Day 106: The Truth About Notre Dame

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

As I was riding the ferry into Manhattan while wearing my fire-engine-red MAGA hat, it suddenly occurred to me that it’s been many days since I’ve heard anything about the Notre Dame fire.

Whenever there’s a media blackout, I get very suspicious because it usually means the media propagandists are trying to hide something. It’s like the bad old days in the Soviet Union, when people had to read between the lines of Pravda in order to guess at the truth.

So, now I’m wondering if evidence may have been uncovered indicating that practitioners of the Great Religion of Peace Totalitarian Death Cult known as Islam may have been the culprits.

They were certainly overjoyed to see Notre Dame burning, so it does make one wonder.

Watch this video and see for yourself:

WATSON VIDEO: THE NOTRE DAME FIRE, And How Buzzfeed Ran Defense For The Vile People Who Celebrated It



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