Day 87: More Subway Snowflakes

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Wore my impossible-to-miss red MAGA hat today in response to recent attacks against other MAGA hat wearers.

While waiting at the Fulton Street station to catch a train to Fraunces Tavern to hear a lecture about General Nathanael Greene’s campaigns in the Carolinas during the American Revolution, I noticed two guys trying to stare me into submission.

One of the guys was a twenty-something black SJW. His stare was the more unrelenting and self-righteous of the two, characteristic of the Fascist Brownshirt Youth of America (FBYA). I merely locked eyes with him and returned his stare until he looked away. Snowflakes with inflated egos and inbred sense of entitlement are among the easiest people to stare down.

As the train was pulling into the station, I started walking slowly towards the guy, hoping to get onto the same car with him so that my presence would further torment him, but he slithered to the far end of the platform to avoid me.

What a sniveling coward; a prime example of what the intellectually corrupt wasteland known as “academia” churns out today, with its speech codes, thought police and “safe spaces.”

“Academia,” where western civilization and white people are vilified and white men are demonized, despite the incontrovertible fact that almost all of the world’s greatest music, art, architecture, literature, and scientific advances were the product of white men, beginning with the Athenian miracle.

The other guy was a forty-something white SJW soyman whose shaming stare was milder than the black SJW’s. I returned his stare, and he quickly looked away.

It never ceases to amaze me how these megalomaniacal and narcissistic Social Justice Warriors think they can melt people into submission with their pathetic stares. Maybe their stares work in Wackademia and the “progressive” bubbles in which they live, but not in the real world.

The older SJW reeked of supercilious intolerance and wore the typical uniform of faux intellectuals everywhere: rumpled clothes and unkempt hair, complemented in his case by an unhealthy pallor and slouching posture. A perfect example of a Socialist Marxist Democrat (homo libtardus): middling IQ, brainwashed, ignorant, narrow-minded, intolerant and self-righteous.

Memo to the mental-midget Marxist indoctrinators of Wackademia: your days are numbered. Your hegemony over the minds of our youth is coming to an end. The intelligent people of the world are watching you. We study you. We mock you. We know exactly what you are doing.

Your days of historical revisionism, bullshit critical theory, and bashing of western civilization and white people are coming to an end.


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