Day 100: NBCUniversal Sued For $275 Million

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Today is my hundredth consecutive day of wearing a MAGA hat in New York to support Nicholas Sandmann in his battle against the leftwing media propagandists. In those hundred days it feels as if I’ve traversed a vast territory: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. As it has been an exhausting journey, I decided to do something different today, something normal . . . although I did wear a MAGA hat on my way there.

I decided to visit my gardens at Ft. Tilden and immerse myself in nothing but gardening, mostly weeding today, which was therapeutic and exactly what I wanted to do. Some days I relish the weeding, the earthy, fragrant transformation of jungle into garden, while simultaneously uprooting and casting aside my cares and worries. This was one of those days.

Some of my gardening buddies were there, whom I had barely seen during the winter dormancy. Our most senior member Wolfgang was also there, a German who immigrated (legally) in the 1950s and who simultaneously acquired citizenship while joining the Marines to fight for our country. Now he is recovering from a stroke despite his stubborn refusal to give up drinking and smoking. Visiting the garden is therapy for him, too.

After we had finished our gardening chores, the five of us retreated to the comfort of the garden shed, out of the cold drizzly wind, chewing the fat, free-associating about anything and everything, as we do not censor ourselves. We all believe in free speech and Wolfie is also a staunch Trump supporter, so I donned my blue MAGA hat. Always one to get straight to the point, he murmured in his guttural German accent while exhaling a cloud of smoke, “You should have a red one.”

So, I reached into my bag and pulled out my red MAGA hat. We roared with laughter. Then, sharp as fox, he asked, “Where was it made?” We continued chatting and laughing, and eventually it was time to leave that breezy utopia.

Afterwards I learned that Nicholas Sandmann’s lawyers had filed another lawsuit, this time against NBC and MSNBC for $275 million. I celebrated by enjoying a hearty meal of pulled barbeque, mashed sweet potatoes, and roasted root vegetables, washed down with a spicy, classic cabernet, followed by homemade eclairs and coffee. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day, and my sense of well-being was complete.

I am now ready for the next hundred days.


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