Day 117: Make America Badass Again

Saturday, May 18, 2019

At a local coffee shop this morning, while still waking up and not feeling terribly feisty, I decided to wear my under-the-radar faux-MAGA hat (a red baseball cap that looks like a MAGA hat from the back and sides) before switching later to my real MAGA hat. I was amazed by the large number of other people who were also wearing red hats. Lately, I’ve been seeing a sea of red hats, which I surmise may be a subtle indication of support for President Trump.

Unfortunately, none of the red hats I’ve seen have been MAGA hats except for the one my brave, badass MAGA friend “Martha” (I’ll call her) occasionally wears in public. This does not mean there are no patriots in libtard-infested New York, however. Once you start looking around to see who’s wearing a red hat, you’ll start noticing that a lot of people are wearing patriotic garb to some degree or another.

Case in point, this badass dude was sitting across from me the other day when I was chowing down some comfort food at a Boston Market:

Despite the lies from the leftwing media propagandists, despite the rampant corruption in government, despite the brainwashing that happens every single day in our schools indoctrination centers, despite the intellectual, moral and philosophical corruption of academia, science, and religion . . . despite everything, we are everywhere and we shall prevail.



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