Day 88: Just Another Feminazi

Friday, April 19, 2019

This morning as I was riding uptown on the R train, wearing my red MAGA hat and, as usual, minding my own business, a white middle-aged woman passed me as she was heading to the doors and said, “You should be careful wearing that hat.” I thought she was giving me a friendly warning to watch out for deranged libtards, so I replied, “I’ll be okay; I’ve been wearing a MAGA hat for 88 days.”

Then she showed her true colors and snarled, “You should be ashamed of yourself!”

I was so taken aback that I instinctively pointed at her and said loudly, “You should be ashamed. You’re an intolerant bigot!”

While keeping my arm and finger tautly extended, I repeated “You’re a bigot. You’re a bigot. You’re a bigot!” until the doors closed, shutting her out and anything else she might have said.

Apologies to my fellow passengers for raising my voice, but all’s fair in love and war. And make no mistake, we are at war.

So, the ostensibly friendly woman was just another “open-minded, tolerant” feminazi. I should have known better. Her chunky, bulldog body clothed all in black and her mannishly cropped hair should have tipped me off.

Just another deranged New York libtard, in this case the psychological twin sister of the womom who so famously melted down when Trump was sworn in as president.

I’ve posted this vid before, but I’m posting it again because it’s so appropriate:



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