Day 137: Free at Last

Friday, June 7, 2019

Have been AWOL from blogging lately but not from wearing my MAGA hat (of course). The other day I quit my job, finally, hallelujah, so decided last night to put the pedal to the metal and head up to beautiful New England.

This is what my fellow motorists will be seeing (I made the “bumper sticker” by printing out the image, pasting it to card stock, attaching flexible magnetic tape to the back, and covering the whole thing with clear packing tape to make it waterproof):

Another reason I wanted to flee NYC was that I smelled the unmistakable, nauseating odor of decaying human feces while walking around the city last week, not once, not twice, but three times in one day! Thanks Democrats / “progressives” / “liberals” for turning everything you touch into shit.

San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, New York. Crapholes, one and all, and the dim Dem lemmings keep pulling the D lever. First, they destroy their own cities, then flee to the suburbs or points south and continue pulling the D lever . . . because they are insane.

Democrats/ leftists/ “progressives” are literally insane, which explains their irrational, demented behavior. The pathetic demagogue Fauxcahontas Warren is a perfect example. Another example is the fact that leftist/Democrat-controlled Twitter banned Erick Erikson for posting this:

It is literally unbelievable how quickly New York is becoming a complete shithole under the stupid-as-a-rock megalomaniac “progressive” Dimocrat mayor Wilhelm de Bolshevik (and he thinks he could be president!). Please do run, de Bolshevik, I would love to see Trump eviscerate you, but you’ll never in a billion years be the Dim candidate for president, so please run . . . run away as fast as you can.

In the meantime, I am enjoying the clean air and the friendly, sane, happy people of rural Vermont and Massachusetts.


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