Day 83: Evolution

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Wore my red MAGA hat around the Village today (i.e., Greenwich Village, as no one calls it). Again, no one sneered, insulted me, or flipped me the bird. I could see out of the corners of my eye that some people were noticing the hat, but I didn’t see any overt shaming stares.

What I am about to suggest is probably a flight of fancy, but is it remotely possible that some people may be feeling just a tiny bit of remorse for their crazy, intolerant, and rude behavior since 2016?

Of course, the hard-core Trump-haters will probably never wake up and see the light, but the smart ones will evolve. The rest will fade into irrelevant obscurity, like the pathetic Clintons and their slavish followers.

What I do know with absolute certainty—after wearing a MAGA hat around New York City for the past 83 days—is that there are many New Yorkers who love this country and support Trump. They’ve just been laying low because of the rampant leftwing craziness, and I can’t blame them.


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