Day 99: Day One Redux

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

While wearing my MAGA hat today on the R train from Brooklyn into Manhattan, I realized—as my hundredth consecutive day of wearing a MAGA hat in New York approaches—that lately I have been instinctively reprising some of the events of the very first day I wore a MAGA hat, when I impulsively donned my red MAGA hat in solidarity with the viciously maligned Covington boys.

On that first day I also wore it on the R train heading from Brooklyn onto Manhattan, disembarking at Union Square, where I wandered the neighborhood wondering if I would be physically attacked. On that day I visited the Strand bookshop, and a few days ago I spontaneously revisited the Strand.

This adventure began as a spontaneous act and continues in that spirit. Typically, I take several MAGA hats with me when I go out and wear a hat as I go about my daily activities, choosing the color of the hat depending upon where I am and how I feel (the red hat always provokes a reaction, good or bad).

The similarity between Day 1 and Day 100 ends there, however. On the R train today, no one flipped me the bird or left the subway car in a huff to avoid polluting his delicate snowflake sensibilities with the shocking sight of . . . a hat.

Also, the first day I wore a MAGA hat, I was hyper-aware of everyone in the subway car. Today I merely went about my business and ignored the bigots.



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