Day 120: More Leftwing Fascism

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Tonight I was wearing my red MAGA hat while walking with a friend on Bleeker Street near New York University, when a white hippie-ish guy (probably an indoctrinator at NYU) came up to me, glaring at my hat, and snarled, “is that what I think it is? You’re lucky you’re not by yourself because I would have beat your ass.”

His verbal threat of violence caught me off guard and I instinctively lashed back by shouting, “get out of my face, you fascist totalitarian Nazi. Get out of my face, fascist! Look up the definition of the word, fascist! You’ve threatened me with violence because you disagree with my point of view. That makes you a fascist. Fascist!” Then I hurled a loud string of “fascists!” at him.

So much for liberal open-minded tolerance.

But his behavior goes far beyond mere intolerance. People like him really are Stalinist Maoist totalitarian fascists who would lock up people like me and kill us if they had the power to do so.

They follow an evil philosophy; therefore, they are evil. We must stand up to them, and we must stop them. Unfortunately, the “progressives” are everywhere – in academia, the media, the arts, politics, religion, and science.

It will not be easy, but if we do not take a stand for what is right and good, then who will?


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