Day 107: Budding Actors Should Wear A MAGA Hat

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Wore my brown MAGA hat on the ferry this morning but switched to my cooler red mesh non-MAGA hat (say that quickly three times) because I was getting uncomfortably warm. Once the weather gets really warm, I may need to create a MAGA pith helmet. I do have a pith helmet, and I do wear it in the summer. Shouldn’t be too hard to attach some to letters to it.

After work I wore my blue MAGA hat on the F train on my way into Manhattan to run some errands. I felt a few people staring but I ignored everyone. As I’ve mentioned before, the Hat is much more powerful when worn as if there’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Of course, it is extremely out of the ordinary in New York City, so I would recommend that budding actors start wearing a MAGA hat because doing so is excellent acting experience.

I, myself, have become quite adept at projecting to my fellow passengers that wearing a MAGA hat is completely normal, while secretly relishing the fact that some people are thrown off balance and don’t know what to think or how to react.

This is not malicious of me, however. I am helping them to become rational beings.

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