Day 61: Mueller and the REAL Collusion

Saturday March 23, 2019

So, Mewlie Mewler, the Creature from the Deep Swamp Lagoon, dumped his nothing burger on Friday afternoon, the end of the news cycle when people dump their stories if they want them to disappear.

Not to worry, the witch hunt continues, as the omniscient Ace—at Ace of Spades HQ—has been writing about. Slimy Soros and Meathead Reiner are funding a sleaze factory that gins up lies about Trump’s “collusion,” which they send out regularly to all the fake news media propagandists who then shoot it up like heroin and broadcast it as absolute gospel, which the brainwashed leftwingers lap up like feral cats devouring canned tuna. Tucker Carlson has also been reporting on this.

Seems to me that spreading lies like this is libelous, therefore illegal. Certainly immoral.

But the leftists keep doing it, have been doing it for decades, because they’ve been able to get away with it. Until the communist puppet Obama’s destructive reign of error, most people were not paying attention, only a tiny group of political cognoscenti.

Since Obama, more people have been paying attention, but those who I would call the political cognoscenti—i.e., those of us who want to know the truth and who make a serious effort to inform ourselves—are still a small percentage of the population.

Last night on the ferry I was chatting with a couple from Michigan. The woman told me her husband drives a tractor trailer truck for a living, he had to take a load to New York, she rode along, and they spent a day sightseeing in New York. Barry Soetoro mockingly referred to people like them as “bitter clingers.” Hitlery KKKlinton called them “deplorables” (and she still doesn’t know why she lost).

Even though these fine, salt-of-the-earth Americans liked my MAGA hat and confided that they voted for Trump, I would not say they’re members of the political cognoscenti, not yet anyway.

Why do I say that? Because they were shocked to learn that—thanks to the Democrats in this state—infanticide is now legal in New York. They did not know that delivering a perfectly healthy baby and then murdering it is now LEGAL in New York.

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1 Response to Day 61: Mueller and the REAL Collusion

  1. Jim Smith says:

    You make a cogent point about the incessant lies of the political Left. EVERYTHING they say is based on lies, and it is as old as humanity itself. Some humans have always based their existence upon pursuit of power over others. Promising security, but delivering fear and penury. Promising plenty, but delivering poverty. Promising brotherhood, but delivering hatred and division. Promising peace, but delivering war. And most of all, promising transcendence, but ALWAYS delivering ignorance, prejudice, hatred, strife…and ultimately death. Every. Single. Time. Throughout history.

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