Day 82: Miracles Can Happen

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Ok, what is going on? I wore my red MAGA hat in Midtown Manhattan, Chelsea and the West Village this afternoon into the evening for about four hours; running errands, shopping, luxuriating in the warm weather.

Hundreds of people saw my hat. I know because I was not ignoring people as I sometimes do. Today I was sauntering around in normal mode, studying the architecture, people-watching, admiring the sunset.

I walked for miles, with no negative reactions except for a few dismissive glances. I passed a smooching Lesbian couple and we merely glanced at each other matter-of-factly, as if nothing was out of the ordinary. No one harassed me or said anything except for one person who exclaimed “Nice hat!” as he passed me on the sidewalk.

I am mystified. Did America suddenly become Great Again last night while I was sleeping? Did the stars realign, and the liberals awaken from their mass psychosis? Did someone lace New York’s water supply with anti-psychotic meds?

Maybe the explanation is that it was a beautiful Spring day on a weekend, with everyone relaxed and in a good mood, people in shorts and t-shirts, flowers blooming everywhere. And maybe some people are finally getting over their collective anti-Trump hysteria.

After walking forever, I came upon the charming little park at Abingdon Square in the West Village, so I parked myself on a bench visible from the adjacent sidewalk where I could enjoy the beautiful evening and watch the parade of people while jotting down ideas in my notebook.

Two women holding hands walked past and stared at me. It may have been their very first MAGA hat sighting. One of them looked back and I gave her a friendly wave. She quickly looked away.

A man walked past and did a doubletake, then backtracked for another look and said with a smile, “I thought that’s what it said.” I returned his smile, we both chuckled, and he continued walking.

On my way home, I stopped in at the Trader Joe’s on Sixth Avenue. While perusing the salads, I heard a man say, “Trump is doing a good job, isn’t he?” I looked around and saw a handsome young couple. I was thrilled to encounter sane people, and replied enthusiastically “Yes, he certainly is!”

The man asked, “Do people give you a hard time?” I replied, “Believe it or not, I get a lot of complements.”

The woman beamed and said, “That’s good news.” Then we smiled good-bye and continued shopping.

At the checkout, the man who rang me up told me to have a good evening and to get home safe. I wished him the same and walked smiling into the night.

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