Day 127: CNN Is Going Down!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

While wearing my MAGA hat yesterday, I received several compliments. The first was from a crew member on the ferry from Manhattan to Rockaway. The second was from a man on the bus from the Rockaway ferry landing to Ft. Tilden. The third was from a woman on the Staten Island ferry as she walked past me and gave me a smile and a thumb’s up.

I don’t know how many people may have tried to shame-stare me into submission because I was too busy reading the news on my phone about CNN’s recent free fall into oblivion.

As reported on American Thinker, “Ratings for CNN and MSNBC continuing to crash, as viewers migrate to Fox News prime time.”

And, the Daily Wire reported on May 6: “CNN Ratings Continue To Tank. Check Out These BRUTAL Numbers

Obviously, a large percentage of the two-dozen people who willingly watch CNN are fed up with their lies (everyone else who watches it is trapped in an airline terminal or eating at a McDonald’s).

I can’t wait to read about the crazies on CNN completely losing their minds when all the facts come out about Obama’s band of criminals (Comey, Brennan, Strzok, Clinton, McCabe, Clapper,  Schiff, Lynch, Blumenthal, Steele, et al)  treasonously using the U.S. government to try to swing the last presidential election towards Hillary, and—when that failed—to try to destroy Trump’s presidency. Clinton and the Obama thugs make President Nixon look like Mother Theresa.

The Obama-Clinton Conspiracy And Coverup will go down in history as the worst political scandal in American history. Thanks to President Trump, Attorney General Barr, a handful of patriots in Congress, all the real journalists out there—and, of course, everyone who voted for Trump—Obama and his gang of vermin are going down, and they’re taking the leftwing media propagandists with them.

Good riddance! Life in prison will be too good for them. They should be swinging from ropes.

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