Day 92: The Truth

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The beautiful weather in New York today ameliorated the horrible memory of Sunday’s carnage, but I have a photographic memory and the images of body parts and corpses have been etched into my mind’s eye. As I go about my daily business, those images are simultaneously juxtaposed against what my eyeballs are seeing. It is difficult and disconcerting and makes me feel as if I’m somewhere I’ve never been, as if in a bad dream.

What must it be like for the hundreds of people who survived, many with catastrophic injuries? What horrors are they experiencing? What is it like for the families of the killed and maimed? How can anyone cope with such loss?

What can we do? How can we help them?

One thing we must do—those of us with open eyes and open minds—is to continue speaking the truth about the monsters who committed the attacks. Despite what the leftists claim, it is not “Islamophobia” to say that Muslims were the perpetrators of the massacre. It is merely the truth.

But leftists are mentally ill. Their psychosis is their inability to see the truth because they are delusional. They live in a fantasy world. They are mentally ill.

I am sane, however, and will not be muzzled by the totalitarian “progressives.” I will continue to speak the truth. No one will dictate to me what I may say or think.

When I first heard about the attacks Sunday evening, my MAGA mission seemed inconsequential in the face of such horror, and I had no enthusiasm for wearing a hat on Monday.

But life must continue and wearing a MAGA hat to fight the leftist cancer has become part of my routine, so I wore my dark blue hat on Monday as it was the most somber hat I have. Today I wore my brown hat. On both days I could see out of the corners of my eyes that people were noticing my hat, but I didn’t dwell on it and blocked them out.

I had more important things on my mind.


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