Day 111: More Leftwing Lunacy

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother’s Day. I hope everyone honored his mother today.

It was a chilly, rainy day in New York, so I decided to wear my red MAGA hat to brighten things up. Naturally, there were the usual shaming stares and incredulous reactions (I could hear people muttering “oh, wow”).

After running errands in Chelsea, I felt like taking an aimless stroll to the West Village because the rain had stopped, and everything was fresh and clean.  Eventually I found myself on Christopher Street near the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar made famous when a motley crew of gays rioted in 1969 to protest the discrimination and police harassment that was the norm back then.

To commemorate the event, a sculpture of two gay couples—two women, two men—was placed in the small park across the street from the bar in 1992. The park was nearly deserted when I arrived, and there was just enough light for me to take a few thought-crime snapshots, so I whipped off my MAGA hat, put it on the figures, and took a few snaps.

At the far end of the park a man and woman were smoking a joint. After I took my snapshots, the man (obviously gay) called out and asked me what I was doing. I didn’t know what to say so I merely replied, “Just taking some photos.”

Then the guy started making flamboyant hand signals as if to say “c’mon, c’mon . . . and?”

I didn’t have a spiel ready for any curious onlookers because my little photo shoot was entirely spontaneous, so I replied somewhat cagily, “I’m gay and conservative.  I’m documenting the fact that gay Republicans are everywhere.” I’m sure he didn’t get my double entendre.

The cognitive dissonance was too much for him and he started getting pissy, so I simply said, “Look, I just felt like putting my hat on the sculptures and taking some pictures. It’s a free country, right?”

His response revealed the essential hypocrisy of the left: he told me that I shouldn’t be invading liberal territory.

Hah! He left himself wide open, so I jabbed the sword of logic into the soft underbelly of his absurd statement and replied with aplomb, “I thought liberals were supposed to be open-minded and tolerant. Obviously, New York is not tolerant, so I’m making it tolerant.”

He clearly did not understand the ironic connection between the rebellious gays of the Stonewall riots and my small MAGA rebellion, so I wished them a good night, then donned my MAGA hat and left the park.



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