Day 73: Sun Tzu MAGA

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Tried something new today. Wore my brown MAGA hat on the ferry, then switched to a red baseball cap when I got onto the subway. It looks like a MAGA hat from a distance, but it says “NY” on the front. I hope it faked out at least a few people.

I’ve been hunting lately for a plain red baseball cap but haven’t yet found one. I know I could just order one online but it’s fun to explore different neighborhoods and poke my head into various shops, especially when I’m wearing an actual MAGA hat. And I do wear one most of the time when I’m in public, except when I don’t feel like dealing with people’s hostility when I’m trapped in a subway car.

In addition to a plain red hat, I also want to get one like this:



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