Day 81: Stealth MAGA Hats

Friday, April 12, 2019

Wore my blue MAGA hat on the subway while heading to work, then disembarked at Jay Street in Brooklyn in order to transfer to a bus to Red Hook. A lot of people on the subway noticed the hat but I didn’t see any evil stares thrown my way. Decided to walk the eight blocks through bustling downtown Brooklyn to get to the corner of Smith and Atlantic, where two different bus routes that go to Redhook intersect.

By the way, most of the people one sees in downtown Brooklyn are black, and I didn’t sense any hostility, perhaps because everyone was in a hurry and because my hat was blue, not red.

Speaking of which, the sidewalks in that part of town are lined with street vendors, and I always peruse the caps while walking past the various tables, hoping to see a MAGA hat. So far there have been none, but I have seen a smattering of patriotic hats.

Today, however, I spied a plain red cap, which I had been looking for. I picked it up and the guy said, “people are buyin’ red hats today; don’t know why but they’re buying ‘em.”

I chuckled and said, “I wonder why,” while thinking to myself “is it possible a red hat movement really is happening?”

Ever since I saw a young black woman wearing a plain red hat at the Jay Street subway station on March 18 (which I mentioned in my post for Day 56), I’ve been noticing a lot of red hats.

After bargaining the vendor down a few dollars, I wore my new faux-MAGA hat while walking down the crowded sidewalk to the bus stop, and then wore it on the bus. I have no idea what anyone may have thought of it, but given the notoriety of red hats these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if some people thought it was a MAGA hat.

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