Day 54: MAGA Hats, ESP, Brute Force, and Freedom

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Someone asked me recently if anything interesting had happened to me lately while wearing my MAGA hat in public. I wasn’t sure how to answer because, on the surface, the answer was “not really, just the usual glares and stares.”

We were in a crowded, noisy bar and I didn’t feel like shouting above the din trying to discuss the unseen world that exists all around us: the ethereal world of people’s thoughts and feelings.

Most people would agree that there’s a telepathic or intuitive component in the way people communicate. Proof of this is the way people can “feel” or sense when someone is looking at them. We used to play a game in junior high school during lulls in classroom assignments when we would stare at someone to see how long it would take for that person to turn around. The person who was being stared at always turned around, and the winner of the game was the first person he turned around to look at.

How many times have you instinctively glanced up from what you were doing to discover that someone was looking at you? It happens to me all the time, even when I’m not wearing a MAGA hat. Now, so many people stare at me because of the Hat that it sometimes feels like I’m in an ESP research lab . . . or insane asylum.

I’ve learned that the first rule of wearing a MAGA hat in public is to wear it with confidence, without a shred of trepidation, even if this sometimes requires a bit of Oscar-worthy acting. People pick up on other people’s “vibes.” They’re quick to sense fear, the way dogs sense fear. If people sense that you mean business, then they’ll probably leave you alone.

I hope they also realize—in some way, by ESP, intuition, or divine subconscious knowledge—that messing with my freedom will incur the wrath of God.

But bullies and Leftists are not subtle creatures. They are only interested in one thing: subjugating people by intimidation, lies, and brute force. Leftists, by definition, are totalitarians. They know that logic will not convince people to willingly give up their freedoms, which is why Leftists and their media lapdogs lie with such ease and abandon. Hillary Clinton, that ardent disciple of Saul Alinsky, is a perfect example of this.

Leftists always resort to lies, brute force, and violence when they impose socialism/ communism on the masses:  Mao Zedong, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Josip Tito, Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot, Nicolae Ceausescu, Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro.

The communist puppet Barack Hussein Obama would be on this list if not for the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. The first thing every communist dictator has ever done has been to disarm the population.

The Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were doing.

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