Day 94: Islamic Metastasis

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Europe is dying and will be lost forever if the sane Europeans do not rise up and throw off the despotic, satanic chains of the European Union. In June of 2006 Oriana Fallaci was sued for “defaming” Islam. It was a sham trial from the outset, instigated by a Muslim operative (who, incidentally, had defamed Christianity with impunity) and nothing came of it. Fallaci, who was living in New York and dying of cancer, refused to attend the trial.

She wrote in the 2006 edition of The Force of Reason:

“In our subjugated Europe the Islamic fertility is such a taboo that nobody ever dares speak about it. If you try, you go straight to court for racism and xenophobia and blasphemy. (Among the charges moved against me at the trial in Paris there was the following sentence of mine: “Ils se multiplient comme les rats. They breed like rats.” A little brutal, I agree, but indisputably accurate.) The fact is that no trial, no liberticide law, will ever be able to negate what they themselves boast. In the last half-century Muslims have increased by 235 percent. (Christians only by 47 percent.) In 1996 there were one billion and 483 million, in 2001 one billion and 624 million. In 2002, one billion and 657 million. And so on. Their world population increases at the rate of thirty-three million a year. Soon it will reach the two billion, and no judge will ever be able to dismiss the figures (supplied by the UN) which attribute to the Muslims a growth fluctuating between 4.60 and 6.40 percent a year. (Christians, only 1.40 percent.) To believe it, you only need to remember that the most densely populated regions of the former Soviet Union are the Muslim regions. Starting with Chechnya. That in the Sixties the Muslims of Kosovo were the 60 percent, and in the Nineties the 90 percent. Today, one hundred percent. And no pillory, no harassment, no life-sentence will ever be able to deny that just for this overwhelming fertility in the Seventies and Eighties the Palestinian invaders could take possession of Beirut, thus overpowering the Maronite Christian majority.”

Fallaci’s incredible bravery, strength, brilliance, and implacable commitment to the Truth humbles me and inspires me. I hold her close to my heart, I feel her presence when I wear my MAGA hat in New York City.



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