joe’s and ran into the same guy. Sometimes New York feels like a huge village.

While riding the subway from Brooklyn to lower Manhattan to catch the ferry to Staten Island, no one seemed to be noticing my hat. I don’t know if people are getting used to seeing random MAGA hats or if I’ve unconsciously learned how to activate an invisibility cloak. Or maybe my mellow mood was influencing people somehow. Or maybe all the people who were so riled up by the “attack” on JussTawana Brawley-Smollett are feeling a little chastened these days. I don’t know.

On the ferry to Staten Island, I noticed a few people staring but most people seemed completely blasé . . . until a guy talking a mile a minute on his phone sat down next to me.  I tuned him out at first but then my curiosity got the better of me, so I glanced over to see who the heck it was. Ah. A lively young Italian. He pointed at my hat and gave me a big thumbs up without breaking the rhythm of his conversation.

Another salt of the earth New Yorker. There are many more of them than I had realized.

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