Day 63: MAGA On the A Train

Monday, March 26, 2019

Wore my blue MAGA hat on the ferry this morning. Nothing to report other than a few rude stares from some tattooed, pierced, apparently drugged-up larval humans. Nancy Reagan was right. Just say no.

Speaking of messed-up, after work I took a long ride on the A train in Queens, which apparently goes past a lot of ghettos and housing “projects.” Not only was I one of the few white people on the train, I was the only person wearing a MAGA hat. I got a lot of stares, but mostly what seemed to be out of curiosity, as in “what is this strange, exotic creature in our midst?”

 A few guys looked at me as if they were disappointed in me, but nothing like the intense shaming stares the white SJWs give me in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

However, one twenty-something husky black racist standing against the doors radiated hostility when I moved over to the doors to get ready to exit the car (I guess he didn’t get the memo about Jusstawana’s hoax). The car was crowded, so I had to stand directly in front of him. He was wearing a hoodie that said “F**k the ___,” which piqued my curiosity, so I stared for a moment trying to make out the last word (“pigs” if I had to guess). Then I looked up and quietly said “hi” as the doors slid open. He continued to radiate hostility as he moved a couple of millimeters to let me pass.

Thanks, Lyndon Johnson, for your “Great Society.” You and your accomplices should burn in Hell for what you’ve done to our country.

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