Day 108: Some Good News

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Not much to report, hat-wise. I wore a brown MAGA hat in the morning, then switched to a blue hat on the ferry ride home. As usual, many people saw my hat. I know this because I am very tall, and I always make a point of pulling the hat brim down so people will be able to see the shocking and horrible message: “Make America Great Again.”

As I was walking down a crowded street in downtown Brooklyn on my way to work, I happened to glance over at a young woman who was pushing a baby in a stroller. She was smiling at me, and it was not a smile of derision. It was a sweet smile of adoration. I smiled back, of course. She made my day, and I hope I made hers better, too.

And here is something else to lift one’s spirits.

Karin McQuillan wrote an extremely interesting—and hopeful—article that was published on American Greatness yesterday:


“There are signs of Democrats’ coming electoral collapse, some anecdotal, some by the numbers. Most Democrats are staying loyal to their party, no matter how far left their party shifts. But President Trump doesn’t need most Democrats; he only needs a few to get turned off by the Democrats’ radical proposals and identity politics.”

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