Day 78: The Awakening

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Wore my blue MAGA hat around town while running errands. As usual, hundreds of people saw it, perhaps thousands. I know it’s a candle in the wind, but if it gives even one person a tiny ray of hope or causes even one person to have second thoughts about the Democrat-RINO Big Government Slave Plantation, then it’s worth it.

I know from people’s comments and shout-outs that many people love the hat. This gives me great hope. On a personal level, wearing a MAGA hat is my stand against the totalitarian “progressive” madness in this country. It also symbolizes my constant prayer that more people will wake up and see the truth. From people’s positive reactions, I know that many people have already woken up, and more are waking up every day.


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  1. Jim Smith says:

    I just got another red MAGA hat today (I’d given my previous red one and white one to a couple of friends who admired them). Will be wearing it around town!

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