Day 119: A Day of Compliments

Monday, May 20, 2019

Today was a busy day of errands and appointments. I wore my red MAGA hat all day in Brooklyn and Manhattan, back and forth between the two boroughs, covering many miles.

In the morning I took the ferry to Manhattan, then decided to take a stroll because it was such a beautiful day. As I was walking past the New York Stock Exchange, a young Asian woman called out, “Like your hat!” I turned around and thanked her . . . of course, as I always do when someone compliments me.

After I finished my appointments in midtown Manhattan, I had to travel to Brooklyn for another errand. As I was walking down Fourth Avenue in Park Slop, a young Hispanic guy, around 20 or so, called out “Like your hat!”

Then I had to go back into Manhattan yet again for another round of errands. As I was resting from my day’s exertions, enjoying an early-evening cup of coffee in Madison Square Park – one of New York’s loveliest outdoor jewels – a young Asian man stopped to tell me that . . . he liked my hat.

Thirty minutes later another guy approached me so quickly that I looked up just in time to see a fist coming at me . . . a friendly fist. He was extending his strong arm to give me a gentle fist bump of support.

Given the physical and psychic territory I traversed today—through miles of crowded subways, on countless blocks of pedestrian-clogged sidewalks, on ferries, in and out of stores, browsing the used book stalls near Union Square, sitting in Madison Square Park—it is certain that thousands of New Yorkers saw my hat.

Given the large number of shaming stares I received, I cannot say there is a great awakening in this city . . . yet. But, given the diverse support I received today, from all walks of life, I can say with certainty that many people are already awake.

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  1. Jim Smith says:

    Bless you, “Aristo”!

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