Day 64: Apologies to Trump

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Sharyl Attkisson wrote a profoundly intelligent and highly principled apology to Trump, which was published in “The Hill” yesterday.

Attkisson is not, however, apologizing for any ineptitude on her part, but instead for the stunning malfeasance exhibited by the fake-news anti-Trump media propagandists over the past several years.

Attkisson’s noble apology for her colleagues is a civilized but scathing assessment of the dismal state of what is laughingly called journalism today. Attkisson’s apology is what the lying journalists propagandists should be saying, but we all know that they will never apologize for their deranged hatred for Trump. In fact, Rachel Madclown and all the rest are doubling down and spinning even crazier theories and lies. May they all rot in Hell.

I am wearing my bright red, in-your-face, Red State MAGA hat today.


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