Day 93: Islam Is a Cancer

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

My emotional roller coaster since Easter has leveled out and I have regained an even keel but am now heading on a different course. I am still in mourning for the maimed and murdered by the Islamists, but my sadness has morphed into white-hot anger.

As I wore my brown MAGA hat on the A train this morning, I noticed a womon sitting near me, trying like a good little totalitarian fascist to shame me with a stare.  Poor pathetic fool. I stared her down like a bolt of lightning.

But how could she have known she was tangling with a proud fourteenth-generation American, still simmering with rage at Islam’s latest atrocity? I don’t know if there were others trying to shame me but if there were, they’re lucky I did not see them.

Such brainwashed, ignorant bigots are a cancer on our society, as are the invading Islamic demons. The irony is that the “progressives,” feminazis, and other useful idiots who defend Islam would be the first to swing from a rope or be hurled from a minaret in the Caliphate they helped to create.


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1 Response to Day 93: Islam Is a Cancer

  1. Jim Smith says:

    *All* females, not just feminazis, are to be whipped and beaten into submission. Islam does not countenance western whores without a husband or other male relative to control them. If such females don’t submit, they will be stoned or beaten to death (as happened to various European females who went to Syria to “join ISIS and do jihad”). Mentioning these facts is what western feminists call “Islamophobia”.

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