Day 70: April Fools and Donkey Chompers

Monday, April 1, 2019

April Fool’s Day. It was a fine, sunny day in New York—brisk but beautiful and I didn’t feel like dealing with the stress and anger my red MAGA hat sometimes generates, so I wore my less obtrusive brown MAGA hat.

Last night I wore my red MAGA hat on the 4 train up and down the east side of Manhattan between Fulton Street and Grand Central Station, and also wore it in the neighborhood east of Grand Central.

Lots of people saw my hat and some were “triggered” (I could tell from the muttering conversations I overheard in which the word “hat” figured prominently). As I didn’t feel like dealing with any irrational, hyper-emotional people, I glued my eyes to my cell phone and pretended they didn’t exist. That’s what people do on the subways anyway.

However, I couldn’t block out everyone. While I was waiting at the subway station at Grand Central, a nicely dressed young black woman came up to me and asked disapprovingly, “Why are you wearing that hat?”

I replied calmly and matter-of-factly, “Because I support President Trump,” then added quietly as an afterthought, “it’s not racist.” She did not deign to reply, but merely slithered away. If only she—and others like her—would walk away from the Democrat Big Government Slave Plantation. They’d be happier; the whole country would be happier.

Speaking of April Fools, Alexandria Occasional Cortex, a.k.a. Donkey Chompers, comes to mind. As famous as she is, it’s amazing how many people still don’t know the truth about her past and how she was selected by a cabal of far-left socialists to run against Joseph Crowley in New York’s 14th Congressional District primary last summer.

Amazing, but not surprising, given the fact that the leftwing socialist democrat “progressive” new-world-order media propagandists have not reported one single word about the puppet masters behind Ms. Chompers: a group called “Justice Democrats.”

So, banish thy ignorance and watch the video. The truth shall set you free.



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