Day 132: Much To Be Thankful For

Sunday, June 2, 2019

It’s Sunday and I am in a thankful mood, especially after seeing this image that was posted on Ace of Spades HQ. (I don’t know who created the image, but thanks to whoever did it.)

While out and about today, I wore my mellow brown MAGA hat to match my mellow mood. As I was riding the subway uptown to meet some friends, some people stared and glared, as usual, but I merely ignored them. It is amusing to get into a staring contest with a prog snowflake, because I always win, but the Hat is actually more powerful if I ignore the stares.

“Liberal” New Yorkers experience cognitive dissonance when they see a person nonchalantly wearing a MAGA hat as if it’s the most normal thing in the world, thus causing their brains to short circuit.

If I acknowledge their shaming stares by staring back, then the dynamic changes; then it becomes a battle, which they do understand. But a battle merely reinforces their deeply held prejudices.

Ignoring them confuses them.


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