Day 130: Leftwing Reactionaries

Friday, May 31, 2019

For the past several days I have taken only my red MAGA hat with me instead of the assortment I usually carry when I go out. I have been in no mood to tiptoe around the delicate sensibilities of New York progs and snowflakes. I want them to see my red MAGA hat. If they choose to have hissy fits and lash out like demented children because of a hat, then so be it.

For example, I was riding the F train towards Manhattan the other day, when a man at the other end of the car got up and staggered towards me with a slightly manic expression on his face. I doubt he would have noticed my blue hat from such a distance. As he neared me, I could not sense whether he was friend or foe, so it was a welcome surprise when he gave me a prodigious salute, which I returned with equal exuberance while a couple of nearby feminazi hipsters sniggered like timid mice.

On the ferry yesterday morning, while wearing my red MAGA hat, a wholesome young man traveling from Lancaster, Pennsylvania with friends and family stopped to express his support for my hat (I wonder if he would have stopped if I had been wearing a different MAGA hat). He told me that he and a friend had their own MAGA hats but were debating whether to wear them for fear of possibly being attacked. I assured him that they would be safe if there were people around, and encouraged him to wear their hats.

Later that evening—while riding the subway uptown to the Bohemian National Hall to hear a concert of music that travelers would likely have heard on “grand tours” of Europe in the eighteenth century—a woman touched her forehead (to indicate my hat), then nodded and sent me a beaming smile.

As I was leaving the concert, I noticed a man wearing an anti-Trump button, so I stealthily donned my MAGA hat and turned his way to be sure that he would see it.

This morning on the ferry while disembarking at Red Hook, a scruffy 30-ish white man with a rabid expression (obviously a leftwing extremist) walked past me and muttered that he was offended by my hat. I responded by saying it’s a free country, then quietly called him a fascist several times.

This evening as I was walking on 14th Street near Trader Joe’s, a feminazi snowflake did a doubletake when she saw my hat, then had the audacity to insult me, assuming that I would be shamed into submission and would melt like a pathetic snowflake (like herself). She was quite visibly taken aback when I turned my voice up to “loud” and repeatedly called her a narrow-minded, brainwashed, intolerant fascist.


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